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Brig Niagara Model Ship

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Product Details

The USS Niagara, also known as the Brig Niagara, is one of the last remaining American ships from the War of 1812; just as the actual ship was once sunk but is now fully restored, recreated here for your owning pleasure is the Brig Niagara Model Ship. The original Brig Niagara played an otherwise pivotal role in the battle for Lake Erie; it served as Commodore Oliver Perrys relief flagship, after his original flagship, the USS Lawrence, was otherwise obliterated by focused British fire. In this manner, the ship fulfilled its purpose completely: it was built with the purpose of protecting the vulnerable American coastline on Lake Erie and it did just that. This fantastic model proudly displays what the USS Niagara looked like, down even to a meticulously accurate black and yellow-painted hull. The deck of the model is fully populated by tied-down cannons and cannonball racks, barrels, buckets, and other nautical features one would expect to find a war-ship. The thick canvas sails are suspended by authentic and advanced rigging, while the model itself is composed of high-quality materials, such as brass for the cannons and woods like white pine, maple, and teak for the ship itself. Needless to say, the only thing more impressive then the Brig Niagara Model Ship is, perhaps, the actual Brig Niagara shipbut to point out the fact: not everyone can own the actual ship, while everyone CAN own this fantastic model.

Key Features

  • This is NOT a Model Ship Kit - Comes Fully Assembled
  • Hand-Crafted via the Plank-on-Frame Method of Construction
  • Made from High-Quality Wood
  • Features Masterfully Stitched Canvas Sails
  • Rests Perfectly on a Wooden Base Between Four Arched Dolphins (Marble Base Displayed Above)
  • Model Made using Quality Resources, such as Drawings, Photographs, and Copies of the Plans of the Original Ship

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 36 Inches
  • Overall Width: 11 Inches
  • Overall Height: 25 Inches
  • Overall Scale: 1:64

  • A Brief History of the USS Brig Niagara

    The first US Brig Niagara was a brig in the United States Navy during the War of 1812.

    Niagara was built at Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, along with her sister ship, the Lawrence by Adam and Noah Brown under the supervision of Sailing Master Daniel Dobbins and Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry, and was launched early in the summer of 1813.

    Niagara and the other ships of Perry's squadron were held at Erie both by British blockade and lack of crews, until August 1, when the British squadron retired. The draft of the Niagara and the Lawrence was deeper than the depth of water over the bar at the mouth of the harbor. This necessitated striping all armament and stores of the ships and the ingenious use of camels (essentially large, strap-on ballast tanks) in order to get over the bar. Niagara reached deep water on August 5, and four days later her commanding officer, Captain Jesse D. Elliott, arrived with some 100 officers and men to take command. The squadron sailed in search of the British on August 12, located it in the mouth of the Detroit River, and waited for its sortie.

    On 1813-09-10, the two fleets met in the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry led the US fleet aboard the Lawrence, which drew concentrated fire from the British until Lawrence became an unmanageable wreck. He then transferred to Niagara which had not closed the enemy in the earlier stages of the action. When Perry arrived on Niagara, he took command and brought Niagara into the attack. From her deck he regrouped his squadron and came down through the enemy line, Niagara pouring broadsides into the British ships until victory was secured, and with it control of Lake Erie, freeing the upper lakes from the threat of invasion.

    Niagara covered the landings at the mouth of the Detroit River which captured Malden on Septemb

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