Dismissal Throwing Knife - 14 Inch

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Sometimes, the simplest of tools gets the job done the best. What the Dismissal Throwing Knife lacks in appearance, it more than makes for with its excellent balance and its stellar performance, as well as its rugged and hardy construction. This throwing knife is elegantly simple and features a wide blade that possesses a razor sharp arrow-like point at the tip. Like all throwing knives, it is made so that the balance of the blade falls towards the sharpened tip, ensuring that when thrown, most of the force concentrates on the point. The throwing knife is made from high grade 1075 high carbon steel and features a sleek and tactical looking black epoxy powder coat finish. A small fuller down the center reduces the weight of the knife, while four circular cutouts from the handle reduce the knife's weight even more. From point to end, the knife measures approximately 14 inches long, while the blade measures only 8 inches in length and 0.19 inches in thickness. With practice, the Dismissal Throwing Knife will fly straight and true, delivering with every impact that satisfaction that comes from throwing a knife and getting it to hit and stick exactly where you aimed it.

Key Features

  • A High Quality Throwing Knife
  • Heat Treated Carbon Steel Blade
  • Features a Durable, Razor Sharp Edge
  • Extremely Well-Balanced Design
  • Sleek, Tactical Black Appearance

  • Measurements

  • Blade Length: 8 inches
  • Overall Length: 14 inches
  • Blade Thickness: 0.19 inches