Sword of the Vampire Lord

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The average vampire is something to worry about, but a Lord of Vampires is another threat entirely. Out of mortal nightmares does it come, an unstoppable horror the word has never knownand with it, it brings the Sword of the Vampire Lord. This cruel weapon looks to fit perfectly at-home in the hands of some dark, gothic creature destined to feed on life itself'or, perhaps in the hands of one of its loyal servitors. With a long blade that would excel at both cutting and thrusting, with a riassco mounted with three spikes on each side, the blade is an intimidating thing. The guard is a highly stylized, grand skull, complete with viciously long fangs, a dark symbol branded on its forehead, and two sets of horns, one of which makes up the arms of the guard. Entirely cast-metal, the hilt matches the copper-hued guard, in shade as well as pattern, before giving rise to the pommel: an equally wicked skull, roaring upwards, decorated with several sets of horns. Blessed by night, the Sword of the Vampire Lord is a weapon for only the darkest of warriors'or creatures.

Key Features

  • Includes Display Plaque
  • Cast-Metal Hilt
  • Decorated with 6 Spikes on Blade

  • Measurements

  • Overall Length: 50 Inches