Aviator Scarf
Item #: LU-440500
When you are flying an open-cockpit aircraft, you quickly learn that the pilots did not wear their scarves and goggles purely for style. Goggles will keep your eyes safe, and this Aviator Scarf will help keep the chill away.
Price: $10.00
Bag Of Assorted Gears
Item #: LU-540134
Are you looking to update your wardrobe with a healthy dose of Steampunk style? Then this Bag of Assorted Gears is exactly what you need to give each and every garment you own a subtle touch of incredible Steampunk style!
Price: $11.00
Bag Of Gears
Item #: FM-66453
Steampunk style is notorious for the placement of cogs, gears, and flywheels not only in its machinery but also in its clothing. If you feel that your Steampunk attire is lacking cogs and gears, you can add more from this Bag of Gears.
Price: $5.00
Jabot Collar and Cuff Set
Item #: LU-432604
Popular in colonial times, the jabot was worn by founding fathers and privateers and is still worn in some circles. This Jabot Collar and Cuff Set gives a flounced finish to any pirate or noble outfit and is suitable for men and women.
Price: $11.95
On Sale For: $10.00
Lace Trimmed Black Steampunk Skirt
Item #: FM-68535
Creating your own Steampunk attire been this easy, thanks to this Lace Trimmed Black Steampunk Skirt. Perfectly blending Victorian elegance with vintage flair, this skirt is a base on which to build any Steampunk costume.
Price: $35.00
Renaissance Collar and Cuff Set
Item #: LU-432602
Renaissance outfits for nobility require a wide collar or ruff to look complete. You will be the envy of any royal court when you wear this Renaissance Collar and Cuff set. This costume set is suitable for both men and women.
Price: $14.95
Ruffle Collar and Cuff Set
Item #: LU-432605
Ruffles and lace were popular among the upper classes as an indicator of status - being able to afford the extra fabric and extra care of these accents showed your wealth. Wear this Ruffle Collar and Cuff set to finish your outfit.
Price: $10.95
Steampunk Gear Jabot
Item #: FM-68299
A jabot was traditionally a frilly neck accessory worn in the Victorian era. This Steampunk Gear Jabot is a new take on this accessory, merging old style with industrial Steampunk cunning to create something new and exciting.
Price: $11.00
Steampunk Renegade Costume
Item #: FM-66786
For the rebel at heart, there is no better way to dress for the Steampunk revolution than the Steampunk Renegade Costume. This sultry and sleek outfit has great neo-Victorian style and is an ideal way to attract a little attention.
Price: $40.00
Steampunk Sally Costume
Item #: FM-66147
The moment you put on the Steampunk Sally Costume, you will transform yourself into a sassy and sultry neo-Victorian rebel, one that looks ready to raise all sorts of commotion in a world where steam-powered technology runs rampant.
Price: $50.00
Steampunk Vampiress Women's Costume
Item #: IN-1089
A vampiress is bound to look her best when she wears Victorian styles, and that goes equally well with Neo-Victorian outfits. That is why this Steampunk Vampiress Women's Costume looks so great, as it fuses two great concepts.
Price: $123.50
Steampunk Vicky Women's Costume
Item #: FM-68828
This Steampunk Vicky Womens Costume is a complete look that will take you from mundane to Steampunk in only four pieces. This costume is elegant and beautiful, making it perfect for a woman with adventure in mind.
Price: $60.00
Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume
Item #: FM-66263
Done entirely in black, this costume is the ideal blend of gothic beauty and neo-Victorian style. Not only is the Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume absolutely gorgeous, but it is the perfect look for a woman seeking style and adventure!
Price: $45.00
Steamworks Lightweight Wings Scarf
Item #: LU-440512
Spread your mechanical wings with the Steamworks Lightweight Wings Scarf. This printed scarf is generously sized, making it versatile to wear as a scarf or wrap. The design features steampunk styled wings superimposed over a map print.
Price: $14.95
White Steampunk Pantaloons
Item #: FM-68931
This pair of bloomers is ideally suited for any situation, from enjoying high society with nobility or sailing the seas and skies with pirates. Made in a Victorian style, these White Steampunk Pantaloons are nothing if not versatile.
Price: $12.00
Womens Saloon Girl Costume
Item #: RC-56134
If you are planning on going western with your costume, nothing fits in quite like this Womens Saloon Girl Costume. A touch of the wild mixed with bright color makes this costume an instant eye-catcher that no cowboy could ignore!
Price: $85.50
Womens Victorian Lady Costume
Item #: IN-1105
You will need not fear offending Victorian sensibilities when you wear this stylish dress! The Womens Victorian Lady Costume falls from the neck to the floor yet still catches the eye with its wealth of fine details.
Price: $123.50
Ye Olde World Map Lightweight Scarf
Item #: LU-440515
Whether you enjoy sailing the Seven Seas during the Golden Age of Piracy, or voyaging beneath their surface in a steam-powered submarine, you will love the stylist twist the Ye Olde World Map Lightweight Scarf adds to your costume.
Price: $14.95