Adventurer LARP Sword
Item #: MCI-2035
It was an opportunity of a lifetime, or so your partner said, to earn coffers full of gold and build a legendary reputation. You remind yourself of this, while saving your friend from a horde of orcs with the Adventurer LARP Sword.
Price: $61.00
On Sale For: $57.95
Agrippa II LARP Rapier
Item #: CL-234
The Agrippa II LARP Rapier is the perfect role-playing weapon for duelists, musketeers, pirates, and even elven nobles. The LARP blade is crafted with excellent Renaissance style for fencing practice or stage fighting, as well.
Price: $146.82
Ancient Alexander Falcata LARP Sword
Item #: FD-1001
An ornate take on a weapon of old, the Ancient Alexander Falcata LARP Sword features a hilt wrapped in brown and a golden colored pommel shaped like the head of a majestic horse, matched by the elegantly curving, golden colored guard.
Price: $53.60
Ancient Falcata LARP Sword
Item #: FD-1000
Based on a weapon of old once used by Carthage armies to fight the Romans, the Ancient Falcata LARP Sword is a fantastic addition to your LARP arsenal, featuring a latex coating, elastic gloss finish, and reinforced fiberglass core.
Price: $48.73
Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword
Item #: FD-1004
For an authentic Roman soldier look, choose the Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword for your LARP character. Made of shred resistant foam, this latex-coated weapon is inspired by the short swords used in the historic days of Rome.
Price: $53.60
Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword
Item #: FD-1002
Inspired by the weapons once used by Roman soldiers in close combat, the Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword appears similar to a gladius. Made of a thick, high quality foam, this LARP sword is perfect for your next themed roleplay event.
Price: $43.86
Ancient Roman LARP Sword
Item #: FD-1008
For a full length blade with historical styling, check out the Ancient Roman LARP Sword. Featuring an austere appearance based on the weapons of old, this shred resistant, polyethylene foam blade is reinforced with a fiberglass core.
Price: $53.60
Angelic LARP Sword
Item #: MCI-3287
For holy warriors and those pure of heart, the Angelic LARP Sword is a worthy weapon. This fantasy LARP sword is made of Epic Foam in a latex-free construction, perfect for paladins, crusaders, and other divinely inspired fighters.
Price: $62.39
On Sale For: $56.15
Arcane Warcaster LARP Sword
Item #: NP-G-L24
Ornamented with a large red gem in the center of the bat shaped guard, this Arcane Warcaster LARP Sword can act as an enchanters focus or a melee weapon. This gothic foam sword also makes a fantastic addition to any cosplay ensemble.
Price: $41.50
Archangel Piston-Powered LARP Cleaver
Item #: 887046
This steampunk role-playing sword makes a great addition to your arsenal. The Archangel Piston-Powered Cleaver features tough layered foam, high quality latex, and specially developed paint for long lasting play.
Price: $105.00
Asmoth II LARP Rapier
Item #: CL-230
Contrary to popular belief, a rapier is not only qualified for noble and morally upright men of the Renaissance. As this Asmoth II LARP Rapier shows, a rapier can also be a dark and unholy weapon for cruel duelists like pirates.
Price: $139.10
Assasin Sword - Special Edition
Item #: MCI-2031
When a poison fails to take effect, or a dagger misses its mark, the Assassin Sword – Special Edition assists in cutting down the target quickly and efficiently. Wherever a LARP mission may take you, keep this sword at your side.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $71.25
Baen Si II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-190
Orcs are ruthless warriors, and they frequently loot their defeated foes for their weapons. Deep within their mountains, the Baen Si II LARP Sword has been stripped down and made to fit the big, strong hands of these savage fighters.
Price: $123.64
Battle Worn Marauder LARP Longsword
Item #: LP0064
Spectacularly designed to complement a plethora of character classes, the Battle Worn Marauder LARP Longsword is safe for use in LARP events and is expertly crafted in a blend of medieval and fantasy styling.
Price: $130.00
Battle Worn Marauder LARP Shortsword
Item #: LP0015
The Battle Worn Marauder LARP Shortsword was found buried alongside an ancient warrior king. The sword had served the monarch faithfully for years, and when you grasp the hilt, you feel that it is ready to sing in battle once more.
Price: $120.00
Battle Worn Orc Slasher LARP Shortsword
Item #: LP0036
Orcs have become one of the most barbarous creatures of the fantasy realm, and their weapons tend to reflect that. Play your favorite grotesque goblinesque beast in a reenactment with the Battle Worn Orc Slasher LARP Shortsword.
Price: $120.00
Battle Worn Orcish LARP Longsword
Item #: LP0085
Appearing to be scarred from many previous battles in which it has been used, the Battle Worn Orcish LARP Longsword is a magnificent weapon for LARPers who wish to assume the persona of a battle hardened, veteran of war.
Price: $130.00
Bellator II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-182
When the Englishmen became aggressive, pushing into the heart of the land, many did not have the weapons to repulse them. Blacksmiths crafted the Bellator II LARP Sword for those who were to take up arms against the invaders.
Price: $93.59
Beowulf II LARP Scramasax
Item #: CL-200
Received at the coming of age, this Beowulf II LARP Scramasax will go to war with its wielder to seek plunder and glory. This Viking LARP sword serves well for close combat battle with its short, maneuverable design.
Price: $42.50
Bjorn Ironside Viking LARP Sword
Item #: NP-G-BL019
With a lobed pommel and a guard decorated with knotwork designs, this Bjorn Ironside Viking LARP Sword is fit for a brave chieftain of the Great Heathen Army. The black handle has ridges to simulate leather wrapping for a secure fit.
Price: $29.90
Black Foam Master Sword
Item #: MC-SW-3041F-BK
For any cosplayer or gaming enthusiast wanting to recreate a darker version of the iconic Link character from The Legend of Zelda, the Black Foam Master Sword echoes the sinister sword once wielded by the shadow of the valiant hero.
Price: $32.00
Bladesinger Long Sword
Item #: MCI-2089
Our Bladesinger LARP Long Sword can be used for medieval and fantasy themes. This latex sword features a curved blade with an extra long handle for two handed use. It is an affordable LARP sword without sacrificing quality and style.
Price: $91.00
On Sale For: $86.45
Bloody Marauder LARP Longsword
Item #: LP0065
A terrific weapon for the LARPer who desires a look of unrelenting brutality, the Bloody Marauder LARP Longsword is an exceptionally well-made LARP friendly longsword which will have your foes quivering in its presence.
Price: $130.00
Bloody Marauder LARP Shortsword
Item #: LP0016
Perfect for berserkers, mercenaries, and anyone who embodies a persona with unquenchable brutality, the Bloody Marauder LARP Shortsword is an exceptionally well-made shortsword designed for LARP battle, training, or sparring.
Price: $120.00
Bloody Orc Slasher LARP Shortsword
Item #: LP0037
As some of the most terrifying creatures of the mythical world, orcs weapons are often savage and indicative of their deadly nature. The Bloody Orc Slasher LARP Shortsword shows what this weapon, and the orc wielding it, are capable of.
Price: $120.00
Bloody Orcish LARP Longsword
Item #: LP0086
Although the Bloody Orcish LARP Longsword is safe for use in LARP events, it will have your enemies cowering in fear of its realistic blood splattered finish, sleek metallic looking blade, and devastatingly swift strikes.
Price: $130.00
Blue Foam Master Sword
Item #: MC-SW-3041F
Link from the classic game The Legend of Zelda is a well loved character in pop culture. For those looking to recreate his persona through cosplay, the Blue Foam Master Sword is just the sword with which to arm yourself.
Price: $32.00
Bone Blade LARP Sword
Item #: MCI-2806
Be you a dark elf from the underworld or an undead warrior of the night, the Bone Blade LARP Sword will bring down a multitude of foes. Instill terror into the hearts of your mortal enemies with this one-handed chopping sword.
Price: $86.00
On Sale For: $81.70
Buccaneer LARP Cutlass
Item #: RFW-T0002
If it is the pirates life for you, make sure you have a LARP weapon that is not only durable and safe, but also looks the part. The Buccaneer LARP Cutlass is a battle ready sword that will last you through every raid by land and sea.
Price: $61.00
Caesar LARP Sword
Item #: NP-G-BL024
One of the greatest military and political leaders of Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar transformed the Roman government from a Republic to an Empire with himself in charge. This Caesar LARP Sword is perfect for Imperial costumed kits.
Price: $31.90
Captain Deep III LARP Pirate Saber
Item #: CL-229
When sailing the seven seas, shipwrecks and sea monsters are not the only things to worry about. A plundering pirate is by far the greatest threat! Finish off your buccaneer role play with this Captain Deep III LARP Pirate Saber.
Price: $139.10
Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword
Item #: MCI-3207
Take charge of the battle with the might of the Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword in your hands. This distinguished foam latex weapon is expertly crafted for a captivating and realistic appearance made safe for use in LARP events.
Price: $76.00
On Sale For: $72.20