Spartan Shield

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The Spartan Shield was an efficient thing; that cannot be questioned. Originally constructed from wood, with a layer of bronze over it, this heavy shield (also known as an aspis) could be used effectively for defense'or for bashing. A more stylistic reference from modern culture, this aspis would have been used by Spartan hoplites in their phalanx, offering not only a degree of personal defense but also security to the man directly to their left. Known not only as an aspis but also as a hoplon, this shield is set with the capital lambda'a symbol used by ancient Spartans as a symbol of their homeland, Lacedaemon. Also a functional weapon, the weight and blunt edges of this shield would have been deadly-efficient in knocking other soldiers down'or unconscious. The Spartan Shield was proof positive that in the hands of an expert warrior, the best defense is near-impenetrable'and can even be turned into a moderately effective offense. Maybe that's why Spartans were so feared

Key Features

  • Heavy Weight Construction
  • Functioning Handle and Nylon Arm-Strap

  • Measurements

  • Overall Diameter: 24 Inches