Elf Ears Prosthetic

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It is often the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And these Elf Ears prosthetics are truly a pair of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance. Once you apply these delicate looking elf ears, you'll look like one of the eternal and graceful tree-folk from myth, legend, and fantasy. Elf ears are quite similar to human ears, except that they hear more and feature a graceful point at their tip, oftentimes being slightly backward swept in addition to their distinctive, pointed shape. These false ears have been made from high quality latex and are designed so that they can be applied directly to the skin, specifically the ear. This prosthetic has also been carefully hand painted to ensure the each piece has a quality appearance. Application instructions are provided on prosthetic's packaging. These Elf Ears are a great way to give your own ears a decided point for any costume or look you might have in mind, whether you're looking for something peaceful and natural, like those of a typical elf, or something a bit more active, like a pointy-eared orc or a monster with tall, pointed ears.

Key Features

  • Made from High Quality Latex
  • Hand Painted for Impressive Detail
  • A Great Addition to a Variety of Costumes
  • Can be Applied Directly to the Skin
  • A Great Touch for Classic Fantasy Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Zombie Events, and other Themed Gatherings