Tortured Severed Head

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Product Details

Whoever is responsible for the Tortured Severed Head obviously had great hatred for zombies--or for this person, zombie or not. The face is frozen in a ghastly expression of pain, possibly because the pain was inflicted before the head was removed. This severed head has pale skin, almost sickly or deathly in color, along with faint discolorations, like bruises, all across the head's surface. Veins can be seen sticking out near one temple, although that could be as much from strain and agony as it could zombification. The head's mouth is wide open as if screaming, while a trickle of blood stains the area just under its nose. The skin around its neck is ragged and torn, as though the body was ripped from the neck. The head is suspended by three chains, one of which is attached to the skin at the back of the head. The other two are hooked through the head's eyelids and forehead, opening the head's eyes wide and causing an intense level of agony. The head is made from foam filled latex, which makes the head moderately pliable and rather durable. The Tortured Severed Head is a shocking display piece that really adds a sense of macabre horror to any location, whether you're just trying to scare people or you're just displaying not only your favorite zombie trophy but also demonstrating your seething dislike of the walking dead.

Key Features

  • An Extremely Shocking and Terrifying Appearance
  • Reminiscent of a Torture Victim's Severed Head
  • Potential Trophy for Zombie Hunters
  • Shocking yet Effective Zombie Accessory and/or Weapon
  • Made from Foam Filled Latex
  • Fantastic Zombie Outbreak Decoration
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