Alaric Chainmail Hood
Item #: MCI-3218
No knightly ensemble is complete without good head protection, and the Alaric Chainmail Hood is a fantastic option. This chainmail piece covers the head, neck, and much of the shoulders in linked steel rings for comprehensive coverage.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $39.45
Item #: AB2735
This aventail is fitted with a leather collar, to facilitate attachment to helmets. The aventail is butted round rings made of 16 gauge mild steel. The rings have a zinc plated finish and have an 8mm internal diameter.
Price: $55.00
Baron Grade Mail Aventail
Item #: AB2665
Covering the throat, neck, and shoulders with chainmail, an aventail, or camail, connects to a helmet to protect vital areas of a warrior. The Baron Grade Chainmail Aventail features a leather band that attaches it to the helmet.
Price: $139.00
Baron Grade Mail Standard
Item #: AB2445
Clergy in the medieval period wore a shoulder covering called a Bishops Mantle, a term which also came to be used for the piece of armor, the standard. The Baron Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat.
Price: $39.00
Black Alaric Chainmail Hood
Item #: MCI-3219
Give your armoured look a touch of darkness with the Black Alaric Chainmail Hood. Made from a multitude of interlocking butted rings, the mild steel of this hood has been chemically colored for its unique, darkened appearance.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $34.20
Black Butted Chainmail Coif
Item #: ZS-910966-HD
Protect the most important weapon you have with this Black Butted Chainmail Coif. This piece of armor offers protection for your head and neck during battle. It is constructed with 16 gauge round mild steel rings with a black finish.
Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $25.11
Blackened Chainmail Coif
Item #: 300076
This intimidating butted armor is blackened for moisture resistance, reminiscent of the Black Prince, whose mail was darkened to a black hue. The diameter of each outer link is about 7/16 an inch, inner link diameter is about 3/8 an inch.
Price: $105.00
Brass Plated Chainmail Coif
Item #: 300122
This coif features steel rings plated with brass for long lasting good looks. Our Brass plated coif can be worn by itself or with a helm. The outer link diameter is about 7/16 an inch and the inner link diameter is about 3/8 an inch.
Price: $95.00
Butted Black Chainmail Coif
Item #: MCI-2139
A knight needs honor and armor to uphold his duties to his kingdom, so allow the Butted Black Chainmail Coif to assist you. Your quest may bring you across many enemies so be protected by this classic style armor.
Price: $57.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Butted Chainmail Coif
Item #: AB2547
This is the most economical chainmail, as the cost intensive riveting is avoided. Butted maille has limited historical precedent but is fine for general costuming and role-playing where strict construction is not a requirement.
Price: $59.00
Butted Ring Steel Chainmail Coif
Item #: ED9888
From the Celts of 300 B.C. to 18th century Europe, mail such as this Butted Ring Coif was one of the most prized items a warrior could own. Indeed, it was celebrated in poetry and the sagas, being referred to as the Net of Battle.
Price: $83.60
Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif
Item #: AB2807
A magnificent addition to the LARP or reenactment gear of those who wish to achieve a medieval persona, the Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif offers an economical and authentic design which radiates the look of a medieval knight.
Price: $39.00
Chain Mail Coif (Hood) by Marto
Item #: MA-DP3855S
Chain mail is made by linking of dozens of interlocking ringlets of iron or steel that, as a whole, are stronger than the sum of their parts. This Chain Mail Coif (hood) by Marto is a piece of head-protection that saw widespread use.
Price: $201.00
Chainmail Coif
Item #: 300188
This coif features 16 gauge links in the international pattern, 4 links through a 5th, common to all European mail. Our steel chainmail coif can be worn with or without a helmet for added defense in your ensemble.
Price: $70.00
Count Grade Mail Aventail
Item #: AB2661
An aventail, also known as camail, covers the throat, neck, and shoulders of a warrior with a curtain of chainmail connected to a helmet. The Count Grade Chainmail Aventail fits around the base on a helmet by a leather band.
Price: $219.00
Count Grade Mail Standard
Item #: AB2440
Named for the shoulder covering worn by clergy during medieval times, the Bishops Mantle, also known as a standard, drapes the shoulders. The Count Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat.
Price: $55.00
Earl Grade Mail Aventail
Item #: AB2663
Connecting to the helmet, an aventail, or camail, guards the vital area of the neck and shoulders with a curtain of chainmail. The Earl Grade Chainmail Aventail uses a leather band to attach to the base of a helmet.
Price: $189.00
Earl Grade Mail Standard
Item #: AB2443
Also known as a standard, the Bishops mantle was named after the shoulder covered worn by clergy in the Middle Ages. The Earl Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat as it drapes the shoulders.
Price: $49.00
European Flat Ring Chainmail Coif
Item #: AB2550
Wedge riveting, with flattened rings, became popular in the 1300s and was used until the demise of chainmail. Alternating rows of solid and riveted rings predominated until late in the period, when all riveted construction was popular.
Price: $219.00
European Flat Ring Chainmail Coif
Item #: AB2552
This style of maille is authentic to the early medieval period, particularly in the European flat ring version. In steel this construction style has the advantage of strength, allowing it to be used for supervised weapons re-enactment.
Price: $189.00
Full Mantle Chainmail Coif
Item #: AB2555
Sometimes protecting your torso and your core is not enough. Sometimes, you need to keep your head, neck, and collar safe too, and for those times, turn to this Full Mantle Chainmail Coif to keep your head safe and sound against harm.
Price: $139.00
Heros Chainmail Coif
Item #: 300088
The smaller the worked rings are, the more protection. We are proud to offer the peak of the armorers art (and patience) as it pertains to mail. Butted, 17 gauge steel rings are only 3/16 an inch round, providing unsurpassed protection.
Price: $135.00
Imperial Chainmail Mantle
Item #: MCI-3089

Protecting your neck and shoulders is one of the most important things medieval armour can do. The Imperial Chainmail Mantle does just that, encircling your neck with top-grain leather that connects to a wide circle of mail.

Price: $56.00
On Sale For: $53.20
Knight Grade Mail Aventail
Item #: AB2666
Serving as a curtain of chainmail around the throat, neck, and shoulders, an aventail or camail connects to the helmet of a warrior. The Knight Grade Chainmail Aventail attaches to the base of a helmet with a leather band.
Price: $159.00
Knight Grade Mail Standard
Item #: AB2446
The Bishops Mantle, or standard, is worn draped over the shoulders, named for the shoulder covering worn by clergy in the Middle Ages. The Knight Grade Mail Standard guards the upper chest and throat.
Price: $55.00
Medieval Chainmail Coif
Item #: S106
Your head is your most important weapon in battle, so make sure you give it the protection it deserves! The Medieval Chainmail Coif will guard your head, neck, and shoulders while providing you stunning historical style.
Price: $107.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif
Item #: MY100650
Called upon to defend your realm, you place the Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif over your padded arming cap and prepare for the battle of your life. This steel chainmail coif has been chemically treated to achieve its darkened look.
Price: $44.00
Richard Chainmail Mantle
Item #: MY100239
Keep the holy relic from wicked hands. The devout crusader remembers well the final request of the priest. The Richard Chainmail Mantle protectively adorns the medieval pilgrim, who follows a sacred path to a forgotten tomb.
Price: $22.00
Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle
Item #: MY100238
How dare those ruffians attack the village! The dauntless knight with trusted steed is in heroic pursuit. The stolen goods swiftly restored, the people praise the royal soldier clad in the Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle.
Price: $28.00
Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif
Item #: MY100651
Head protection is a vital component of any good armoured outfit, so strengthen your defense with the Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood protects the head, neck, and shoulders while leaving the face unobstructed.
Price: $39.00
Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif
Item #: MY100653
For a sinister soldier such as yourself, only blackened armour will do. The Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif has been chemically treated to create its distinct darkened color and protect its riveted steel rings from rust.
Price: $110.00
Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif
Item #: MY100654
For your most knightly warrior looks, be sure to accentuate your armoured outfit with the Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif. Made out of riveted rings of steel, this medieval chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders.
Price: $103.00