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"With the help of the site and the awesome selection of merchandise. I was able to piece together my Dragr character and bring it to life at multiple faires. Seeing the look of amazement on children, adults and rennies alike made it all worth it. It's been so well received that performers at the Ohio renaissance festival have started to use me to interact with faire goers. And I love every minute of it!"
- Brad B
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Blue Butterfly Fairy Crystal Ball

SKU: 05-91546
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Price:  $45.00 

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The Blue Butterfly Fairy Crystal Ball is a brilliant and beautiful decoration that depicts a pretty little fairy dressed in shades of blue and green as she sits, balanced atop a crystal ball, while holding a delicate butterfly in her hand. The base of this statue is a simulated crystal ball composed of a translucent sphere filled with decorative suspended bubbles. The fairy sits atop this sphere on a platform designed to look like rocky, gray earth that has been overgrown by a dark brown tree stump. The fairy leans back against this tree stump, wearing a breathtaking blue and green dress, as well as matching blue boots and blue hued gloves. An elegant, purple vine tattoo decorates one shoulder, while a pretty green butterfly sits on her hand. Her golden blonde hair seemingly billows in the wind, while her vivid blue wings are stretched languidly behind her back. This impressive fairy figurine is made from cold cast resin, and it has been beautifully hand painted to enhance its every detail. From base to top, it measures approximately 8 inches in height. Combining a simple scene with marvelous detail and coloration, the Blue Butterfly Fairy Crystal Ball is an impressive sight to behold, making it a wonderful decor item to either give to your fellow fairy enthusiasts, or to keep for yourself to suit your own decorating desires.

Key Features

  • Amazingly Detailed Appearance
  • Features Incredibly Vivid Colors
  • A Beautiful Display Piece
  • Made from Cold Cast Resin
  • Impressively Hand Painted
  • Makes a Great Home Decor Item or Gift Idea

  • Measurements

  • Height: 8 inches