Greek Corinthian Helmet Thimble
Item #: WR-GCHTH
Now you can sew in style, your fingers safely protected from annoying pin-pricks by the authentic look of this Greek Corinthian Helmet Thimble. This thimble is supplied in an acetate box that contains information about the helmet.
Price: $8.00
Miniature Nordic Helmet by Marto
Item #: MA-5501-1SH
The Miniature Nordic Helmet, by Marto, is a reproduction of a typical Norsemen helm worn during the 10th century. It was a relatively typical piece among the Scandinavian people and common protection of the age.
Price: $121.00
Miniature Pig Face Helmet
Item #: ZS-230939
Our Miniature Pig Face Helmet is a fully functional miniature version of the Milanese Hounskull or Pigface Basinet. The Miniature Pig Face Helmet is hand crafted and made of carbon steel, just like the life sized helmets.
Price: $19.90
On Sale For: $17.91
Miniature Spanish Cavalry Helmet by Marto
Item #: MA-5508-1S
The Miniature Spanish Cavalry Helmet, by Marto, is a reproduction of a Spanish Cavalry helm dating back to the 16th century. It recreates a fairly traditional piece that was often worn with a full suit of armor.
Price: $138.00
Miniature Warrior Burgonet Helmet
Item #: ZS-230943
Our Miniature Warrior Burgonet Helmet is a functional miniature 16th century light Burgonet Helmet characterized by its high skull, brow peak, and hinged ear pieces. This type of helm allowed for excellent vision.
Price: $19.90
On Sale For: $17.91
Old World Knights Helmet Display Piece
Item #: ME-0193
A marvelous accent for the home or office, the Old World Knights Helmet Display Piece embraces the styling of the late medieval era. Featured in this design is a replica armet style helmet and a decorative Italian stiletto.
Price: $53.00
Roman Centurion Helmet Thimble
Item #: WR-RHELM
The Roman Centurion Helmet Thimble resembles an actual Roman helmet in miniature, offering its own protection to the wearer! This novel little thimble comes in a clear acetate box and includes a historical information card.
Price: $9.00
Staffordshire Hoard Helmet
Item #: WR-HTHSH
Modeled after a helmet found in the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure ever found, this Staffordshire Hoard Helmet is a great little miniature replica that is the perfect way to celebrate history and commemorate this amazing find.
Price: $11.00