Hand Puppets, Finger Puppets, and Animal Puppets
Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent assortment of quality hand puppets and finger puppets that kids and adults can both enjoy. These plush puppets come in a variety of styles including a number of realistic animal puppets, stage puppets, character puppets, and fantasy puppets. These colorful and cuddly fellows work great for wildlife education, puppet shows, and hours of imaginative playtime!
Kids Medieval Armour, Childs Armour and Kids LARP Armour
Re-enacting or LARPing is a great hobby for a kid to get involved in. It not only builds character, but is a great physical activity and can even teach a bit of history! Not to mention, kids also get to exercise their imagination. The armour featured here ranges from smaller versions of our adult pieces to unique cuirasses, bracers, and more designed for kids. If your little one wants to battle and reenact, Medieval Collectibles has the harnesses, cuirasses, breastplates, bracers, greaves, and armour sets to keep them looking fearsome and feeling protected.
Kids Clothing, Childs Clothing and Childrens Clothing
Taking your children with you to Renaissance fairs and Medieval Festivals is a fantastic activity; not only are they getting out and experiencing something new and fun, but its also an opportunity for them to develop a new interest and learn something about history. And if your child happens to be as excited about going as you yourself are, then there is no reason to not let them dress up. At Medieval Collectibles, we have a selection of kids clothing that is perfect for the child who wants to dress up for any medieval or renaissance event.
Kids Tee Shirts, Childs Tee Shirts and Childrens Tee Shirts
Cool tee shirts appeal to more than just adults with discerning taste; sometimes the coolest tee shirt in the world appeals infinitely more to a kid, because while an adult might just be wearing a cool shirt, the child might form an attachment to the shirt that goes beyond something as simple as clothing. This is why Medieval Collectibles carries a wide assortment of kids tee shirts. Many of our kids tee shirts feature designs that are taken directly from one of our adults tee shirts.
Medieval Toys, Medieval Kids Toys and Childrens Toys
Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer a wide range of products for kids of all ages. We now have Medieval toy action figures. Our Medieval action figures are very accurate and detailed and come in 1/6 scale or 1/8 scale. We have medieval action figures include Medieval Knights, Roman Centurion Soldiers, Viking Bowman, Knight Hospitallers, Norman Warriors, Teutonic Knights, Knights on Horseback and many other styles. Any number of these miniatures and figures are the perfect addition to Medieval, Fantasy, or Renaissance themed room. Medieval knight lights will help guide your child to safety and defend off evil villains. Medieval Collectible's Medieval action figures and Medieval knight lights are the perfect gift for your kids, from birthdays to Christmas!
Puzzles and Games
Its often forgotten in todays day and age that there is nothing wrong with getting away from the electronics and the distractions, and just doing something that is not only engaging and challenging, but also rather constructive. And for something that is both engaging and constructive, there is little better than the items located in the puzzles and games section of our kids corner. Here you will find a number of activities that are perfect for engaging your childs attention while simultaneously stimulating their mind.