Boys Classic Medieval Shirt
Item #: FX1016
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this Boys Classic Medieval Shirt. The traditional style gives it unlimited potential, allowing it to be worn with many different ensembles where it will always look good.
Price: $24.81
Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt
Item #: FX1014
A little lord deserves the finest of garments to wear. This Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt suits that need perfectly, allowing them to look like the most hard-working of serfs, the most noble of knights, and the most high of kings.
Price: $32.97
Boys Medieval Serf Shirt
Item #: FX1017
Nobles were not the only ones who could have nice things in the medieval days. Peasants had nice shirts as well, and the Boys Medieval Serf Shirt is of such quality that it would make even a noble lad or royal boy turn green with envy!
Price: $32.97
Boys Ruffled Renaissance Shirt
Item #: FX1015
If you want to spot a noble, then you need only look for the ruffles on a shirt! The Boys Ruffled Renaissance Shirt allows young boys to transform into stylish dandies who will be all the envy of those who surround them.
Price: $24.81
Captain Enrique Brower Childrens Shirt
Item #: DC1238
What youth has not dreamed of sailing the seas as a pirate captain, seeking fame, glory, and treasure? This Captain Enrique Brower Childrens Shirt is a medieval styled garment that is perfect for creating such a look for a young one.
Price: $34.00
Captain Enrique Brower Half-Sleeve Shirt
Item #: DC1239
What youth has not dreamed of sailing the seas as a pirate captain, seeking fame, glory, and treasure? This Captain Enrique Brower Half-Sleeve Shirt is a medieval styled garment that is perfect for creating such a look for a young one.
Price: $31.00
Captain George Booth Kids Pants
Item #: DC1240
Good trousers are a must-have for practically any look you might build, whether it is for a noble knight, a squire, or a pirate. These Captain George Booth Kids Pants serve as great slacks for use in equally great looks.
Price: $26.00
Childrens Goblin Ear Hood
Item #: MCI-3162
You will wonder how a creature that is supposedly grotesque and evil can be so cute when your little LARPer wears the Childrens Goblin Hood. Many legends surround the mischievous being, now young role players can create their own.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $18.05
Childrens Shift
Item #: MCI-3168
A period garment traditionally worn underneath a dress or gown, the shift, also known as a chemise or smock, would protect the outerwear from sweat and oil. The Childrens Shift can be worn on its own or with other medieval clothes.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $23.75
Childrens Sir Lancelot Tunic
Item #: 101576
Designed for youth, the Childrens Sir Lancelot Tunic is a dashing and comfortable outfit for your little knights. The chain mail is rugged cloth material that really looks the part of a powerful medieval knight.
Price: $89.00
Childs Elven Tunic
Item #: MCI-2347
Our Childs Elven Tunic is suitable attire for archers and swordfighters who make their home in an enchanted woodland. This long-sleeve tunic goes with a variety of looks, perfect for the roleplay wardrobe of a young adventurer.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $47.50
Child's Harem Pants
Whether you are a man or a child, a good pair of pants is a definite must when it comes to medieval and Renaissance era clothing. The Childs Harem Pants are a classic example of legwear that can be used in a variety of looks with ease.
Price: $23.00
Childs Proudfoot Pants
Item #: MCI-3128
The Renaissance fair is a fun opportunity for all age groups to dress up in period clothing. The Childs Proudfoot Pants make a fantastic part of any young nobles outfit with a trio of buttons that appear on each side of the waist.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $33.25
Child's Renaissance Shirt
Item #: SS-KCREN
Your kids will look like they belong in the medieval and Renaissance eras when you dress them in the Childs Renaissance Shirt. Made from cotton, this shirt is comfortable and stylish, making it great to wear alone or with a nice top.
Price: $32.00
Child's Sailor Pants
If your child wants to look like a real sailor or pirate, they will need a few things. Among those things is a good pair of pants, like the Childs Sailor Pants. Not only are they comfortable, but they also feature a great, pirate style!
Price: $19.00
Child's Sailor Vest
Yo, ho, ho! In the Childs Sailor Vest, your little one will be well on their way to looking the part of a fearsome pirate, who sails the seven seas in search of fame, fortune, adventure - and, of course, lots of treasure!
Price: $42.00
Childs Thin Ring Belt
Item #: DK2029
Our Childs Thin Medieval Ring Belt is made of quality leather. It is 0.75 inches wide and comes in 4 different lengths. It is available in several different colors, and you also have a choice of silver (steel) or gold (brass) hardware.
Price: $12.00
David Marteen Kids Pirate Pants
Item #: DC1241
Comfortable and effortless in their look, these David Marteen Kids Pirate Pants have an easy-going style that is quite useful. Long and black, they are a full length trouser that pulls together any number of different styles.
Price: $24.00
Felix Childrens Gugel
Item #: MY100275
Put a little fun in the wardrobe of young medieval enthusiasts with the Felix Childrens Gugel. Made of cotton canvas, this headdress features a long tapering tail on the back of the hood, giving it a charming and youthful appeal.
Price: $17.00
Felix Childrens Tabbard
Item #: MY100276
The Felix Childrens Tabbard is a colorful way for children to get in on the fun of historic reenactment. This medieval style garment is easy to wear and comes in an assortment of bright and contrasting color combinations.
Price: $17.00
Girl's A-Line Petticoat
Item #: MCI-242
The Girl's A-Line Petticoat is designed to complement any one of our A-line dresses. This petticoat will create the perfect shape for your little girls dresses and can be worn under gowns and skirts to create a period-authentic look.
Price: $49.00
Girl's Chemise and Dress
Item #: SS-KCND
There is no good reason to exclude your child from the joy of dressing up for the local Renaissance Fair. In the Girls Chemise and Dress, she will look like she belongs. She will likely be the cutest little girl at the fair, too!
Price: $47.00
Girl's Classic Chemise
Item #: SS-KCHE
If a grown lady can benefit from a chemise, a little girl can, too. The Girls Classic Chemise performs the function of an adult chemise, providing an extra layer that adds comfort and warmth to a medieval or Renaissance dress.
Price: $23.00
Girl's Crop Top
Item #: SS-KCROP
Just like our Simple Crop Top for adults, the Girls Crop Top is a versatile garment that can be worn in a variety of ways. It pairs well with medieval and Renaissance looks, and truly creative mind can use it in modern styles, as well.
Price: $23.00
Girls Decorated Medieval Chemise
Item #: DC1269
It would not do for a young princess to not have smallclothes to go with her outfit! This Girls Decorated Medieval Chemise is a garment for layering, making it perfect to wear with skirts, bodices, dresses and more.
Price: $45.00
Girls Double-Layered Skirt
Item #: DC1265
If two is better than one, does that mean that two skirts are better as well? Yes it does! This Girls Double-Layered Skirt consists of two skirts in different colors that have been sewn together at the waist for a double-dose of style!
Price: $79.00
Girls Fancy Gothic Dress
Item #: FX1012
You do not have to be a grown-up to enjoy gothic style. Girls of any age can enjoy it. For the young girl who wants her own great gothic gown to help her look like a beauty of the night, she need try this Girls Fancy Gothic Dress.
Price: $97.03
Girls Fleur De Lis Dress
Item #: DC1268
This ornate dress is truly a sight to behold. Rich fabric, gold patterning, and more makes this a dress that others will envy. But it is not made for a grown queen. Rather, this Girls Fleur De Lis Dress is made for a youthful princess!
Price: $47.00
Girl's Gathered Skirt
The Girls Gathered Skirt is like our Medieval Gathered Skirt, only sized for a younger girl! This skirt is made of soft cotton that mimics the weave of linen, and it is available in a variety of colors to suit your personal tastes.
Price: $28.00
Girl's Irish Dress
With more than a passing resemblance to our adult Irish Dress, our Childs Irish Dress is a perfect match in every way except size. This dress is a great piece of medieval or Renaissance garb for a young lass on a hot day.
Price: $76.00
Girls Jagged Striped Pirate Skirt
Item #: DC1266
The life of a pirate can be rough, so if your skirt gets tattered a bit, that is all part of the swashbuckling, sailing, and adventuring. This Girls Jagged Striped Pirate Skirt offers a slashed hem design that recreates a pirate-y vibe.
Price: $55.00
Girl's Jeweled Bodice
Item #: SS-KJBOD
What was true for our adult Jeweled Bodice is also true for our Girls Jeweled Bodice. This smaller sized garment looks great with a variety of looks, whether you are looking to be a young noble, an adventurous warrior, or something else.
Price: $99.00