Wizards Toad

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Wizards have always been known to travel with some odd companions, although nothing quite compares to the likes of this Wizards Toad. This rotund amphibian looks like it belongs in a swamp or lake, where it could lounge around devouring insects. But it's not, instead choosing to be found in the company of known wizards, witches, and other wielders of the mystical arts. This eerie little toad has pale brown coloration and is covered in bumps and warts. Its bulbous body sits up on thick, stumpy legs, while its beady yellow and black eyes stare out at the world, seemingly in two different directions. This toad is made from foam filled latex, which gives it a sturdy yet squeezable construction. The Wizards Toad makes a great prop, display, or companion for use in creating the atmosphere you desire, whether you are going for creepy, strange, surreal, or mystical.

Key Features

  • Modeled after an Actual Toad
  • Extremely Lifelike Appearance
  • Eerie Yet Intriguing Appearance
  • Made from Foam Filled Latex
  • Great Fantasy or Horror Decoration or Prop

  • Measurements

  • Height: 7.5 inches
  • Width: 10 inches