Spartacus Sword

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This Spartacus Sword is a variant of the classic gladiator weapon, the dolch. This blade is more stylized and more ornate, befitting the name of Spartacus, who was one of the most famous gladiators and rebels to ever challenge Rome's authority. This impressive blade is shorter still then your average gladius, although it possesses a wide blade that is designed to inflict maximum damage. The blade is fairly straight-edged and features two thin barbs that curve inward near the tip, allowing for the sword to catch and tear as it pierces and is withdrawn, as well as allowing it to (theoretically) catch other opponent's weapons as well. The tip is angular, allowing for devastating thrusts. The guard is circular, with a net-like design that provides great protection for the hand, while the grip is simple and wrapped in red leather, while featuring a spherical brass pommel. The blade includes a decorative sheath with red wrapping and brass adornments, as well as a small lion emblem emblazoned on the sheath. Two pairs of carrying rings allow the sheath and sword to be suspended from a belt or baldric. Named for the famous gladiator, this Spartacus Sword is an effective weapon with a striking appearance, likely making it the choice blade of a crowd favorite...

Key Features

  • Modeled After the Classic Gladiatorial Dolch Blade
  • Features a Straight-Edged Blade with Subtle Barbs
  • Handle Features Red Wrap and Brass Pommel and Guard
  • Includes a Sheath with Red Wrapping and Brass Adornments
  • Looks Great with Roman Gladiator and Soldier Costumes
  • A Fantastic Decorative Piece or Display Item