Statues and Figurines

What's a good way to add a touch of your favorite medieval things to your life? Decorating! At Medieval Collectibles we make decorating with your favorite medieval things simple and easy, especially when you're looking to spruce up your home decor or living space with a number of new and attractive medieval Statues and Figurines! Here, we pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of different medieval statues, covering not only a wide range of concepts, but also a wide range of sizes, ensuring that no matter what type of statue you're looking for, you can find the right style and the right size right here. If you're looking for something inspirational, an angel statue of Balthial, the Angel of Forgiveness, is always a great pick-me-up, and statues of Jesus Christ and religion are always a great way to celebrate your faith in your home decor. Dragon statues and gargoyle statues are a great way to try and ward off evil spirits, while also adding a fearsome (and sometimes funny) little creature to your home. Fairy statues and greenman statues typically feature a more natural touch, accenting your existing decorations with delicate beauty and natural design. Statues of mythology will appeal to those who count Zeus, Thor, and other gods as their favorite figures in history, while knight statues, oriental statues, Viking statues, pirate statues are the perfect representation of warriors who fought and struggled throughout history. And these are only general ideas, as there are always exceptions to the rule, like peaceful dragons, gothic fairies, and friendly looking grim reapers! All of this, and so much more, can be found here within the Statues and Figurines Section of Medieval Collectibles. So if you have an empty shelf or an unfilled space, take a moment to browse through here and see what you can find that suits your personal tastes.
Angel Statues and Figurines

Our Angel Statues are crafted from cold cast resin and are intricately detailed. These statues and figurines are intended for indoor use, they make for great home decor and are lovely gifts to give to family or friends. Angels are beautiful and inspiring. Angels can represent many different things to different people and range from something very specific or be very general. Some of the Angels we have as statues are Perpetiel the Angel of Success, Michah the Angel of the Devine Plan, Douma an Angel of Silence, Balthial the Angel of Forgiveness, Yofiel the Angel of Devine Beauty, Jophiel the Angel of Enlightenment and many others. No matter what stage you are at in your life or what you are going through, an Angel is always good to have around!

Dragon Statues and Dragon Figurines
Dragon Statues

The fearsome dragon has long been a staple of classic fantasy, appearing as both friend and foe in countless myths, legends, and stories. As varied as humanity, dragons come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and at Medieval Collectibles, we've endeavored to gather as many dragon statues as we could to offer you the greatest selection possible.

Fairy Statues
Fairy Statues

Come on into our fairy statue category and take a look at all we offer here! These astonishingly detailed figurines range from every vibrant color you can envision! Just take your pick! There are fairies with dragons, fairies with trees and other animals, mermaid fairies, fairies with staffs, fairies with unicorns, and fairies with flowers! These fairy statues are made from hand painted cold cast resin and range in size from 5 inches all the way to 26.5 inches. Our fairy statues category is sure to please young and old alike!

Gargoyle Statues
Gargoyle Statues

Medieval Collectibles carries a wide selection of gargoyle statues. Our gargoyle statues come in many positions, some that are attacking, poised, sitting or have a saying. These gargoyle statues are sculpted in cold cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand painted finished detail. Gargoyle statues make great additions to any gothic home, and don't forget their purpose is to ward off evil! Our mythical gargoyle statues make a fine addition to any gothic collection home or garden.

Gothic Statues Grim Reaper Figurines and Grim Reaper Statues
Gothic & Grim Reaper Statues

No figure is as potentially terrifying as the Grim reaper. This robed skeleton is imbued with all the powers of death and features quite a heavy dose of gothic style, too. That makes this grim figure a key component of the Gothic and Grim Reaper Statues here at Medieval Collectibles, although you'll also find other great gothic statues here, too.

Greenman Statues
Greenman Statues

Here in our greenman category, a greenman graces everything: from decorative items like wall plaques to useful items like sand timers, letter openers, and pen holders. And they come in a variety of emotions too: if you want a happy greenman, a grumpy one, or even a whimsical one, we can accommodate that wish. If you like greenman or just foliate carvings in general then you should highly consider any one of our greenman items.

Knight Statues, Knight Figurines and Medieval Knights
Knight Statues

Nothing is as classically medieval as a traditional knight in shining armor. And at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a way to show off just such a knight in your own home decor, without taking up a great deal of space! Our Knight Statues comprise an impressive array of medieval warriors, all featuring different styles of armor as they stand tall, ready for battle.

Mythology Statues and Mythology Figurines
Mythology Statues

Oftentimes, religions that pass into antiquity find themselves becoming mythology. Why? Because many religions are based around stories that, once faith is lost, are simply so much larger than life that they are impossible to believe, much less reconcile with history in any way. But even still, mythology is a fascinating subject, so much so that Medieval Collectibles offers several mythology statues, with-which to tantalize your brain with depictions of ancient gods and glories.

Oriental Statues, Samurai Statues and Ninja Statues
Oriental Statues

While Europe was enveloped in the Middle Ages of kings, queens, and war, Japan was undergoing its Feudal era, a time that is now typically seen as Japan's 'medieval period'. Many great figures came out of this period, including the samurai and ninja that Japan is so well-known for, and at Medieval Collectibles, we pay homage to these figures in our Oriental Statues section.

Pirate Statues and Pirate Figurines
Pirate Statues

If you're looking to add something inherently 'pirate' to a room, they why not add that touch with a stylish looking pirate statue? Medieval Collectibles carries a wide assortment of various pirate statues that are both attractive and yet fierce, each of which displays something that is unequivocally pirate in one way or another.

Religious Statues, Religious Figurines, Religious Sculptures and Jesus Christ Statues
Religious Statues

Medieval Collectibles has a new line of religious statues and figurines for your home or office. These religious statues include Mary statues, Jesus Christ statues, saint michael statues, virgin Mary statues and the last supper statues. Our religious statues come in different sizes, styles and finishes. We also carry statues that are reproductions of the famous sculpture Michelangelo that include the Pieta, Moses, and the Creation of Adam. Finally we have The Last Supper statues and religious crosses and crucifixes in this category.

Troll & Gnome Statues, Zombie Garden Gnomes, and Fantasy Troll Statues
Troll & Gnome Statues

Popping out of myth and legend, the Troll & Gnome Statues available from Medieval Collectibles offer you a unique style of colorful decorations for your home! These fantasy creature statues and garden sculptures come in a wide range of appearances from cheery forest trolls to macabre zombie gnomes. In addition to traditional statues, we also carry useful pieces like wine holder statues. Take a moment to browse through our charming trolls and gnomes!

Viking Statues and Viking Figurines
Viking Statues

Are you in the market for a good Viking Statue? Then Medieval Collectibles is the place to look. Offering a wide array of designs, our Viking statues depict some of the most popular figures in the Viking culture, ranging from classic scenes of mortal battle to the titanic struggles foretold in the Norse religion followed by many Viking cultures.

Wizard Statues, Owl Trinket Boxes, Fantasy Wizard Statues, and Merlin Statues
Wizard Statues

Conjure a little magic in your home decor with the addition of our Wizard Statues at Medieval Collectibles! We carry a number of unique fantasy sorcerer statues, wizard letter opener statues, LED wizard statues, and magic-themed trinket boxes to let you show off your love for mystical magicians and their familiars. These fantasy figures range from colorful conjurers to dark wizards, many of whom are crafted with dragons and magical staffs.