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"With the help of the site and the awesome selection of merchandise. I was able to piece together my Dragr character and bring it to life at multiple faires. Seeing the look of amazement on children, adults and rennies alike made it all worth it. It's been so well received that performers at the Ohio renaissance festival have started to use me to interact with faire goers. And I love every minute of it!"
- Brad B
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Gold Excalibur by Marto

SKU: MA-514S
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Price:  $482.00 

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Perhaps the only thing more famous then king Arthur himself is his fabled sword: Excalibur. Mimicking the greatness of that legendary blade is the Gold Excalibur by Martoa new sword for a new king, in an entirely new age. While this sword is neither pulled from a stone nor gifted from a lady in a lake, it has lost none of the grandness that would be expected of Excalibur. It has also not lost any of its warrior-like qualities, given that Excalibur was also a sword for battle. This beautiful sword features a gold-plated pommel and guard, both of which depict a number of symbols and designs that add a complexity to the swords general appearance and character, while the bladetempered stainless steelis etched with 24K gold to display yet more intricate designs that further enhance the swords beauty. Absolutely breathtaking, the Gold Excalibur by Marto is perfect for display and decoration.

Key Features

  • AISI 440 Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
  • 24K Gold-Plated Guard and Pommel
  • Genuine Leather-Wrapped Grip
  • 24K Gold Etched Blade

  • Measurements

  • Blade Length: 36.5 Inches
  • Blade Width: 5/32 Inch
  • Overall Length: 48 Inches