Monstrous Decapitated Head

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Product Details

No matter what type of monster or ghoul you face, there is at least one method that can be reliably used to put each and every one into their grave. Like the Monstrous Decapitated Head suggests, cutting its head off will end any monsters existence. Whether it is a vampire, a zombie, a ghoul, or just some sub-human monstrosity, cutting its head off will usually always result in a swift and immediate end to whatever horrifying creature you find yourself facing down. This severed head could represent any of the previously mentioned beasties, featuring a human face with inhuman features. Its skin is sickly and sallow, with wrinkles across its hairless head, while its eyes are sunken and colored a vivid blue. They focus down on the smoothly cut edges of the creatures neck, which appears to have been severed with one clean, easy blow. The creatures mouth is opened just slightly, revealing a row of white fangs and teeth, while simultaneously letting a trickle of blood run down the corner of its mouth. This severed head is made from foam filled latex, which gives it a pliable shape will still imparting a level of durability. When you are looking for a trophy to display your vampire, ghoul, or zombie hunting prowess, or you just want a severed head of something suitably monstrous to create a terrifying atmosphere, then this Monstrous Decapitated Head will fit that need quite nicely.

Key Features:

  • Features Vaguely Human Shape and Features
  • Life Sized Decapitated Head
  • Great Zombie, Vampire, or Sub-Human Monster Head
  • Fantastic Trophy for Monster Hunters
  • Possible Accessory or Weapon for Undead or Mutant Beasts
  • An Incredible and Macabre Horror Decoration


  • Height: 11 Inches
  • Length: 8 Inches

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