Bronze Arianrhod Statue
Item #: CC10887
Arianrhod is a goddess out of Welsh Celtic mythology, often known by the name Moon Mother Goddess. Representing fertility, reincarnation, and beauty, this Bronze Arianrhod Statue is a stunning depiction of this famed female deity.
Price: $84.00
Bronze Celtic Cerridwen Statue
Item #: CC10881
An enchantress from a medieval Welsh legend, Cerridwen is known among modern Paganism as the goddess of rebirth and the keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge. This Bronze Celtic Cerridwen Statue depicts this in a stunning decor piece.
Price: $72.00
Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque
Item #: CC10889
The Claddagh is a classic symbol out of Ireland that is known and loved by so many people around the world. Represent love, loyalty, and friendship in your home in an eternally bonded circle with this Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque.
Price: $25.00
Bronze Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue
Item #: CC11022
Brigid is one of the most memorable deities of Celtic history, mainly presiding over poetry, smithcraft, and healing of all kinds. Own a gleaming depiction of this figure for your decor with the Bronze Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue.
Price: $64.00
Bronze Cerridwen Plaque
Item #: CC10667
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Bronze Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Danu Statue
Item #: CC10885
Danu is considered the first of the Celtic deities, thus making her a sort of Mother Nature figure among Celtic mythology. Give this goddess of universal wisdom and divine knowledge a place in your home with the Bronze Danu Statue.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend
Item #: WU-1623
This Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend depicts the power of nature in combining a dryad figure with the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. Based on the painting by fantasy artist Selina Fenech, this bookend makes an enchanting home accent.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque
Item #: CC10733
The four arms of this elemental cross reach to the four seasons, the circle encompassing all in its celestial arc. The Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque shows off an intricate mix of details, designed by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $44.00
Bronze Morrigan Statue
Item #: CC10879
As the priestess of war and sovereignty, Morrigan is still seen today by followers of Celtic mythology and ancient religions as a symbol of strength. This Bronze Morrigan Statue will serve as a daily reminder of her power and grace.
Price: $48.00
Brown Cerridwen Plaque
Item #: CC10717
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Brown Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $30.00
Butterfly Pentacle Plaque
Item #: DD-161-BP
Butterflies are beautiful creatures, that much is hard to deny. The same is true of this Butterfly Pentacle Plaque, which has all the beauty and appeal of its smaller cousins, thanks to intricate and appealing Celtic detailing.
Price: $34.99
Celtic Angel Mirror
Item #: AH-5552
Angels are known in most cultures as heavenly beings who look over those who are weak or in trouble. With stunning engravings, the Celtic Angel Mirror is a unique way to bring a mythical depiction into your home or reenactment decor.
Price: $67.00
Celtic Ashtray
Item #: SC7668
Do not fool yourself into believing that you cannot have an ashtray around even if you do not smoke. This Celtic Ashtray is too nice to pass up and can be so much more than a great decoration, even if all it does is collect trinkets.
Price: $12.00
Celtic Ashtray
Item #: SC8478
For those who are fans of stylish designs the Celtic Ashtray can be a welcome accessory that they will always appreciate. The dazzling designs combined with the simple function make this a wonderful decoration or gifting item.
Price: $14.00
Celtic Bird Mirror
Item #: AH-5551
Celts implemented a myriad of different creatures into their designs, and the bird was symbolic of prophetic knowledge. The Celtic Bird Mirror brings that mythos to you in a beautiful hand held piece of home or reenactment decor.
Price: $62.00
Celtic Blue Dragon Trinket Box
Item #: CC10969
If you are in the market for a keepsake box for your tiny trinkets, make sure they are always guarded by a powerful beast. The Celtic Blue Dragon Trinket Box is exactly what you are looking for to store your favorite small items.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Butterfly Clock
Item #: CC11103
One of the gentlest animals throughout nature, butterflies can be a lovely emblem of change and transformation. This Celtic Butterfly Clock showcases these tender creatures among intricately intertwined Celtic knotwork symbols.
Price: $14.00
Celtic Cerridwen Plaque
Item #: CC10716
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Celtic Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Cerridwen Statue
Item #: CC10882
Cerridwen is considered to be the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration, specifically poetic inspiration. Exhibit this mystical enchantress in your home or office decor with this impressive Celtic Cerridwen Statue.
Price: $56.00
Celtic Clover Fleece Blanket
Item #: ZB-2377
In any room of your home, knotwork and clovers can add a striking look that represents the intriguing culture of Celtic lands. This Celtic Clover Fleece Blanket is not only a warm and cozy throw, but it is also a stunning decoration.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Clover King Duvet Cover
Item #: ZB-2382
One of the most recognizable symbols of luck, the four leaf clover is a stunning reminder of everything that we are so fortunate to behold. Implement this emblem into the decor of your home with the Celtic Clover King Duvet Cover.
Price: $225.00
Celtic Clover Tote Bag
Item #: ZB-2375
Four leaf clovers are very rare, and even rarer are those with Celtic knots on their leaves. While we cannot promise the Celtic Clover Tote Bag will give you luck, we can tell you that it will show your Celtic style wherever you go!
Price: $25.00
Celtic Clover Twin Duvet Cover
Item #: ZB-2380
Celtic symbols often represent the ever-changing quality of life, and the concept of change can be applied to your decor as well. This Celtic Clover Twin Duvet Cover is an easy way to make a prominent transformation in your bedroom.
Price: $165.00
Celtic Clover Woven Blanket
Item #: ZB-2376
Widely recognized as a part of Celtic culture, four leaf clovers represent the beauty of the rolling hills of Ireland. This Celtic Clover Woven Blanket is a great way to picture the Irish countryside even during the colder months.
Price: $50.00
Celtic Cross Statue
Item #: CC6797
The Celtic Cross Statue would look great just about anywhere you place it. This statue features a Celtic cross decorated with gold designs. This statue is made of hand painted cold cast resin and measures 6 inches tall.
Price: $12.00
Celtic Dragon Throne
Item #: CC11927
They say that your home is your castle and fortress, but no castle is complete without a throne. This Celtic Dragon Throne is made from cold cast resin and allows you the opportunity to seat yourself like a true dragon warrior would.
Price: $1,200.00
Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror
Item #: CC10917
A mirror is something that you use on a daily basis, so make sure the mirror in your home is one to be proud of. This Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror would look fantastic hanging up in your bathroom, hallway, or any room of your house.
Price: $90.00
Celtic Dragonfly Clock
Item #: CC11106
Both subjects of intrigue across the world, Celtic design and dragonflies come together in this Celtic Dragonfly Clock. A functional piece of art, this eye-catching clock will add a fantasy feel to the decor of any wall in your home.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Flower Ashtray
Item #: CC10835
The best home accents are those that offer versatility and also reflect your own personal style. This Celtic Flower Ashtray makes a great smoking accessory, votive candle holder, or place to throw small items at the end of the day.
Price: $12.00
Celtic God Cernunnos Sitting Statue
Item #: WU-1727
According to Celtic mythology, this horned deity bestows blessings in life, fertility, and nature. In the scene presented by the Celtic God Cernunnos Sitting Statue, the animals of the forest gather around the lord of their realm.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Heart Book Box
Item #: 060-2703
What secrets lie within the Celtic Heart Book Box? This clever trinket box is artfully crafted to resemble an antique tome, but the lid opens to reveal storage space for your favorite jewelry pieces, coins, or other small items.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Horse Clock
Item #: CC11104
Horses are one of the most notable animals in Celtic folklore. They were even worshipped as gods and goddesses among ancient Celts. This Celtic Horse Clock makes a wonderful display of horses and their connection to that culture.
Price: $14.00