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"'As an all around Rennie and LARP Gamer, i enjoy, love and worship every aspect of the things you do especially by bringing to life the items from the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Because of your wonderful service and'exquisite items i have every bit of my Dragon Tamer Outfit completed and simple enjoy the looks on kids faces when they pass me at fairs. Soon i will have the Eldarian Elf costume created all thanks to the wonderfully glorious & extensively Divine Items your Shop holds. Thank you all for making my dream of being a Prince Come true."
- Arvellon R
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Pendragon Sword

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Product Details

Excalibur may have been King Arthur's most well-known sword, but it was likely not his only one. This Pendragon Sword is a blade fit for a king, with all the regal style to be Excalibur and all the functional clout to be a battle-ready weapon. Styled after the iconic swords of the Crusades era, sometime during the 12th century, this sword features a broad blade, a straight cross guard, and a round pommel, giving it a direct and effective design that any warrior would appreciate. The forged, high carbon blade measures 33 inches long and is nearly two inches thick, giving it an intimidating girth, while the twin fullers, which run about three-fourths the length of the blade, help to give it a good center of balance. The sword's straight guard is gold plated and features round decorations where the quillons terminate. The round pommel is also gold plated and helps to further improve the balance of the blade, while the gleaming gold coloration ensures that this blade stays regal in its form. Diamond-shaped studs decorate the grip, ensuring that it fits nicely and securely into the hand when held, swung, or used. The blade comes unsharpened, but the high carbon steel will hold an edge nicely if later sharpened by the owner. It is crafted by Windlass Steel. Is it Excalibur? Is it the Sword in the Stone? In your hands, it could be, as this Pendragon Sword is a blade worthy of legendary kings, just as its name implies.

Key Features

  • Crafted by Windlass Steel
  • Has a Hand Forged Blade of High Carbon Steel
  • Comes Unsharpened (But can be Sharpened Later, at User Preference)
  • Has an Effective Yet Ornate Gold Plated Guard and Pommel
  • Wood Grip with Diamond Studs Ensures a Solid Hold
  • Decorative and Functional
  • A Solid Display Piece or Gift Idea

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 41.75 inches
  • Blade Length: 33 inches
  • Blade Width: 1.75 inches
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16ths an inch
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 7 oz
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