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Lothlorien Arrows

SKU: WB-322
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Anyone who has seen Lord of the Rings can tell you that elves are wicked and deadly archers. And now, you can maybe channel some of their peerless skill, by tucking a dozen or so of these Lothlorien Arrows into your quiver, when you go shooting. These arrows are sold in quantities of one dozen (12), and are designed to resemble the fine arrows that elven archers would have preferred, with each one possessing a crisp and clean design worthy of note. Each arrow is crafted from fine birch wood and spined to perfection, featuring wood self-nocks. The arrow shaft is left pale in color, while being sealed to ensure its color as well as its overall strength and performance in the field. The fletching is white, which matches the arrow's color profile and overall look nicely, and is secured to the shaft via wrapped threading. The arrows come with attached arrowheads, which are field tips that serve well for a variety of shooting purposes. Strong and sturdy, these arrows are fully functional and perfect for use, making them an ideal choice for reenactors, hunters, target shooters, hobbyists, aficionados, and more. Plus, they serve perfectly well alongside many of the bows featured right here, on our site! Firing the Lothlorien Arrows won't immediately confer on you the skill and power of archers like Legolas or any Haldir, but you can bet that they'll make your shots a bit more distinctive as you send elven arrows soaring down range at your target of choice.

Key Features

  • High Quality, Hand Crafted Arrows
  • Fully Functional and Ready to Be Fired
  • Made from Quality Birch Wood
  • Features a Pale Finish with Vibrant White Fletching
  • Tipped with Steel Field Tip Arrowheads
  • Made for Target Practice, Competition, Reenactment, and More

  • Measurements

  • Arrow Length: 30 inches

  • How to Order:
  • Order arrows to match the draw length and draw weight of your bow. These arrows are all 30 inches in length, and so should be fired only from bows that have a 30 inch draw length or shorter. They are available in three different draw weights, which you should match as closely as possible to your bow.