Alexander and Bucephalus Statue
Item #: WU-1321
Alexander the Great was a man of action who conquered the known world. Take home inspiration with the Alexander and Bucephalus Statue. This statue depicts Alexander on his horse as they ride into the midst of battle.
Price: $80.00
Alexander the Great Statue
Item #: CC10200
Alexander the Great amassed one of the largest empires of the ancient world, conquering from Greece through Egypt and modern day Pakistan. The Alexander the Great Statue depicts this undefeated ruler in his armor.
Price: $48.00
Angel Gatekeeper Tray
Item #: CC11700
The Angel Gatekeeper Tray features a beautiful starlit scene based on the fantasy graphic by artist Sheila Wolk. This decorative tray is made from high quality cold cast resin and hand painted for extra care and attention to detail.
Price: $20.00
Angel Girl Garden Lantern
Item #: SI-33604
This childlike winged angel girl holds her lantern aloft to light your way through the night. The Angel Girl Garden Lantern allows this young angel to illuminate and guard your steps with her hanging candle lantern.
Price: $119.00
Angel Mini Statue
Item #: CAS-5016
This sweet Angel Mini Statue makes a perfect stocking stuffer, small present, or thank you gift. Place this elegant statue on a windowsill, edge of a potted plant, or shelf to ensure that you always have an angel watching over you.
Price: $19.50
Angel Spirit Ouija Board by Lisa Parker
Item #: 060-2408
If you plan on contacting the other side, it is good to have a guardian angel present. This Angel Spirit Ouija Board by Lisa Parker offers a method to reach and communicate with the beyond while showing off artwork of an angel.
Price: $24.00
Anne Stokes Copperwing Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2337
When the days and nights grow chilly, make sure that you have something cozy to wrap up in and feel comforted. This Anne Stokes Copperwing Fleece Blanket will keep you warm with insulating fleece and entranced by its gorgeous design.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Copperwing Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2338
Just as this dragon wraps its mighty wings around the beautiful fairy to protect her, curl yourself up in this Anne Stokes Copperwing Woven Blanket and protect yourself from the cold days and nights that the winter season brings.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2345
If you do not happen to have an extra fire-breathing dragon hanging about to keep you warm when winter time rolls around, do not fret! The insulating fleece on this Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Fleece Blanket will surely do the trick.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2346
You will never have to choose between an elegant throw blanket and your unique fantasy decor again thanks to this Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Woven Blanket! Stay warm and stylish with this blanket that features the art of Anne Stokes.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2329
Dragons are well-known as protective beings in the fantasy realm, normally keeping homes safe from evil. During the cold seasons, this Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Fleece Blanket will keep you safe from that biting chill in the air!
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2330
The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is so stunning and exciting to behold, and it is not just for hanging on your wall anymore! The Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Woven Blanket puts the work of this renowned artist onto a quality throw blanket.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2361
If you are ever lucky enough to witness a real fairy, you would be sure to remember the experience for the rest of your life. Until then, you can showcase the look of a magical fairy with the Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Fleece Blanket!
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2362
Bring the design of a renowned fantasy artist into your home with this Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Woven Blanket. This blanket combines the magic of fairies with elements of mystical occultism into an elegant, comfortable home accent.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Oak King Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2326
When you find yourself shivering on a cold wintry night, never fear because the Oak King will be there to keep you warm and cozy! This Anne Stokes Oak King Fleece Blanket makes the perfect home accent for anyone who enjoys Greenman.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Oak King Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2327
Your style deserves a place in every aspect of your home. With this Anne Stokes Oak King Woven Blanket, you can curl up, relax, and stay toasty under a blanket that features the stunning fantasy artwork of the incomparable Anne Stokes.
Price: $52.00
Anno Domini Garden Sundial
Item #: SW-G01
There is no better decoration to have hanging in your garden then a sundial, but for a unique variation of this piece, you may want to consider this Anno Domini Garden Sundial. The best part is that this sundial is fully functional!
Price: $149.00
Appalachian Handled Umbrella
Item #: CA-173
Just when it feels like a good day, disaster strikes and the rain comes pouring down. Do not let the deluge get you down. Get the better of it by picking up an Appalachian Handled Umbrella to keep you dry and add cheer to your day!
Price: $65.00
Aristotle Statue
Item #: WU-1280
Aristotle was one of the great Greek philosophers who helped to found modern philosophy as it is known today. His reputation as a thinker is well-known. The Aristotle Statue helps keep his memory alive today.
Price: $57.00
Armored Knight Guzzler Wine Holder
Item #: CC9559
Being is a knight in shining armor is hard work, and a guy is bound to get thirsty after wearing steel armor all day! It is understandable that when you give the Armored Knight Guzzler Wine Holder a bottle, he is all too eager to drink.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $21.00
Black Old World Hourglass
Item #: ME-0197
Life before the invention of clocks is a difficult concept to comprehend in the age of information in which we live. The Black Old World Hourglass is a remarkable reminder of the incalculable value of this taken for granted tool.
Price: $32.00
Black Templar Knight Ball Point Pen by Marto
Item #: MA-007-2S
For any executive or writer who maintains a collection or love of anything and everything Knights Templar, this is the perfect pen. The Black Templar Knight Ball Point Pen, by Marto infuses knightly style into your writing.
Price: $36.00
Black Templar Knight Magnifying Glass by Marto
Item #: MA-107-2S
This little but powerful Templar Knight Magnifying Glass, by Marto is enriched by the Templar cross, the emblem of the renowned military order vowed to defend the holy land and his pilgrims. It makes for a great desk accent.
Price: $45.00
Blue Bell Pitcher Vase
Item #: WU-1239
Elegant and natural are two good words to describe this Blue Bell Pitcher Vase, which features a touch of art nouveau style that will not only accent any flowers you might use with the vase but will also captivate all those who see it.
Price: $53.20
Blue Dragon Wine Holder
Item #: 05-65030
It should come as no surprise that, as intelligent as they are, dragons sometimes develop a taste for the finer things in life. This Blue Dragon Wine Holder has developed a something of an affection for fine bottled spirits.
Price: $33.00
Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack
Item #: 05-71430
Dragons can become fully engrossed by what they are doing. Take, for instance, this Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack, which puts all its attention into its crystal ball so much so that its body serves as a perfect rack for bottles.
Price: $47.00
Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend
Item #: WU-1623
This Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend depicts the power of nature in combining a dryad figure with the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. Based on the painting by fantasy artist Selina Fenech, this bookend makes an enchanting home accent.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Old World Hourglass
Item #: ME-0196
A concept often taken for granted in modern society, the ability to measure time was revolutionary to our progression in technology. The Bronze Old World Hourglass is a wonderful display of the advancement in this field.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Roman Chariot Statue
Item #: WU-1165
Chariots have been used as far back as far as 3000 B.C. The Romans favored them as ceremonial vehicles, convenient transportation, and as weapons. The Bronze Roman Chariot Statue depicts a warrior behind the chariots reins.
Price: $57.00
Bronze Thinker Statue
Item #: SC8083
We could all stand to take some time out of our day and consider larger issues. Allow the Bronze Thinker Statue to be your reminder. This item is based on the original sculpture by Auguste Rodin and will be easily recognized by guests.
Price: $35.00
Bronze Tulip Tray
Item #: SC8019
In the language of flowers, tulips can symbolize perfect love and fame, and pink tulips indicate affection and cherishment. The Bronze Tulip Tray displays three pink tulips with leaves that spiral towards the center.
Price: $35.00
Butterfly Rose Cross Pillow
Item #: CC90230
Decorations for your sitting room can include more than just statues and furniture, and sometimes, the perfect final touches are the decorative pillows and throws you can add in, like this artistic Butterfly Rose Cross Pillow.
Price: $15.00