Blue Fairy Tealight Holder
Item #: 05-91797
The Blue Fairy Tealight Holder looks as if she is playing hide and seek. Do not worry because she does not want to hide from you. This fairy wants to enter your home and introduce some fantasy into your current decor.
Price: $16.00
Bubble Blowing Fairy Candle Holder
Item #: 05-91596
Nothing quite shows off the playfulness of a fairy like sitting idly and blowing bubble after bubble. The Bubble Blowing Fairy Candle Holder shows a fairy that is doing just that, all over the comfort of a warm little flame.
Price: $27.00
Mushroom Shelter Tealight Holder
Item #: 05-91792
The Mushroom Shelter Tealight is the example of how we should stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things in life. This fairy wants to enjoy the beauty of nature, and we should try to follow this example.
Price: $15.00
Nature Fairy Candle Holder
Item #: 05-91816
Leave it to a fairy to use magic to coax flame from a flower. This Nature Fairy Candle Holder is a sight on its own, and when you combine it with a tea light candle, the image is enhanced by the flicker of soft firelight.
Price: $42.50
On Sale For: $38.00
Purple Fairy Tealight Holder
Item #: 05-91798
Subtly accent the look of any room with the dazzling Purple Fairy Tealight Holder. A true image of the playful, innocent spirit of fairies, this item will have your friends and family wanting one of their own.
Price: $16.00
Reading Fairy and Book Candle Holder
Item #: 05-91818
Only in fantasy could you combine books and flame and come away with a winning combination. Thanks to this Reading Fairy and Book Candle Holder, that combination comes to life, allowing you to show great fantasy style in your home.
Price: $44.50
Thoughtful Fairy and Book Candle Holder
Item #: 05-91817
Books and fire are not often combined, yet in this Thoughtful Fairy and Book Candle Holder, the two make for a potent combination. The fantasy of the fairy is apparent and enhanced by the soft flicker of candlelight.
Price: $44.50