Ornate Medieval Battle Axe

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Product Details

As a lethally brutal instrument of destruction and battle, the axe excels. For that reason, it is easy to see why it was a common favorite of the times. But that does not mean an axe cannot be ornate, just like this Ornate Medieval Battle Axe. This axe is simple in form alone. Its shape is the simplest thing about it, stemming from a common axe-design that is as effective as it is deadly. But that is where the simplicity ends. The wood handle is beautifully carved to have a deep, spiraling channel that encircles the entire haft of the weapon. The axe-head is set on the top of the haft - a double-headed blade of the destructive variety. But this axe is not meant for destruction. The head of the axe is beautifully crafted, each blade possessing intricate relief and casting work that renders each blade a tasteful work of art set with medieval emblems and designs. This glorious axe is nothing short of proof that even though axes were a brutal weapon, not all of them were the tools of mindless killers and barbarians. Even a grand knight would take the Ornate Medieval Battle Axe as a ceremonial weapon.

Key Features:

  • Wood Haft
  • Eye-catching Axe Design
  • A Double-headed Blade


  • Overall Length: 25.25 Inches

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