Fantasy Helms
Medieval Collectibles has a fine selection of Fantasy styled helmets. Our Fantasy style Helmets are great for Role Play Games or Theater and are the perfect addition to any armor collection. Movie and Fantasy Helms of History! Add beauty and distinction to your home with these skillfully handcrafted fully wearable life size fantasy helms made of 18 gauge steel. We have many different styles of Viking helms, skull helms and Barbarian helms available. Fantasy helms are designed based on one's imagination and creativity. Some fantasy helms are based on movies like Lord of the Rings.
Greek Helms
Ancient Greece is famous not only for there philosophers, architects and scholars, but also for her ability to conduct effective war on land and sea. The Corinthian Helm was favored by the Ancient Greeks, now you can own your very own. We have a wide selection of Greek helms that come in a variety of finishes that include, steel, blackened steel, bronze, and brass. We have Spartan helms, Trojan helms, plumed Greek Corinthian helms, and Royal Corinthian helms. The Greek helm is a simple yet elegant design helmet that could be pushed back to rest on the head when not in use, allowing view of the face and is portrayed in many Greek works of art.
Helmet Stands
Create an impact when you display your helms on these distinctive helmet stands. These helm stands will accommodate any full sized helm. The helm stand are a perfect way to accent and display your prized helm collection pieces. Most helm stands are made of solid wood construction, while others are made of metal. Medieval Collectibles also has helmet stands that help display your body armour and helm on the same stand.
Japanese Helms
Our Japanese helms are superbly constructed, beautifully detailed and are a great value. The museum quality reproductions of these archaeological treasures have been hand crafted by the metalsmiths of Hanwei with exacting attention to detail. The Japanese helms are equipped with leather liners, allowing them to be worn. Custom designed wooden stands are included.
LARP Helms
Any warrior with a modicum of common sense will tell you that your head is rather important; losing it can cost you the battle both literally and metaphorically. And while Medieval Collectibles cannot do a single thing to help you stay calm in the heat of intense LARP combat, we can give you the LARP helms that will keep your head physically safe. Our LARP helms come in two materials: leather and polyurethane. And not only are our LARP helms great for live action role play, but they are also really great as theater props and costume pieces.
Leather Helms
Our leather helms are great for LARP, Re-enactments, hanging out at the fair or with your SCA buddies. Our leather helms are designed with the best quality leather and to protect the head from that sword re-enactment. We have leather helm styles like Barbuta, German Salet, Pig Faced Bascinet, Viking, Crusader, Comb Morion and Lord of the Rings inspired Helmets. Our leather helms will complete your entire leather armour protection and keep your head intact.
Medieval Helms
Medieval Collectibles has a large variety of Medieval and Renaissance helms for your re-enacting needs. We have functional and decorative helms that will be a great addition to any collection. Medieval Helms offer solid protection for the head. Knights in armor of the Middle Ages wore a variety of different medieval helms, also called helms. While the style may have varied from region to region, the function was always the same. Helms are the essential part in completing a suit of armor and are great to add to your collection.
Miniature Medieval Helmets, Mini Helms and Decorative Helmets
Our miniature helmets are exact replicas of the larger, wearable helmets. Our Miniature Helmets are great collectibles and display pieces for the Medieval or Renaissance enthusiast. Our selection ranges from many different periods, from Roman and Medieval, to Viking and Renaissance. You'll find miniature Crusader Helmets, Miniature Viking Horn Helmets, Miniature Sutton Hoo Helmets, Miniature Knights Helmets, Miniature Gladiator Helmets and many more styles. Display these around your home or in a group setting for an interesting conversation piece. We also have miniature helmet stands to help create the perfect display.
Roman Helms
Our Roman re-enactment helms are based upon helms that were worn from approximately the first century A.D. through the third century A.D. These roman helms are designed to fit the needs of Roman Period re-enactment groups as well as collectors. Medieval Collectibles has roman gladiator helms, roman crested helms and Greco-Roman helms. Our Roman helms are full sized and functional for sword fighting. Have a look around our roman helms and dress up your Roman solider re enactment group.
Viking Helms and Norman Helms
When Viking helms are mentioned, the thought of a fantasy style helmet with wings or horns comes to mind. While we do offer those types of Viking helms, we also offer the historically accurate versions of Viking helms which feature hinged cheek plates, nasal guards and simple lines. Not all Viking helms or Norse Helms have cheek plates, some are without. Our Norman Helms usually have a conical shape to them while the Viking styles are more rounded on the top. Our Viking helms and Norman Helms are fully functional and full size, making them great for re-enacting or SCA combat.