Costume Feet and Boot Toppers
Nothing's worse than putting effort and time into a costume, only to realize that you don't have appropriate footwear. That's no longer a problem, though, now that Medieval Collectibles is offering a fantastic array of Costume Feet & Boot Toppers, all of which go a long way towards completing your ideal costume.
Costume Gloves and Hands
If you've committed to a costume 100%, then you need to make sure that every inch of you is properly adorned. That means if you're going for a look that's monstrous, devilish, or undead, you need to cover your hands with a tasteful selection from Medieval Collectibles' Costume Gloves & Hands section.
Costume Hats
We never underestimate the power of costume hats at Medieval Collectibles. Time and time again, a good costume hat has proven to be the ultimate accessory in changing a costume for the better or a bad costume hat changing it for the worst. A good costume hat, when applied to an appropriate costume and look, is not only eye-catching, but it helps to draw attention away from some of the subtler flaws that might exist in your costume, whereas a misplaced or poorly designed costume hat will ultimately look like a massive flaw in appearance and judgment that will constantly draw undue attention.
Costume Make-up
Costume make-up can be the fine line between a really nice costume and a ridiculously awesome costume. Why? Because with any costume, there is a certain point where adding details ceases to increase the costumes visual appeal. For example, in this modern age, a vampire can look like virtually anything so long as he or she has fangs. So how do you make an impressive modern-day vampire, if you cannot add anything to the costume? You add fake blood and you apply costume make-up to the skin, to create the appropriate pallor. And this is just one such example of costume make-up enhancing a costume in a small, but meaningful way.
Costume Masks
Medieval Collectibles carries quality latex masks that are great for Halloween, parties, LARP events or roleplaying. We carry several medieval and renaissance latex masks at affordable prices. We have latex masks that are licensed from blockbuster movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. All our latex Halloween masks are one size fits all. Some of our Halloween masks are on closeout so make sure you do not wait because once they are gone we can no longer get them.
Costume Wigs
We offer a variety of Costume Wigs that compliment many of the costumes we carry. Whether you are dressing up as a Pirate, Arwen, Legolas or a Fair Maiden, you'll find the perfect wig here. These are all great quality Halloween wigs and some of them are licensed from Movies. We carry medieval wigs, lord of the ring wigs, star war wigs, gothic wigs and renaissance wigs.
Costume Prop Weapons
Realism in a costume is all well and good, and with any one of these Prop Weapons from Medieval Collectibles, you'll be able to add a real looking implement of war and bodily harm to any of your costumed looks, all without compromising personal safety or the safety of others.
Some of the most creative and intriguing costumes feature not only breath-taking costumes and accessories, but also feature the additions of prosthetics which alter more than the wearers physical appearance they altar his or her race or state of being. We at Medieval Collectibles offer a wide variety of small yet stunning and shocking prosthetics that are designed to elevate your costume from good to great in little more than the paltry amount of time it takes to apply the prosthetic. Our costume prosthetics are great for adding those final touches of realism to any costume.