Womens Medieval Boots, Womens Renaissance Shoes, and Womens Period Footwear by Medieval Collectibles Womens Medieval Boots, Womens Renaissance Shoes, and Womens Period Footwear by Medieval Collectibles
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Women's Medieval and Renaissance Footwear

Craft your authentic period look down to the smallest details by coming to the womens medieval and Renaissance footwear category here at Medieval Collectibles. Our large variety of womens period boots and shoes includes styles that are perfect for medieval peasants, Renaissance noblewomen, Viking shieldmaidens, Greek goddesses, and other fun historical characters. These womens leather boots, satin slippers, Roman sandals, suede moccasins, and other assorted designs will work great for Renaissance fairs, weddings, costume events, the theater, or daily wear. With their quality craftsmanship, these ladies shoes fit comfortably as you go about your business while providing excellent detail to your outfit. This womens footwear goes great with our selection of womens medieval and Renaissance apparel, allowing you to create a complete ensemble from head to toe.
Simple Medieval Boots
These black boots are quite versatile. You can pair these with Medieval, Renaissance, or Pirate outfits. They have a low 1 inch heel which makes them ideal for events that require lots of walking, like Ren Fairs and gaming conventions.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.00
Lady Jane Shoes
This will be one of the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes in your ensemble. Solid silk construction, with rubber soles and adjustable straps with a nickel plated buckle, these can be worn with peasant or noble outfits.
Price: $18.00
Tall Gladiator Sandals
These knee high strap sandals have a 5 inch high heel and are inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome. Pair these gladiator sandals with your Roman, Spartan, or Greek costume or outfit for a complete look.
Price: $41.00
Black Raven Leather Boots
Our Womens Black Raven Leather Boots are a very versatile boot. They will go with just about any style from Medieval to Musketeer. You can wear them as thigh high boots or fold the cuff over and make them knee boots.
Price: $134.00
Marie Antoinette Heels
The Marie Antoinette Heels are crafted after the Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France herself. These elegant heels are covered in a floral print fabric. They have a rhinestone buckle along the top of the foot and lace trim.
Price: $52.00
Women's Tall Gladiator Sandals
The Womens Tall Gladiator Sandals make the perfect accessory to a Greek or Roman costume! The sandals feature brass studs and adjustable buckle straps. The skinny heel measures 4.5 inches tall, and they are available in brown or tan.
Price: $54.95
Playful Peasant Boots
Our Playful Peasant Boots will give your outfit the pickup that it needs. These tan boots will go nicely with just about any color outfit and can be used with Medieval or Indian themes. The tall boots goes up to just above the calf.
Price: $41.00
Medieval Maiden Boots
Our Medieval Maiden Boots are the perfect addition to your Medieval or Pirate outfit. These boots are crafted from quality leather and have a rounded toe and 2.5-inch heel. They can be folded down for a musketeer or swashbuckler look.
Price: $113.95
On Sale For: $99.00
Noble Lady's Boots
Our Noble Lady's Boots lace up in the front and also have a side zipper. These boots will go nicely with any Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, or Pirate outfit. The boots are about 13.5 inches tall and have a 2.5 inch heel.
Price: $39.00
Roman Goddess Sandals
These Sandals are a must have for any Spartan queen or Roman goddess. These strappy sandals are reminiscent of ancient Rome. Pair these Roman sandals with your tunic or Greek dress for a complete look.
Price: $31.00
Thigh High Maiden Boots
Our Medieval Maiden Boots are the perfect addition to your Medieval or Pirate themed outfit. These boots are crafted from top quality pig leather and have a rounded toe and 2.5-inch heel. These are thigh high boots.
Price: $118.95
Spartan Queen Sandals
Our Spartan Queen Sandals are fit for royalty. The sandals have a 4.5 inch heel and are embellished with rhinestones which give them a royal look. Pair these sandals with your Roman, Spartan, or Greek outfit for a complete look.
Price: $52.00
Roman Empress Boots
The Roman Empress Boots are a great accessory for your Roman ensemble. They can be worn with Gothic or Modern wear, as well! The comfortable and stylish boots are made of soft microfiber and feature a 4.5-inch heel.
Price: $64.95
Ladies High Boots
These tall, form-fitting boots are great for almost any outfit. The black synthetic leather is soft and supple, while the black lace inserts gives an heir of elegance. The Ladies High Boots has lace-up fronts with a zippered side.
Price: $45.00
Mysterious Maiden Boots
The Mysterious Maiden Boots feature black ribbons tied corset style near the ankle and calf. The chunky platform heel and side zipper closure offer style and comfort. These boots are made of synthetic leather and have a 4-inch heel.
Price: $69.95
On Sale For: $61.00
Lady's Cavalier Boots
The Lady's Cavalier Boots are a great addition to any musketeer or pirate ensemble. These synthetic leather boots feature a 4 inch skinny high heel and a pointed toe. There are two silver buckles on the back of the calf.
Price: $44.00
Knee High Suede Moccasin Boots
If you want the perfect womens footwear to accompany your Native American or frontierswoman ensemble, pick up these striking flat sole boots! The Knee High Suede Moccasin Boots show off a tan color and a fringed top.
Price: $54.00
On Sale For: $48.00
Side Lacing Noblewoman Boots
Show off your unique sense of style with the period look of these charming kitten heel boots! The Side Lacing Noblewoman Boots display distressed faux leather material and a decorative side lacing with fleur de lis accents.
Price: $90.00
Norse Maiden Boots
Join the Valkyries with sultry style when you wear these striking Norse Maiden Boots. These knee high boots, available in dark brown or tan, show off a faux fur trim along the top and side and buckled strap embellishments.
Price: $54.00
Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals
A sultry shoe for a goddess of fashion, these strappy high heels look great when paired with a toga costume or playful dress. The Greek Goddess High Heel Sandals display four buckled straps that wrap around your calf.
Price: $46.00
Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals
Whether you are heading to a toga party or a night on the town, the Golden High Heel Gladiator Sandals offer a fun and strappy option to complement your fashion-forward ensemble with their bold knee-high style.
Price: $60.00
Egyptian Queen Heeled Sandals
Rule over your personal domain with the addition of these stunning high heeled sandals to your wardrobe. The Egyptian Queen Heeled Sandals feature a metallic snake skin pattern over their knee high design.
Price: $60.00
Vows Wingtip Kidskin Victorian Boots
Available in three colors, these vintage heeled boots make a gorgeous accompaniment to your favorite outfits. The Vows Wingtip Kidskin Victorian Boots feature a high quality leather construction that ensures their comfort and durability.
Price: $130.00

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