3-D Steampunk Gear Ornament Set of 6
Item #: LB208-1
If you find yourself in a steampunk setting this holiday season, have no fear, because we carry a delightful Steampunk Ornament Set of 6 that is sure to make your steampunk holiday is merry and bright, not to mention jazzy!
Price: $36.00
Aetheric Inclinometer Attache Bag
Item #: AG-LG71
An indispensable compass pouch for the seasoned cloud pilot, this vintage cotton canvas and leather purse makes a charming steampunk accessory. The Aetheric Inclinometer Attache Bag features a detailed front print.
Price: $80.00
Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue
Item #: CC10674
Prepared for whatever situation she encounters, this bold fairy stands with a steampunk gun in her hands. The Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue also displays her dragon companion crouching at her feet on their pedestal.
Price: $110.00
Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue
Item #: WU-1462
Prepare for the battle of the future with the bone chilling Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue. This daring figurine can add new levels to your current collection of steampunk decor with full armor and a menacing stance.
Price: $37.60
Art Glass Octopus Sphere Paperweight
Item #: SI-76029
Every desk deserves a flash of color, and these glass paperweights are a great way to find some bright hues! The Art Glass Octopus Sphere Paperweight shows off a purple figure within a clear sphere flecked with colors.
Price: $22.00
Black Seadevil Steampunk Submarine
Item #: WU-1621
Designed for ocean exploration, this Black Seadevil Steampunk Submarine resembles an anglerfish who dwells in the deepsea areas where no sunlight can reach. Instead of a bioluminescent lure, this submarine has a steam-powered lamp.
Price: $60.00
Blue Brass Octopus
Item #: SI-80201
Few sea creatures attract as much notice as octopi with their winding tentacles and natural curiosity. The Blue Brass Octopus allows you to bring one of these fascinating animals to your home decor as a stunning accent.
Price: $80.00
Blue Glass Octopus
Item #: SI-20060
Glass decorations can add a splash of color to your otherwise neutral room. The fantastic Blue Glass Octopus depicts one of these curious ocean dwellers in a deep ocean blue art glass with bright white eyes.
Price: $49.00
Blue Octopus Glass Paperweight
Item #: SI-76031
Every desk deserves a flash of color, and these glass paperweights are a great way to find some bright hues! The Blue Octopus Glass Paperweight shows off a streaked blue figure that grips tight to its clear paperweight.
Price: $25.00
Bright Metallic Machine Skull
Item #: SC8724
Mechanical-inspired embellishments transform this human skull into a robotic monstrosity. Made of high quality cold cast resin, the Bright Metallic Machine Skull displays a golden colored macabre twist on typical steampunk style.
Price: $35.00
Bronze and Copper Steampunk Butterfly Trinket Box
Item #: WU-1350
Keep your treasure safe under gear and cog with the Bronze and Copper Steampunk Butterfly Trinket Box. Crafted from poly stone, this is a great piece to add some steampunk flair to your home, while storing your small treasures.
Price: $27.00
Bronze Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior
Item #: WU-1571
Wings open from his recent landing, this masked warrior brandishes his gun as he surveys his new location. Display this Bronze Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior on a shelf or table for an elegant fantasy vigilante display.
Price: $52.00
Bronze Propeller Bookend
Item #: WU-1456
Embrace the dazzling visuals of the steampunk genre with the stylish and elegant Bronze Propeller Bookend. This original home accent can become a daring new addition to your personal collection, so grab one today.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook
Item #: WU-1605
Octopi are incredibly adept at escaping capture and this one has been armored, but for what purpose? With riveted plates covering its large mantle and bands on each arm, this Bronze Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook is at your command.
Price: $17.80
Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand
Item #: CC9718
Jules Verne is the author of the first nautical story to have elements of steampunk in it, and that tradition continues in the form of this Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand, which bears name of his legendary sea captain.
Price: $70.00
Copper Detail Cyborg Skull
Item #: SC8727
Hand painted the color of ancient bone, this skull shows curious mechanical details. Made entirely of high quality cold cast resin, the Copper Detail Cyborg Skull is an intriguing and macabre display of twisted steampunk style.
Price: $35.00
Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior Statue
Item #: WU-1570
An elegant warrior from another time, this stylish figure wears mechanical feathered wings that open with gears and levers. Display your Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior Statue with any Neo-Victorian or fantasy vigilante display.
Price: $52.00
Dapper Steampunk Lady Statue
Item #: CC9199
What makes a steampunk world so wondrous, so amazing, so enticing? It is the unknown, the ability to see things like you have never seen before. You can make a part of that world yours by owning this Dapper Steampunk Lady Statue.
Price: $36.00
Dark Metallic Machine Skull
Item #: SC8725
In darkened hues with a metallic sheen, this cold cast resin skull sports a mechanical look. The Dark Metallic Machine Skull is hand painted, revealing the many intricate and robotic-inspired details that appear on its surface.
Price: $35.00
Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box
Item #: CC10823
You might find this skull box sitting around the laboratory of some mad scientist or Neo-Victorian inventor! The Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box makes an excellent accent for your storing your own odds and ends out of sight.
Price: $24.00
Erasmus Darwins Steam-Cerebrum
Item #: AG-V4
The last and greatest creation attributed to the Bedlam Institute of Galvanic Studies is undeniably Erasmus Darwins Steam-Cerebrum! Steampunk tech meets human skull in this surreal accent, creating a steampunk cyborg skull.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Gauntlet Steampunk Pistol Display Stand
Item #: WU-1598
A mechanical hand, gloved in chainmail and metal plates, rises from the base of this decorative pistol stand. Perfect for an aeronaut or privateer, this Gauntlet Steampunk Pistol Display Stand is highly detailed and hand-painted.
Price: $26.60
Geared Steampunk Dragon Statue
Item #: CC10957
Dragons have made their way into every genre of science fiction, including the ever popular realm of steampunk. This Geared Steampunk Dragon Statue is a fantastic way to include these mythical beasts in your favorite collectible items.
Price: $10.00
Gentleman Octopus Bar Towel
Heres to Keeping It Weird and letting your unique personality shine through! Now you can add this whimsical design and retro style to your home bar or kitchen. The Gentleman Octopus Bar Towel also makes a great gift for adventurers.
Price: $16.00
Gentleman Octopus Serving Tray
With a jaunty top hat, arms curled shyly, and a wide-eyed look, this octopus is dressed to impress! Now you can add this whimsical design and retro style to your home bar. The Gentleman Octopus Serving Tray also makes a great gift.
Price: $60.00
Glass Octopus Bowl
Item #: SI-34064
When boarding a steam-vessel or submersible to cross the sea, you might spot one of these clever creatures if you are lucky. The Glass Octopus Bowl features an octopus that can give your home the perfect steampunk flair.
Price: $149.00
On Sale For: $110.30
Gold Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook
Item #: WU-1559
An unholy mashup of machine and cephalopod created this steampunk octopus. The bulbous head is formed with metal plates and riveted bands encircle each of the arms. Dress up your home with this Gold Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook.
Price: $23.60
Graceful Steampunk Fairy Statue
Item #: CC10998
There is just something about the steampunk world that is utterly enticing. Possessing a plethora of steampunk style, this Graceful Steampunk Fairy Statue will flutter into your heart and become one of your favorite decor pieces.
Price: $110.00
Hanging Lanterns Octopus
Item #: SI-34066
Shed some light on this illusive creature of the seas, and enjoy its kraken-like appearance with its many legs. The Hanging Lanterns Octopus shows off three small lanterns that hang from several of its twining limbs.
Price: $219.00
On Sale For: $157.50
In Case of Zombies Display Gun
Item #: CC10629
Be prepared for the zombie outbreak with this just-in-case emergency weapon! The In Case of Zombies Display Gun includes a decorative gun and a case marked with the words IN CASE OF ZOMBIES BREAK GLASS across the front.
Price: $135.00
Lady Talbots Retrospective Hand Mirror
Item #: AG-V20
Constance Talbots revolutionary spectronic affinity glass allows the subject to glimpse a hint of their past or future countenance through her patented Steam Lens. The Lady Talbots Retrospective Hand Mirror displays a striking look.
Price: $30.00
Lady Warrior Propeller Statue
Item #: WU-1457
Capture the adventure and spirit of the steampunk genre with the Lady Warrior Propeller Statue. This original decoration will become a treasured addition to your collection when you receive complements for your daring sense of style.
Price: $57.60
Lady Warrior with Chained Blade Statue
Item #: WU-1458
Prepare for the realities of war with the stylish and intimidating Lady Warrior with Chained Blade Statue. This original home accent can become a great way to breathe new life into your current motif, so purchase one today.
Price: $50.00
Large Steampunk Magnifier
Item #: 802815
This wonderful magnification device is perfect for your Victorian investigations. The Large Steampunk Magnifier is made of antiqued brass with a leather-wrapped wooden handle. The functional magnifying glass offers 2X magnification.
Price: $45.00
LED Shiny Steampunk Skull Trinket Box
Item #: 05-44081
In a hand painted hue reminiscent of chrome, the LED Shiny Steampunk Skull Trinket Box is a fantastic take on the popular alternate history style. Made out of cold cast resin, the eyes of this skull illuminate with LED lights.
Price: $25.00
Mechanical Steampunk Bat Statue
Item #: CC9598
This is not the kind of bat that you will find swooping down out of the night, although its realistic look certainly makes this Mechanical Steampunk Bat Statue look like something you might see flying across the skies!
Price: $40.00
Mechanical Steampunk Dragon Statue
Item #: CC9798
Steampunk tech is capable of great feats, and this Mechanical Steampunk Dragon Statue is one of them! Not only has steampunk machinery recreated the look of the dragon, but it has also managed to make it look rather lifelike, too.
Price: $37.50
Mechanical Steampunk Jaguar Statue
Item #: CC9597
The grace of a jungle cat is well known. The same feline grace and poise has been reproduced in a technological marvel, this Mechanical Steampunk Jaguar Statue, which recreates the sleek jungle cat in all its glorious detail.
Price: $56.00
Mechanical Steampunk Scorpion Statue
Item #: CC9800
If nature has a living tank, it has to be the scorpion. A potent sting, claws, and armor all make the scorpion seem like quite the threat. The Mechanical Steampunk Scorpion Statue puts forward an even more intimidating variant.
Price: $37.50
Mechanical Steampunk Spider Statue
Item #: CC9799
There is nothing itsy or bitsy about this spider, and it certainly will not be crawling up waterspouts! For one, this Mechanical Steampunk Spider Statue is completely inert. Even if it could move, water and tech are not good bedfellows.
Price: $24.00
Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box
Item #: CC9790
If you are going to modify something, then you might as well go for broke, right? This Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box features a surreal touch of steampunk style, as well as the potential to be a great place to store your things, too.
Price: $30.00
Mechanized Steampunk Top Hat Box
Item #: CC9637
This Mechanized Steampunk Top Hat Box gives new meaning to the term stove pipe hat! Stunning steampunk style transforms this mechanical hat into a storage container par excellence, just waiting for anyone to fill and use it.
Price: $25.00
Metallic Detail Cyborg Skull
Item #: SC8726
Gears, wires, and other curious mechanical-inspired details appear throughout this realistic skull statue. Completely made of cold cast resin, the Metallic Detail Cyborg Skull is an intricately crafted statue in eerie steampunk style.
Price: $35.00
Metallic Steampunk Heart Trinket Box
Item #: 05-71737
Store your dearest keepsakes in a place of honor when you store them in the Metallic Steampunk Heart Trinket Box. Made of cold cast resin, this heart shaped box has been hand painted for a look reminiscent of weathered metal.
Price: $12.00
Nickel Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook
Item #: WU-1560
What contorted mind dreamed up this mechanical cephalopod contraption? The mantle is covered in small metal plates and each arm has been fitted with riveted bands. Fit out your airship with this Nickel Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook.
Price: $23.60
Octopus Cellphone Holder with Speaker
Item #: SI-34009
Octopi show intelligence and curiosity in nature. The blue octopus in the Octopus Cellphone Holder with Speaker cradles your phone in its front two tentacles while serving as a Bluetooth speaker for your music.
Price: $102.00
Octopus Chest Trinket Box
Item #: SC9070
Keep all your hard won treasures safe inside a pirate chest when you store them in the Octopus Chest Trinket Box. This trinket box is hand painted for an antique, metallic look and safeguarded by a fearsome octopus on its lid.
Price: $32.00
Octopus Coasters
Item #: SI-50927
Similar to the kraken, the octopus occasionally appears to vessels and submersibles traveling the seas. The Octopus Coasters depict this curious creature as it spreads its many limbs to make an awe-inspiring sight.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Octopus Door Knocker
Item #: CC11601
Perfect for homes in the depths of the ocean, or for any fan of nautical steampunk decor, the Octopus Door Knocker is an great way to display the wonders of the sea on your own front door with eye catching, hand painted detail.
Price: $23.50
Octopus End Table
Item #: SI-33843
Few creatures on sea or land possess the number of useful limbs of the octopus. The Octopus End Table shows off eight curling and twisting legs that support the glass table top, while its body forms the base.
Price: $803.00
Octopus Hand Bell
Item #: SI-50815
Bells capture attention with ease, making them useful pieces of home decor to summon people in the house or for fun. The Octopus Hand Bell features an octopus standing atop a bell, formed so that its body can be grasped.
Price: $17.00
Octopus in Treasure Chest Trinket Box
Item #: WU-1657
A notorious escape artist, the octopus has exhibited the ability to use rudimentary tools, fit into small spaces, and play with toys. Display your love for these unique creatures with this Octopus in Treasure Chest Trinket Box.
Price: $31.00
Octopus Incense Burner
Item #: CC11604
The Octopus Incense Burner depicts the fearsome, many-tentacled creature of the deep curling its arms about a piece of driftwood. This makes up the base of this boat style burner, perfect for steampunk or ocean-themed home decor.
Price: $17.50
Octopus Key Hook
Item #: SI-50915
Ships fear the destructive powers of this kraken-like octopus, spreading out its eight grasping arms. The Octopus Key Hook transforms the form of this octopus to function, making five of its limbs into hangers.
Price: $21.00
On Sale For: $15.80
Octopus Magnifying Glass
Item #: WU-1658
Perfect for the desk of an airship or submersible captain, this Octopus Magnifying Glass is as functional as it is decorative. The glass lens features a beaded frame accent which is then held tightly by the curious cephalopod.
Price: $14.00
Octopus Mimic Chest Trinket Box
Item #: WU-1720
Remind your houseguests to be wary when in the same room as the Octopus Mimic Chest Trinket Box. This shapeshifting monster of the sea seeks to devour any soul that wishes to steal the precious trinkets and gems given to its care.
Price: $35.60
Octopus Pillar Candelabra
Item #: SI-34067
The twining legs of the octopus and kraken pose a danger to passing ships and submersibles on the high seas. The Octopus Pillar Candelabra illuminates this mysterious creature in a striking piece of steampunk style.
Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $135.00
Octopus Pillar Trio Candelabra
Item #: SI-34065
Sailors may raise the cry of KRAKEN! when they spot this many-legged creature as they sail the open seas. The Octopus Pillar Trio Candelabra reveals an elusive octopus showing off its many strong, curling limbs.
Price: $139.00
On Sale For: $101.30
Octopus Pirate Chest Trinket Box
Item #: CC11646
When it comes to storing your treasures, what could be more appropriate than a pirate chest? The Octopus Pirate Chest Trinket Box, made of cold cast resin, is perfect for holding jewelry, coins, and other small knickknacks.
Price: $30.00
Octopus Skull
Item #: SC9071
This skull must have met its fate at the ominous depths of the ocean. A sinister octopus curls its tentacles around its features. Beautifully crafted with attention to detail, the Octopus Skull makes a striking gift and collectible.
Price: $32.00