Miniature Gold Roldan Sword by Marto

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Durandal was the sword of Roldan (also known as Roland), the paladin of Charlemagne; stories label this weapon as indestructible and blessed. The Miniature Gold Roldan Sword, by Marto, is a replica of the Durandal as it is perceived, today. This sword is a scaled-down replica of the actual, full-sized sword. The pommel displays a proud, noble portrait of a strong warrior, while the hilt is decorated with a simple texture. The guard consists of twin crossbars that curve down towards the blade, each ending with a powerful lions head. Strong, fierce, and indomitable are words that would once have described the Durandal and its wielder, Roldan; despite being a miniature, these words still describe the Miniature Gold Roldan Sword, by Marto, as well.

Key Features

  • Gold Finish

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 6 Inches