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"I just wanted to thank your team for a great buying experience. I'm a bit skeptical about buying from new companies online. I was pleased you had a live chat available and Megan was more than happy to field my barrage of questions about your products, service, meaning of life, etc. More exciting, however, was the immediate order acknowledgement and very fast invoice/tracking number! It's great to have such a ready and immediate flow of feedback and update and I very much appreciate your teams effort in providing this terrific buying experience! Once again, thank you to the team at MC!"
- Dan S
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Morion Helmet

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Designed and introduced in the middle of the 16th Century, the Morion Helmet is an iconic part of the classic conquistador look. Beyond that, though, it is also a highly protective helmet that serves well in keeping the wearer's noggin safe. The helmet features a great, rounded dome crown that is accented with a tall central ridge, which ensures that blows are guided down the side of the helmet instead of striking true on the center, while the flared edges along the base of the helmet help to keep any potential debris or projectiles from falling into the wearer's face. Cheek guards extend from the bottom of the helmet to provide a bit more defense as well, while also featuring small leather ties that secure the helmet under the chin and to the skull. Little brass accents adorn the crown of the helmet too, enhancing its appeal with a bit of gleaming detail. Attached to the back of the helmet is also a small opening that can be used to secure a plume (although plumage is not included). The interior of the helmet features a cloth liner. Crafted from 18 gauge steel, this Morion Helmet is a hardy helmet that serves well when it comes to providing protection to its wielder, and when paired with other Spanish influenced items (like our Spanish Breastplate, item number 300452), it serves to make the perfect Conquistador look for reenactments and other events.

Key Features

  • A Recreation of the Classic Spanish Morion Helmet
  • Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel
  • Decorated with Flared Ridges and Brass Accents
  • Features a Brass Plume Holder on the Back
  • Adorned with Protective Ear Flaps for Added Protection
  • Possesses an Internal Liner and Chin Strap
  • A Great Helmet for Costuming, Fair Going, or Display