Adult Open Heart Horror Costume
Item #: IN-E12005
On a night, which celebrates dark magic and otherworldly creatures, strange incidents always occur. With the Adult Open Heart Horror Costume, the undead patient proves that nothing is worse than waking up on the operating table.
Price: $25.50
Autopsy Costume Vest
Item #: HS-27047
No morgue scene can be complete without the rotting cadaver or corpse in a body bag! The Autopsy Costume Vest makes a fantastic addition to zombie costumes, or it can serve as a gory prop in your spooky Halloween laboratory.
Price: $83.00
Baron Von Blood Costume
Item #: FM-64348
This vampire costume is the perfect blend of old world style and gothic imagery. The Baron Von Blood Costume is for a modern vampire who desires a touch of elegance in their wardrobe with colorful and distinctive gothic influence.
Price: $35.00
Bloody Chest
Item #: HS-27041
Wearing this Bloody Chest piece will make you look as though you just suffered some sort of terrible, life-threatening wound. Blood seems to seep from the ragged edges of the gash that runs down the center of this well-sculpted chest.
Price: $36.40
On Sale For: $32.00
Bloody Handsome Mens Costume
Item #: DG-10260
Everyone will want to nibble your neck when you show up wearing this Bloody Handsome Mens Costume. Displaying a regal silhouette suited for any preternatural party, this Victorian vampire costume pairs well with a bottle of red.
Price: $51.98
Bone Ribcage Chest Piece
Item #: HS-25054
Sometimes, just wearing a skull mask doesnt cut it. There will be occasions that you need something extra to help complete the outfit. What better way to finish off your skeleton costume than with the Bone Ribcage Chest Piece!
Price: $17.00
Call of Cthulhu Costume
Item #: HS-25257
No mere mortal may look upon Cthulhu without suffering dire consequences, his dread-form beyond human comprehension. However, he is most often depicted as the monstrous, tentacled horror that makes up the Call of Cthulhu Costume.
Price: $113.00
Crusader Zombie Costume With Mask
Item #: FM-63938
While historians have never determined the first zombie attack, it has been traced all the way back to the medieval era. As the Crusader Zombie Costume with Mask shows, a medieval zombie is just as terrifying as a modern one.
Price: $63.00
Dark Sorcerer Men's Costume
Item #: IN-3038
Unfortunately, the donning of the Dark Sorcerer Men's Costume does not confer knowledge of any dark arts, so there will be no turning of random people into frogs or smiting them with lightning. It does, however, make you look very cool.
Price: $83.60
Dashing Devil Men's Costume
Item #: IN-3032
The Dashing Devil Men's Costume certainly lives up to its own name. It can take a man and turn him into the boldest of fiends, the foulest sort who tempt mortals for fun and make nefarious deals, akin to what you want most for a soul.
Price: $89.30
Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume
Item #: IN-11055
While a ceaseless hunger for human brains may be somewhat distracting, your passion for football goes beyond the grave. Send opponents into a panicked frenzy as you score another touchdown with the Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume.
Price: $40.00
Demented Surgeon Men's Costume
Item #: FM-67003
It is never good news to hear that the doctor has to operate, but when you get the news from a doctor in this Demented Surgeon Mens Costume, the news is especially bad. This insane doctor has bloody knives strapped to his waist.
Price: $45.00
Doctor Peste Costume
Item #: HS-25262
With the Doctor Peste Costume, you can transform yourself into one of the curious figures of the Middle Ages known as the plague doctor or beak doctor. These medical personnel treated victims of the Black Death and other epidemics.
Price: $90.00
Dr Zombie Costume
Item #: HS-25220
The most chilling words that anyone can hear while you are wearing this costume are The doctor will see you now. In the Dr. Zombie Costume, you will be a frightening doctor with a penchant for bloodshed and a taste for living flesh!
Price: $65.80
Executioners Black Hooded Costume Robe
Item #: RC-15241
This is a very universal costume piece that can be worn by men or women. A basic black hooded robe with a black waist sash, but this one features a mesh face, so you can see out, but others cannot see in!
Price: $19.50
Formal Zombie Costume
Item #: FM-66353
Even zombies can look nice, relatively speaking, when compared to other zombies. Dressed in the Formal Zombie Costume, you will look much nicer in your tattered tuxedo jacket than other zombies do in tattered everyday clothing.
Price: $28.80
Ghostly Zombie Pirate Costume
Item #: FM-66340
If it has been your dream to sail the high seas, the Ghostly Zombie Pirate Costume might be your ticket to an undead existence on a spooky ghost ship. This costume will make you look like a ghostly and ghoulish pirate captain.
Price: $63.00
Gothic Vampire Men's Costume
Item #: IN-1001
Depending on the influences, a vampire is not hard to do as a costume. A modern one can apply fangs and fake blood, and be done. But a classic gothic vampire is more challenging. For this there is the Gothic Vampire Men's Costume.
Price: $165.30
Grim Old Reaper Costume
Item #: HS-25245
Nothing is quite as daunting as staring down the Angel of Death. Many fear the day he comes for them while others are shocked at his arrival. Instill that fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike with the Grim Old Reaper Costume!
Price: $105.00
Handsome Devil Men's Costume
Item #: IN-1045
Even a devil can be attractive in appearance. The phrase devilishly good looks had to come from somewhere, after all. In the Handsome Devil Men's Costume, any man can show off his devilish charms, dressed in a devils own finery.
Price: $104.50
Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume
Item #: IN-96007
Whatever harmful substances and toxic fumes this Hazmat professional encountered, his suit was definitely not up to standard. Walk among the living dead this Halloween as a radioactive zombie with the Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume.
Price: $49.00
Heer Zombie Costume
Item #: HS-25274
In May 1935, Hitler reintroduced the German Army as the Wehrmacht. A soldier of the Heer, the land force of its 36 divisions, answers the call of his country, rising from the grave to defend his homeland in the Heer Zombie Costume!
Price: $115.00
In the Flesh Zombie Costume
Item #: HS-25289
When it comes to Halloween, you cannot go wrong with a classic zombie costume, but zombie masks are a dime a dozen. What are you supposed to do about the rest of the body? Look no further than the In the Flesh Zombie Costume!
Price: $99.80
Insane Surgeon Costume
Item #: SU-F5305
The doctor will see you now will suddenly become some of the most chilling words possible whenever you are talking about someone wearing this Insane Surgeon Costume. Any surgeries this doctor conducts are quite likely to go badly.
Price: $29.80
Keeper of Lost Souls Mens Costume
Item #: IN-11090
Lead your flock towards the gates of hell while arrayed in the Keeper of Lost Souls Mens Costume. For the priest who forsook his holy orders and dabbled too much in the dark arts, this ensemble is the first choice in Halloween apparel.
Price: $45.00
Mad Doctor Costume Kit
Item #: IN-E12003
This kind physician may be volunteering his time, offering free physicals to all, but only the insane would take him up on the offer. The Mad Doctor Costume Kit is sure to send hospital residents into a horrified panic this Halloween.
Price: $29.00
Mayday Undead Pilot Costume
Item #: HS-25273
The first and second world wars brought on a whole new meaning to war fatalities. Brought back to life using high-quality materials, the zombie soldier in the Mayday Undead Pilot Costume seeks to finish his mission once and for all.
Price: $91.00
Mega Zombie Costume
Item #: HS-25287
The undead come back to life thanks to the stunning detail in the Mega Zombie Costume! Now you can wreak havoc on the public by embracing the classic horror character in a full body ensemble that gives a new meaning to walking dead.
Price: $180.00
Mens Basic Pants
Item #: DG-6379
Transform into your favorite hero without sacrificing comfort with these trousers! With a straight leg style and lightweight fabric, these Mens Basic Pants will round out your pirate, vampire, supervillain, warrior, or other costume.
Price: $17.00
Mens Black Knight Costume
Item #: RC-810286
This dark knight is defender of the netherworld and champion of any who call upon the dark arts. The Mens Black Knight Costume provides a striking adult Halloween ensemble that combines medieval and gothic design.
Price: $150.00
Mens Corpse Groom Costume
Item #: IN-1116
This unfortunate husband-to-be never made it long past the altar! When you dress in the Mens Corpse Groom Costume, you will look like an undead groom who has risen from the grave to locate his similarly unfortunate bride.
Price: $130.00
Mens Dragon Sorcerer Costume
Item #: FM-72851
The secrets of the universe will be within your reach when you dress up as this dark warlock for Halloween or another costume event! The Mens Dragon Sorcerer Costume includes a long black cape and a silvery dragon headdress.
Price: $90.00