Fantasy Jewelry

Our fantasy jewelry section at Medieval Collectibles is filled with an assortment of themed jewelry that does not quite fall under any of our other themes. Some of it touches gently on other categories, like necklaces that could be somewhat gothic or pendants that are slightly pirate-y, or any number of some of our fantasy-themed pieces of jewelry that are great for barbarians of all kinds. But really, none of our fantasy jewelry falls as precisely into any of our other categories; instead, they sit neatly in the realm of fantasy, which can draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, including any number of our already-existing categories. The end-result is that our fantasy jewelry section is filled with items that are fantastic and exquisite in nature, with just a touch of that unrealistic sense that fixates them perfectly into the realm of fantasy jewelry. So if you are looking for some fantasy-themed jewelry, sit back, kick your feet up, and take some time to browse through our fantasy jewelry section. Not only will you find a number of pieces of themed fantasy jewelry, but you will also find such intriguing items as neck-knives, and even a few pieces based on memorable fantasy characters, like Conan the Barbarian.
Dragon Jewelry, Dragon Rings and Dragon Necklaces
Dragon Jewelry

Dragons aren't just one of the most powerful fictional species to fly the fantasy skies, but they're also one of the most regal and sometimes, the most graceful. With serpentine forms worthy of homage, it makes sense that at Medieval Collectibles, we would honor dragons with their very own section of dragon themed jewelry!

Griffin Jewelry, Griffin Necklaces, Griffin Rings, and Griffin Earrings
Griffin Jewelry

A creature of legend with the body of a lion and the head, wings, and talons of an eagle, the griffin conveys a sense of majesty and power in its form. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a selection of fantasy jewelry featuring this mythological beast. We carry griffin necklaces, griffin earrings, griffin rings, griffin pendants, and more, including several designs by the celebrated artist, Anne Stokes.

Jewelry from The Wheel of Time, Aes Sedai Jewelry, and Licensed Wheel of Time Jewelry
Jewelry from The Wheel of Time

Revisit the epic world of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan with the licensed Wheel of Time Jewelry available here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry a number of notable pieces from the series, including the Mat Cauthon signet ring, Lan Mandragoran ring, the Aes Sedai Great Serpent ring, the Ashaman Dedicated pin, and several Wheel of Time necklaces. Fans of the books will not want to miss any of these fantastic Wheel of Time collectibles!

Phoenix Jewelry, Phoenix Pendants, Phoenix Rings, and Phoenix Necklaces
Phoenix Jewelry

Symbols of rebirth and the sun, phoenixes live in a constant cycle, resurrecting from their ashes after bursting into flame. At Medieval Collectibles, we carry a fine selection of Phoenix Jewelry that fans of this mythological bird will be sure to enjoy. Our inventory includes stunning phoenix necklaces, phoenix pendants, phoenix rings, and more, several with gemstones that make a shimmering addition to the design.

Spiritual Jewelry, Magical Talismans, Angel Jewelry, and Yin Yang Jewelry
Spiritual Jewelry

Those with a sense of the otherworldly forces in the universe will appreciate the stunning array of Spiritual jewelry that we offer here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry a wide variety of angel jewelry and angel talismans as well as mystical gemstone amulets and yin yang jewelry. Our spiritual jewelry traverses between different faiths of the world, including designs inspired by fantasy, Egyptian, and new age beliefs.

Wizard Jewelry, Wizard Necklaces, Wizard Rings, and Wizard Pendants
Wizard Jewelry

Often depicted as a wizened old man with a pointed hat and a staff, wizards and mages fill the pages of fantasy stories with their clever conjuring and magic tricks. Medieval Collectibles carries a variety of Wizard Jewelry that fans of these mystical figures can enjoy, such as wizard necklaces, wizard rings, wizard amulets, and more! These pieces feature wizard staffs, owl familiars, pentacles, cauldrons, and other details for a classic fantasy look.

Elven Jewelry, Nature Jewelry and Elven Earrings
Elven & Nature Inspired Jewelry

Nature is all around us, and sometimes, some of the most beautiful and appealing designs imaginable are right there in-front of us, represented as a tree, a flower, or even perhaps a leaf. The elves, in all their ageless wisdom, recognize this, and have passed on that knowledge to Medieval Collectibles, in the form of our Elven & Nature Inspired Jewelry section.

Fairy Jewelry
Fairy Jewelry

Our fairy themed jewelry is sure to be a hit! Each pendant in our fairy themed jewelry section is made of hand painted lead free alloy. They all also include an adjustable silver chain, making these a perfect fit for nearly everyone! The great Jessica Galbreth's fairies are seen in our fairy jewelry collection too. The intricate details on each fairy pendant will make others stop and look. The fairy themed jewelry is suitable for everyday wear. Each necklace has amazing color and many include rhinestones for added beauty.

Mermaid Jewelry, Mermaid Earrings, Mermaid Necklaces, and Mermaid Bracelets
Mermaid Jewelry

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry a wide selection of fantasy jewelry featuring a number of magical and mystical beings, such as the Mermaid jewelry you will find here. We offer mermaid earrings, mermaid pendants, mermaid bracelets, mermaid necklaces, and more - the perfect pieces to accent your look! Our inventory includes many pieces of gemstone mermaid jewelry, too, for a hint of shimmering color.

Zodiac Jewelry, Sundial Jewelry, Astrology Jewelry, and Zodiac Signs Jewelry
Zodiac Jewelry

Drawing upon astronomy and astrology, the zodiac uses a celestial coordinate system to assign meaning to the twelve zodiac signs. Medieval Collectibles provides a wide selection of Zodiac Jewelry inspired by the zodiac signs as well as other astrological designs. Our sundial pendants, moon phase pendants, astrology rings, and horoscope necklaces make great accessories for those who seek to find significance in the movement of the planets and stars.

Unicorn, Pegasus, and Fantasy Horse Jewelry
Unicorn & Pegasus Jewelry

Creatures of legend and fantasy, unicorns and Pegasus often fall together due to their similar equine features. At Medieval Collectibles, we provide a number of gorgeous fantasy horse accessories including Unicorn and Pegasus Jewelry. Our unicorn necklaces, unicorn rings, and Pegasus pendants are matched with other creatures like water horses and Hippocampus. Additionally, we offer several pieces of unicorn jewelry by celebrated artist, Anne Stokes.