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Steampunk Medals

Even in a Steampunk setting, nothing speaks of personal accomplishment and status like a medal pinned on your chest. Our Steampunk medals loosely replicate the appearance and feel of modern-day medals, which ensures that when you wear a Steampunk medal from Medieval Collectibles, you wear an accessory that looks and feels every bit as impressive as a real-world medal. Some of our Steampunk medals commemorate and celebrate things that, even in a Steampunk world, would be worthy of note. Medals for posthumous service are great for celebrating fallen Steampunk brethren, while distinguished crosses and Steampunk stars are perfect for celebrating personal achievements. Winged Steampunk pins are the way to go when you want to show your skills as a Steampunk aviator, while quartets of military medals and ribbons for gallantry are just the things to show off when you're dressed as a Steampunk soldier. And these are only suggestions, as you can really wear any of our Steampunk medals for whatever purpose you deem worthy. Whether you're man, woman, or child, an impressive Steampunk costume isn't out of your reach, and neither is an impressive Steampunk service record, which everyone will have to take note of when they see you wearing a shiny Steampunk Medal from Medieval Collectibles.
Temeritas Wings
The Temeritas Wings was awarded to brave chaps and rare individuals for exceptional service, achievements, and gallantry bordering on the stupid. In the age of steam, this service medal was one that many punks aspired to achieve.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $30.60

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"I just received the medieval helmet and breastplate that I ordered for the Medieval studies program here at the school where I teach. 'I am very impressed with the quality of the replicas - they are beautifully crafted and far exceed my expectations. I also was very impressed at the speed of delivery and the conscientious packaging. I will certainly order from MC again and recommend it to anyone looking for high quality period replicas and costumes."

- Amanda R

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