Fairy Candle Holders

Fairies and flames actually go quite nicely together, as evidenced by the collection of fairy candle holders here at Medieval Collectibles. And if you really stop to think about it, that is really not a big surprise; a fairy understands and enjoys the soothing warmth and comfort that a small flame, like a candle, can provide. Our fairy candle holders all depict a number of a beautifully detailed fairies arranged around a candle or flame in some way: some simply sit and enjoy the warm of the flickering flame while others are beautiful, decorative items that display a fairy while carefully concealing the candleholder in the fairys surroundings. Many of these fairy candle holders are perfectly suited for tea light candles or small votive candles, although some will accept longer or taller candles. A fairy candle holder is a great item to add to your decor; not only does a fairy candle holder depict a beautiful fantasy-inspired statue but the flickering light of a candle provides an additional touch of lighting and can even act as a mild air freshener, if a scented candle is used. When you consider the uses with the beautiful appearance of these candle holders, there is really no downside to adding a fairy candle holder to your collection; sit in your office and enjoy the statue and the light, or place them in your sitting room and let the candle holder do what it does best.
Mushroom Shelter Tealight Holder
Mushroom Shelter Tealight Holder

Item #: 05-91792

The Mushroom Shelter Tealight is the example of how we should stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things in life. This fairy wants to enjoy the beauty of nature, and we should try to follow this example.

Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $11.00
Nature Fairy Candle Holder
Nature Fairy Candle Holder

Item #: 05-91816

Leave it to a fairy to use magic to coax flame from a flower. This Nature Fairy Candle Holder is a sight on its own, and when you combine it with a tea light candle, the image is enhanced by the flicker of soft firelight.

Price: $42.50
On Sale For: $38.00