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"It has been my experience in recent years that the emphasis on customer service has been shelved as an old-fashioned, time-wasting inconvenience. Like the horse and buggy it seems to have fallen by the wayside - an out of favor and only dimly recollected concept gathering dust. Sadly this creates a disconnect between businesses and customers, neither doing anything about it because it has become, "just the way things are." Imagine my delight, then, when I placed an order on after Christmas for three T-shirts my son asked me to order for him, his brother, and his father to wear. The three of them are gamers and like Diablo III. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about that game. Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are more my speed. I did, however, order the three Diablo III shirts requested and waited for their arrival. I sent an inquiry to the service email at the site later to request a tracking number and ETA on the shipment, but didn't expect to receive a response anytime soon as many companies don't have a good handle on their incoming email. I was surprised to get a quick response from Megan. She was very accommodating, and when I decided to go ahead with the order for one of the shirts, but requested a refund for the other two, she let me know that the tracking information was forthcoming for the remaining order and that a refund notification would be emailed presently. In short order I received both emails with the information I needed. When I have a good customer service experience, I believe it's important to say so. I was so impressed that I have begun to spread the word about Medieval Collectibles. I have also told my "near and dear" to consult the website when they want to make birthday and Christmas lists for next year. Thanks again for making my shopping experience the best I've had in some time. "
- Trish S
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Welcome To My World Statue by Sheila Wolk

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Product Details

The Welcome To My World Statue by Sheila Wolk is a visually rich statue that depicts a brightly dressed entity offering a personal welcome to a world of his own design. Hand-painted, this statue features exquisite detail and vivid, bright coloration. The primary focus of this statue is the central figure, who stands well above the fairies near his feet. Dressed in a somewhat shamanistic fashion, the figure wears a blue and white robe that is both decorative and ornate. Feathers hang from his sleeves, and white fur lines his red mantle. Countless more colors decorate his torso and chest, while his mask is a vivid array of red, blue, white, and yellow. Slightly hunched, this figure is bowed over, with one arm extended in a welcoming gesture, while the three fairies fawn and flutter about the clouds that make up the base of this statue. Made from cold cast resin, this statue stands approximately 7.5 inches in height. Welcoming and wonderful, the Welcome To My World Statue by Sheila Wolk is a great decoration that all but exudes an amiable appearance, making it a great item to include in virtually any decor.

About the Artist:

Sheila Wolk began as an art director for a pharmaceutical advertising agency and medical illustrator, honing her skills in drawing the human form. Her first pastel paintings were for the genre of sports art. In fact, Sheila became so good at capturing the human form in movement that she was named Sport Artist of the Year in 1987. American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) gave this auspicious award to her soft-edged pastel paintings of the hard action sports. Her transition into the land of fantasy happened slowly, but, once Sheila decided to change her focus, the result was sensational. Sheila Wolk blends techniques to create a stirring glimpse into the magical world we live in - its lore, its myths and its legends.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand-painted Cold Cast Resin
  • An Intriguing and Colorful Statue
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • An Amazing Home Decor or Gift Idea


  • Height: 7.5 Inches

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