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Paladin's Armor

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Product Details

In modern fantasy, a paladin is a hero and a knight who fights for virtue and justice, although the term originally went to a notable warrior under King Charlemagne. As it stands, this Paladin's armor would be fit for either of these powerful figures. This armor shares many similarities with the Knight's armor, although unlike its cousin, there's no mistaking this armor for gleaming silver metal in the light. Instead, this armor has a darker hue, one made up of rich brown bases accented with touches of black, creating a regal and impressive look that's fit for any warrior who prefers leathers to steel and chain. This armor consists of a trio of leather bands, layered over one another, that wrap around the front of the torso, providing successively greater protection to the abdomen and the chest. Black accents adorn these leather plates, adding not only an impressive decoration to the armor but also enhancing its protective strength, until this is a suit of armor that even a medieval knight would gladly wear into a pitched battle! Included with the Paladin's armor is a neck guard, which extends up from the collar and around the neck, providing extra security to the warrior's throat. The neck guard attaches via buckled leather straps in both the front and the back and can be removed if the warrior desires. Also included with the armor is a pair of matched symmetrical pauldrons. These shoulder protectors take the form of bowed leather plates that are attached to one another to provide protection to the shoulders, while attaching to the armor via grommets and laces at the shoulder, as well as a buckled arm strap on the interior of the pauldron, which ensures that the pauldron moves as the arm does. The final touch comes in the form of an adjustable tasset belt that features a single black central tasset protector as well as two longer leather tasset plate protectors on the sides. The armor comes in one color, that being a rich brown with black accents, as well as four different sizes. With each size, the armor is worn using a trio of leather straps with buckles to fasten the armor around the waist and back, ensuring a secure fit. These straps give each size a measure of adjustability, so that each size can be adjusted to suit personal comfort. The Paladin's Armor includes the breastplate, the pauldrons, and the tasset. Wearing this Paladin's Armor won't turn you into a hero for justice and virtue, but it will make you look like a formidable warrior in your own right, ready to ride off into battle to fight against vicious enemies while in service to your liege and lord or lady.

Key Features

  • Made from High Quality 9-10oz Leather
  • Handcrafted for Superior Quality and Detail
  • An Ornate Leather Breastplate with a Tasset Belt and Matching Pauldrons
  • Available in Four Sizes
  • Features Leather Straps for an Adjustable Yet Secure Fit
  • A Perfect Armor for Heroic Paladins, Virtuous Knights, and Regal Chevaliers
  • Ideal for Use at LARP Events, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, and More

  • Measurements

  • Medium: Fits Up To A 38 inch Chest
  • Large: Fits Between a 38 to a 43 inch Chest
  • X-Large: Fits Between a 43 to a 48 inch Chest
  • XX-Large: Fits Between a 50 to a 56 inch Chest
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