Epic Armoury LARP Weapons and LARP Swords
If you are looking for our broadest selection of LARP weapons, then you will definitely want to check out our Epic Armoury LARP weapons section. Epic Armoury provides Medieval Collectibles with a staggering and utterly awesome array of LARP weapons from different periods and inspirations, so much so that here, you are bound to find a weapon that fits your need. Constructed from a fiberglass core wrapped in tough foam and strong latex, and capped with a Kevlar tip, all of our Epic Armoury LARP weapons are extremely durable; they will withstand the test when used during LARP games, or when used as practice weapons or even if used as a theater or movie prop.
Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons and LARP Swords
If you are searching for LARP weaponry crafted with attention to safety as well as appearance, check out our Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons section here at Medieval Collectibles. Based on the weaponry of long ago eras as well as inspired by elements of fantasy, Forgotten Dreams crafts their LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP pole weapons, LARP daggers, and out of high quality materials that have been crafted to look as authentic as possible.
Palnatoke LARP Weapons
Palnatoke began with a man's humble drive to do LARP weapons better than anyone else. And in the years that followed, these weapons evolved into what you see here - incredibly detailed and durable pieces that today are among the finest LARP weapons available. And best of all, they are offered to you at a fine price so that you can have the best without a premium price tag.
Windlass LARP Weapons and LARP Swords
At Medieval Collectibles, we offer a number of Windlass LARP weapons, many of which are not only visually impressive but quality items. Here, you will find all manner of wicked and awesome LARP weapons that have been masterfully crafted by Windlass Steelcrafts. Each one of these magnificent weapons features solid construction; composed of tough, layered foam and high-quality latex wrapped around a light fiber core and a Kevlar tip, these weapons have the strength and durability that any owner will be enthused to find in his or her weapons.
Calimacil LARP Weapons and LARP Swords
For the discerning LARPer, we offer our Calimacil LARP weapons. These LARP weapons are among the creme de la creme of our LARP weapons; they are not your typical LARP gear. What sets our Calimacil LARP weapons above the rest is their almost peerless craftsmanship. Each Calimacil LARP weapon is made from incredibly durable foam during a unique molding process that bonds the hybrid carbon-fiberglass core to the foam that surrounds it, resulting in a superior quality LARP weapon. But rest assured that even with the difference in construction technique, these LARP weapons will withstand the test of rigorous LARP combat with ease.