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Mens Fantasy Costumes

Here in the Mens Fantasy Costume Section of Medieval Collectibles, you'll find everything you need to create a fun and fantastic costume that's deeply rooted in fantasy. Ranging from demons to orcs to goblins to warriors and more, you'll find all your Fantasy Costume needs are fully met right here. Many of these costumes span dozens of different styles, all looking like they were taken directly out of the worlds of fantasy. You can be a troll, a gnome, or a goblin with any of the items you find here, as well as so much more, especially when you consider that the realm of fantasy is so broad. And not all of this fantasy is happy-go-lucky, either, as you'll find brutal warriors costumes, Minotaur guises, and devilish disguises here, all of which will render you a dark figure directly out of the most sinister of stories. And these costumes aren't just great for Halloween, no. They're all stunning garments that can and should be used for virtually any costumed event you can imagine, especially if the theme is taken from the pages of fantasy. Thanks to its broad variety, you never quite know what you'll find here in the Mens Fantasy Costumes section, although you're always guaranteed that it will definitely feature a great fantasy look and feel, as well as helping to make you look like a figure straight off the pages of the next greatest fantasy story.
Minotaurus Costume
In the Minotaurus Costume, you will have everything you need to transform yourself into the famous minotaur from myth and legend. Wearing this costume, even legendary heroes will find themselves hesitant under your bullish gaze.
Price: $198.00
Dragon Lord Mens Costume
The classic noble and lord, this costume is not. Instead, this Dragon Lord Mens Costume is for the guy who wants a bit of exotic style in his look, as well as the makings of a wicked warrior, who can stand toe to toe with dragons and win.
Price: $188.10
Scorpion Warrior Men's Costume
Warriors have long taken the names of the animals, symbolically binding themselves to their totem. In this Scorpion Warrior Men's Costume, you can bind yourself to the deadly creature of the desert, while also looking the part.
Price: $169.10
Crow Costume
Eerie and strange, many will be stunned speechless by the style of this Crow Costume, thanks in part to the creepy crow skull mask that is featured with this costume. The included monk-like robes on accent the costumes eerie look.
Price: $87.00
Goblin Costume
From head to toe, this costume will have you looking like a mischievous and malicious goblin right out of the story books. The Goblin Costume comes complete with a mask and other accessories to enhance your goblinoid appearance.
Price: $111.00
Last Warrior Costume
Combining the oriental feel of the samurai with the power of a knight and the fearsome visage of a demon, the Last Warrior Costume is a fusion of concepts that creates an intimidating and exceptionally powerful looking warrior.
Price: $151.80
Tattoo Chest
This Tattoo Chest piece will not just give you a couple of really cool black tattoos on your chest, but will also transform you into a muscular individual with a well-sculpted core and a tanned, almost bronze colored complexion.
Price: $36.40
Green Chest
Don this Green Chest piece and you will instantly transform from your mild self into a creature with rippling muscles adorning your green torso! This chest piece is a great way to give yourself a green, muscled look for any costume.
Price: $36.40
Circle Saw Hoodie
Wearing the Circle Saw Hoodie, you will look like the victim of a freak-accident with a power tool. Either that, or there just happens to be a malicious entity out there that happens to be proficient at throwing circular saw blades.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $15.00
Bloody Machete Hoodie
The machete is a classic weapon of horror, for both the good and bad guys. In the Bloody Machete Hoodie, you will look like you ran afoul of one of the latter and wound up acting as a living sheath for that bad guys blade of choice.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $17.00
Hand Saw Hoodie
Was it an accident or a brutal attack? Either way, wearing the Hand Saw Hoodie sure looks like a painful experience, given that this zip-up hoodie creates the look of having a hand saw embedded into your shoulder blade.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $19.00
Bloody Axe Hoodie
You will look just like the victim of an axe murder when you put on this Bloody Axe Hoodie! This impressive garment consists of a zip-up jacket that features an attached hand axe that looks like it is embedded into the wearers shoulder.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $17.00
Bones Suit
The Bones Suit is a great way to create the start of a fantastic skeletal look. Included with this costume is a t-shirt, gloves, and mask, all of which help to transform you into a ghoulish figure with most of your bones showing.
Price: $119.80
Mens Circus Psycho Costume
Play on the fears of your friends this Halloween with the combination of creepy clowns and the unease surrounding insane asylums. The Mens Circus Psycho Costume depicts a horrifying outfit that will give nightmares to those around you!
Price: $32.30
Bones T-Shirt
In the Bones T-Shirt, it will look like you have suffered a bit of a problem. That problem is that somehow, the flesh and blood from your torso has vanished, leaving only the bones visible through the large rips in this shirt.
Price: $63.80
Shadow Knight Zombie Costume
It is time to even the odds a bit for zombie-kind. The Shadow Knight Zombie Costume is the perfect equalizer that will make any zombie more than a match for a run-of-the-mill human, thanks to the addition of heavy knights armour.
Price: $143.00
Wolfman Costume
After receiving a animal bite while out in the woods, this unfortunate fellow begins to feel odd as the full moon rises into the sky. The Wolfman Costume allows you to dress as a classic lunar-driven monster with incredible detail.
Price: $98.00

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