Extravagant Crystal Tiara
Item #: ST4182
Fit for the grandest and noblest of princesses from history and fairytale alike, this Extravagant Crystal Crown is the epitome of luxurious decoration. With its impressive size and incredible style, not much can complete with this tiara.
Price: $102.40
Fantasy Royal Crown
Item #: LG-2154
Fairy queen or fantasy empress, you rule with regal might - especially when you wear the Fantasy Royal Crown. With its dramatic peaks softened by intricate filigree detail, this fantasy crown headband blends majesty with whimsy.
Price: $6.00
Gilded Leaf Coronet
Item #: ST4034
The gleam of precious metal is the first aspect of this Gilded Leaf Coronet that others will notice, although it is not the only element that appeals. Rich detailing and fine rhinestones make this accessory one to remember.
Price: $23.20
Gothic Queen Spider Crown
Item #: ST4007
Dark beauties deserve to feel like queens, too, and that is exactly what this Gothic Queen Spider Crown will do for you. Not only do you get to display your regality in this crown, but you will also gain a new eight-legged sidekick!
Price: $69.00
Ladies Royal Crown
Item #: ST4033
Fine details make this Ladies Royal Crown quite the striking accent. The subtle twists and turns create a design that the eyes could spend hours tracing, while the plated finish reflects a unique look reminiscent of Wonderland style!
Price: $43.80
Lady In Waiting Crown
Item #: ST3352
Being a lady-in-waiting was a position of note and power, and many who served royalty wore simple crowns to show their position. This Lady In Waiting Crown is an example of one such crown, simple in shape but ornate in elegant detail.
Price: $50.80
Large Queens Crown
Item #: 11755
The Large Queens Crown measures 4.625 inches high and is adjustable to 5.75-6.25 inches in diameter. This queens crown is metal plated in sterling silver with rhinestones going completely around the crown.
Price: $178.20
Medium Queens Crown
Item #: 8681
The Medium Queens Crown measures 3.625 inches high and is 4.375 inches in diameter. This queens crown is metal plated in sterling silver with rhinestones completely around the crown. There are four rings in the center to assist with pins.
Price: $175.36
Miniature Queen of Hearts Crown
Item #: ST4288
It may not be the largest crown, but it is no less magnificent than those worn by other nobles and monarchs. This Miniature Queen of Hearts Crown is quite cute. With its shaped design, it is an eye-catcher that few will fail to notice.
Price: $20.80
Miniature Royal Crown
Item #: ST4287
Small crowns do not mean less power, nobility, or appeal! Take, for example, this Miniature Royal Crown. It is made from metal and elegantly designed, while its size serves to make it both convenient and rather cute.
Price: $20.80
Ornate Queen's Crown
Item #: ST3945
A touch of fantasy and nature combine in this Ornate Queens Crown, creating an eye-catching accessory that would look perfect on queens of all styles, be they modern divas or queens of historical and fantastical realms.
Price: $193.60
Pearl Dropper Rhinestone Crown
Item #: ST4285
Pearls have long been valued as objects of beauty. Their luster and shine makes them highly desirable for any noble lady to own and wear. With this Pearl Dropper Rhinestone Crown, you can drape yourself in their beauty.
Price: $88.40
Queen Headband
Item #: LU-100000
Assert your royal commands in style when you wear the Queen Headband. Whether you are a fledgling princess or a fully experienced queen, this jewel-embellished costume crown is ideal for any leading lady with truly regal taste.
Price: $10.95
Renaissance Queen's Crown
Item #: ST3523
Not all who ruled favored extravagant and excessive shows of wealth. Some favored a muted, subdued style. For those rulers and royals who find themselves seeking a simple crown, we offer the Renaissance Queens Crown.
Price: $13.00
Roman Laurel Crown
Item #: ST4256
In the ancient days, laurels crowned victors. The Greeks gave them out at athletic competitions and academic ones. For the Romans, an accent like this Roman Laurel Crown would have been worn by victorious generals and warriors.
Price: $52.20
Royal Court Crown
Item #: 13368
The Royal Court Crown measures 3.5 inches high and is 4.875 inches in diameter. This queens crown is plated in sterling silver with rhinestones around the crown. There are rings in the center to assist with bobby pins.
Price: $117.45
Royal's Gem Studded Crown
Item #: ST4175
This Royals Gem Studded Crown reflects what might be one of the most iconic styles for a crown. Decorated with rhinestones and capped with fleur de lis symbols, it is the perfect image of a crown created in a miniature design.
Price: $41.20
Silver Draped Crystal Crown
Item #: 13369
When you imagine the highest degree of luxury, power, and majesty that a noble can show, the first accessory you picture is often the crown. Crowns are signs of power and nobility, and this Silver Draped Crystal Crown is no different.
Price: $84.00
Silver Medieval Crown
Item #: ST4425S
You are sure to feel as royal as a queen when you wear the Silver Medieval Crown on your head. This stylish metal crown features a medieval-inspired design with regal details decorating the entire surface of its circular shape.
Price: $31.80
Simple Queen's Crown
Item #: ST3947
A crown does not have to be ostentatious and overly ornate to be symbolic of power. One look at the tastefully designed Simple Queens Crown will show that even a simple crown can be as beautiful as ornate and adorned crowns.
Price: $80.20
Small Queens Crown
Item #: 8680
The Small Queens Crown measures 2.625 inches high and is 4 inches in diameter. This queens crown is metal plated in sterling silver with rhinestones around the crown. There are four rings in the center to assist with bobby pins.
Price: $120.64
Winter Queen Crown
Item #: ST3594
Very few sights match the resplendence of a forest floor covered with freshly fallen snow. In this Winter Queen Crown, however, you will embody the beauty of frosty winter weather in your elegant costume, formal, or bridal wear.
Price: $78.00