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Severed Human Leg

SKU: ZB-1018
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Price:  $30.00 

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It goes without saying that in a situation involving zombies, losing your leg is almost as bad as losing your head. Whoever the Severed Human Leg belonged to before is probably gone now, leaving it as a grim reminder and a potential zombie snack. This pale, flesh-toned leg has been severed just above the knee, near the middle of the upper leg. The site of the wound features dark blood, as well as torn, jagged edges of blood and tissue. Given the red scratches and claw-marks on the leg, ankle, and foot, it looks like the leg was torn off or chewed off by zombies, which means the owner could still be out there, as a zombie. The leg is made from foam filled latex, which gives it a pliable consistency tempered with a surprising level of toughness. Of course, when there are zombies involved, you're sure to see odd pieces and bits of zombie meals sitting on the streets, as zombies traditionally go after the freshest meal they can catch. However, the Severed Human Leg also makes a great last ditch weapon for any survivor who finds themselves fighting a zombie unarmed, although it could just as easily end up in the hands of any zombie hungry enough to pick the leg up for food and clever enough to realize that swinging the leg extends its reach.

Key Features

  • A Gruesome and Macabre Decoration
  • Visceral, Almost Fresh Appearance
  • Shocking yet Effective Zombie Accessory and/or Weapon
  • Possible Last Ditch Defense Weapon for Survivors
  • Made from Foam Filled Latex
  • Fantastic Zombie Outbreak Item

  • Measurements

  • Length: 25 inches