Gothic Pendants, Pewter Pendants and Alchemy Gothic Pendants by Medieval Collectibles Gothic Pendants, Pewter Pendants and Alchemy Gothic Pendants by Medieval Collectibles
A Fairy's Dream Pendant
Item #: AG-P564
Spirits of the Otherworld chasing their dreams. With fired stainless steel filigree etched wing. The intricate dragonfly has vintage eau de nil tinted enameled wings. The Fairys Dream Pendant is handmade in pewter.
Price: $84.50
On Sale For: $76.05
A Murder of Crows Necklace
Item #: AG-P677
An intimidating but darkly beautiful collection of scattering corvidae is what you get when you wear the Murder of Crows Necklace. As ominous as it is, it brings only beauty when you add it to your collection.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $99.00
A Rose for Eve Pendant
Item #: AG-P689
The cunning serpent knew his target well when he infiltrated the garden of biblical lore. A Rose for Eve Pendant embodies a sinister gift freely offered, the picture of foul poison veiled by dark, mysterious beauty.
Price: $44.00
On Sale For: $39.60
Ace Pack Dog Tags
Item #: AG-ULP2
What once used to be solely military issued has now become a stylish addition to any attire. Case in point is these Ace Pack Dog Tags, which feature an impressive show of gothic design with a military flair.
Price: $35.50
Aces Up Necklace
Item #: AG-ULFP21
Card games require a mix of luck and skill that quickly separates the card sharps from the novices. The Aces Up Necklace displays a striking design that shows all four card suits with alternating red and black enamel coloring.
Price: $45.00
After-Death On The Nile Necklace
Item #: AG-P634
It is not often you see the Art Deco style of the rip-roaring 1920s featured in an ancient symbol, and yet that is exactly what this After-Death On The Nile Necklace showcases. This amulet will accent almost any look with ease.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $62.10
Angel Heart Pendant
Item #: AG-P569
A black heart with the glittering wings of angelic ecstasy. This fine gothic pendant emulates the wings of angels in a darker tone. The end result is an accent and accessory that is perfect for goths and angels, fallen or not.
Price: $57.50
On Sale For: $35.00
Angel Ring Pendant
Item #: AG-N203
The Angel Ring Pendant displays the symbols of the seven planetary angels in bright green enamel over the surface of the black loop. The reverse side is inscribed with their respective names, planets, and days.
Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $25.20
Anguistralobe Pendant
Item #: AG-P188
The Anguistralobe Pendant features a working miniature of the 18th century tool used to measure the path of destiny among heavenly bodies. The gothic instrument employs a dark design tailored to the crueler twists of fate.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Ankh of Infinity Pendant
Item #: 090-CN03
The jewelry you wear says a lot about you. Display your immortal soul with the Ankh of Infinity Pendant, a piece that combines two meaningful symbols, the Ankh and the infinity sign, to create an emblem that represents eternal life.
Price: $21.00
Arrows of Chaos Pendant
Item #: AG-PS306
Symbolic of utter chaos, which has no reason, logic, or order, this Arrows of Chaos Pendant depicts the classic sigil, a round wheel of arrows that point off in all possible directions, giving a visual cue to what chaos can be.
Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Art Decodence Necklace
Item #: AG-P664
Oftentimes, art deco is characterized by its bold shapes and its lavish ornamentation, and it is those two qualities that make this Art Decodence Necklace such a beautiful piece, one possessed of artistic and stunning detail.
Price: $95.00
Bacchanal Rose Necklace
Item #: AG-P700
This sumptuous necklace hints at a secret libertine passion for wine and other pleasures with its romantic motif. The Bacchanal Rose Necklace displays several black acrylic roses of various sizes in the center of the design.
Price: $80.00
Barbed Heart Pendant
Item #: 090-CN11
A heart wrapped in barbs is a hard heart to break. This Barbed Heart Pendant merges what is traditionally the symbol of love with jagged barbs and vines, to create a dark heart of passion for any gothic soul to enjoy as an accent.
Price: $21.00
Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace
Item #: AG-P630
The heart can be tangled web of emotion and a perfect place for a black rose to flourish. These twinned concepts are depicted by the Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace, which features a complex yet radiant design perfect for any lady.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $103.50
Black Cross of Nails Pendant
Item #: FJ-126
Few other symbols in the world can hold a candle to the cross, as this is a symbol that is popular and wide-spread, existing in many faiths and forms. And now, it exists in one more, in the form of this Black Cross of Nails Pendant.
Price: $7.50
Black Raven Pendant
Item #: AG-P193
Intelligent tricksters, ravens seem to follow wherever the darker elements of the world thrive. The Black Raven Pendant displays one of these gothic birds as it scans the ground below for potential prey or mischief.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Black Romance Necklace
Item #: AG-P610
This tortured heart appears in the Black Romance Necklace. It is a simple piece that is symbolic of the fine line that separates love from hate. It is far too easy to cross that line and become locked in a black romance.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Black Rose in Bloom Necklace
Item #: AG-P695
The most desired bloom known to mankind, the rose catches the fancy with its shape, smell, and incomparable beauty. The Black Rose in Bloom Necklace features a single rose on a long stem, crafted with intricate detail.
Price: $17.50
Black Trinity Trident Pendant
Item #: AG-P686
This three-pronged fork of the demons signifies the wearers intent to cast darkness over all that lies before them. Worn and wicked, few can deny the devilish appeal that is a part of the Black Trinity Trident Pendant.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Blade of Deception Pendant
Item #: AG-P648
Deception is an age-old tactic that goes back as far as mankind does. The Blade of Deception Pendant is a symbolic accoutrement that is perfect for anyone whose loyalty is not only fleeting, but also dangerously capricious.
Price: $25.00
Blood Heart Necklace
Item #: AG-P746
The black roses and bloody red heart of dispassion serve as a tell-tale mark of the femme fatale in this lovely gothic necklace. The Blood Heart Necklace is crafted from fine English pewter and hangs on a black satin ribbon.
Price: $30.00
Blood Moon Vampire Pendant
Item #: 090-CN04
The blood moon has risen, and the vampire bat has awoken from its tomb of darkness and is ascenging the night sky. The Blood Moon Vampire Pendant represents mystery and power, rumored to grant the gift of truth wherever it lands.
Price: $21.00
Blood Rose Heart Necklace
Item #: AG-P721
A dark romance secretly blossoms from the life blood of a once-broken heart in the design of this vibrant necklace. The Blood Rose Heart Necklace features Swarovski crystals set beneath the blood red enamel heart.
Price: $70.00
Blood Trinity Pendant
Item #: 090-CN17
A trio of gilt roses makes up this pendant. Appearances can be deceiving though, for this Blood Trinity Pendant is no mere symbol of beauty, but rather an alluring accent that is touched with the nectar of life, in three blood-red drops.
Price: $21.00
Bloom of the Eternals Pendant
Item #: 090-CN05
A rose must have thorns, for no love comes freely without the sting of some sorrow or slight. This Bloom of the Eternals Pendant is an elegant accessory that features a subdued look that accents perfectly its gothic design.
Price: $21.00
Blue Scorpion Pendant
Item #: SC2719
The elegant Blue Scorpion Pendant may seem dangerous, but this arachnid is only here to enhance your style. This unique item can become your signature when you proudly wear it during your next social event, so grab one today.
Price: $13.00
Caput Aves Necklace
Item #: AG-P628
If you are reminded of a bird head when looking at this necklace, then it is for good reason. The Caput Aves Necklace is modeled after a skeletal bird head, complete with crystal organs. Caput aves means bird head in Latin.
Price: $114.43
On Sale For: $69.00
Carpe Noctum Destiny Pendant
Item #: 090-CN12
Seize the night, and in doing so, seize whatever dark destiny awaits in the shadows that linger after the sun has vanished. This Carpe Noctum Destiny Pendant is a lovely charm that embodies the beauty and freedom to be found at sundown.
Price: $21.00
Caw at the Moon Necklace
Item #: AG-P735
The glowing lunar disc dramatically silhouettes the black and portentous raven, perched above the earth as it observes and guards its realm. The Caw at the Moon Necklace provides an eerie and solemn design for you to enjoy.
Price: $25.00
Chaosagram Pendant
Item #: AG-P650
Independently, the Chaos Star and the Pentagram are both exceptional and powerful symbols, each with their own meaning. Together, though, they become so much more, making this Chaosagram Pendant a great personal emblem.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $26.10
Chaosium Pendant
Item #: AG-P501
A shimmering hematite cabochon form the nucleus of this mystery-shrouded symbol of anti-order and endless possibility. The Chaosium Pendant displays the eight arrows of chaos as they radiate from the metallic crystal.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Chaostar Pendant
Item #: AG-P146
The Chaostar Pendant features eight arrows extending from a central point in a radial pattern. Alternately called the Chaos Cross or Arms of Chaos, this occult symbol originated in stories by Michael Moorcock.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Charming Red Rose Necklace
Item #: LB272
This necklace has a romantic feel to it featuring a crimson rose accented with a lovely little antique brass book charm. The necklace is a fine antique brass chain and compliments the rose very nicely. The chain is 18 inches long.
Price: $14.00
Claustramoris Key Pendant
Item #: AG-P647
This key is not meant to lock away but to free. The Claustramoris Key Pendant is a powerful emblem symbolic of free will and autonomy, making it the perfect accessory for any goth girl who wants to show her independence.
Price: $31.00
Coffin Drop Cameo Necklace
Item #: AG-P608
Combining the regal sophistication of a Victorian choker with an attractive gothic style, the Coffin Drop Cameo Necklace is a simple yet beautiful item that is a perfect complement to a ladys darkly elegant appearance.
Price: $112.70
On Sale For: $101.43
Corvus Corax Necklace
Item #: AG-P697
The raven has been a symbol of protection, information, and dark secrets from early times in history, appearing in Christian, Celtic, and Norse stories. The Corvus Corax Necklace depicts one of these clever birds in mid-flight.
Price: $17.50
Corvus Machina Pendant
Item #: AG-P567
The perfection of life force and the seat of the deepest desires of modern man. This brass-hinged locket has a magnetic catch, glass rods, and etched brass components. This Corvus Machina Pendant comes on a chain.
Price: $105.00
On Sale For: $94.50
Crystal Raven Pendant
Item #: 090-CN09
Though sometimes interpreted as the sign of a bad omen, the raven can also be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. With classic Gothic details, the Crystal Raven Pendant is a wise choice to add a touch of dark appeal to your wardrobe.
Price: $21.00
Cult Of Isis Pendant
Item #: AG-P233
The Cult of Isis Pendant features a translucent red enameled solar disk, horned and enthroned, of the great Egyptian and universal goddess. Wear this protective gothic amulet to call upon the power of this deity.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.80
Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Pendant
Item #: AG-P594
Revealing the intrinsic beauty of the miraculous, mechanical, bat-winged flying machine, the Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Pendant is as strange a flying machine as anyone will ever witness, odd-looking yet charming.
Price: $120.75
On Sale For: $79.00
Death Tally Ingot Necklace
Item #: AG-P710
A memorial to the lives taken in battle, the Death Tally Ingot Necklace displays a rectangular pendant showing the alchemical caput mortuum symbol at the top, followed by black teardrops and a medieval sword beneath.
Price: $35.00
Deception Mask Necklace
Item #: AG-P645
Is not the nature of a mask to deceive? Oh, but what a beautiful deception it can be. The Deception Mask Necklace displays bright, vivid color and latent lethality too, proving that even the most beautiful things can be deadly.
Price: $89.00
Demon Wing Pendant
Item #: SC2755
Do not fear creatures of the night when you are wearing this original and stylish Demon Wing Pendant. This jewelry piece can be the accent that sets you apart from everyone else, so embrace the unknown and channel your darkness.
Price: $10.00
Double-Sided Gargoyle Pendant
Item #: CE-834-571
Capture a myth with the unique Double-Sided Gargoyle Pendant. Typically built onto the sides of an ancient buildings to redirect rain water from the roof, this item captures the essence of those creatures so you can wear it.
Price: $22.00
Dudley's Jewel Blade Pendant
Item #: AG-P657
To a celebrated courtier involved in scandal and intrigue, a good rapier would seem like the very best of friends and the greatest of treasures. This Dudley's Jewel Blade Pendant echoes the look of a medieval cut and thrust sword.
Price: $74.00
On Sale For: $51.00
El Corazon Pendant
Item #: AG-ULFP14
If ever there was a good way to wear your heart for all to see, then this pendant was it. The El Corazon Pendant, translated as the Heart, is a stunning show of crystalline elegance with an opulent look that will catch the eye.
Price: $79.00
Elizabethan Court Necklace
Item #: AG-P749
The Elizabethan Court Necklace features an ornate design inspired by the original motif of the decorative molding above the north entrance to the 16th century Kenilworth Castle of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.
Price: $85.00
Empress Eugenie's Blue Heart Diamond Pendant
Item #: AG-P531
The Empress Eugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant is modeled on the design of a legendary, massive blue heart diamond, which was once owned by the empress consort of Napoleon III before being rediscovered by Cartier in 1908.
Price: $100.00
On Sale For: $90.00
Empyrean Eye Necklace
Item #: AG-P712
Gleaming with iridescent colors like the Northern Lights, this necklace shares the beauty of the tears that fall to earth from the heavenly eyes of God. The Empyrean Eye Necklace displays intricate designs around its crystals.
Price: $65.00
Enameled Thirteen Pendant
Item #: AG-ULP11
For good or for ill, the number thirteen has earned quite a reputation. And now, we give homage to this number that has become so powerful and so popular with society, by showing off the Enameled Thirteen Pendant.
Price: $31.50
On Sale For: $25.00
Eve Pendant
Item #: AG-P615
This attractive pendant is symbolic of the original sin, that which brought about the fall of mankind. Named the Eve Pendant, this piece represents the irresistible temptation that was placed before the first woman.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Flaming V Guitar Pendant
Item #: AG-P685
A metal axe-man should never be without his weapon of choice! Now you can totally rock your style in a literal sense, by adding this Flaming V Guitar Pendant to your style. This way, everyone will know that you rock.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $24.30
Folies du Mort Pendant
Item #: AG-P614
The Folies du Mort Pendant is an absolute extravagant and attractive pendant that exemplifies the height of mortal decadence. This pendant is intricate in its detail and utterly exuberant in its dark yet appealing design.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $88.00
Forever Inked Necklace
Item #: AG-ULFP22
A dedication to love, life, or just ink? The Forever Inked Necklace features Swarovski crystal motor coils that power the tattoo machine held in a skeletal grasp. This gothic necklace inscribes a message of eternity on the wearer.
Price: $50.00
Frozen Heart Pendant
Item #: AG-P703
Dripping from the wings of love, this cold heart has frozen diamond-hard and sharp as ice. The Frozen Heart Pendant symbolizes the chilled heart of one who has experienced broken affections with no remorse.
Price: $39.00
Garden of Dark Desires Pendant
Item #: AG-P583
Few symbols reference as powerful a thing as karmic love, a love where each cruelty and selfish tendency is returned in kind. The black roses on the Garden of Dark Desires Pendant can symbolize so powerful a feeling.
Price: $79.35
On Sale For: $71.42
Gothic Bird Skull Necklace
Item #: RL-1036
For a vintage gothic look, nothing can be better than a cameo necklace featuring dark colors and designs. The Gothic Bird Skull Necklace displays a realistic bird skull in the place of the central cameo with its feet on either side.
Price: $49.00
Gothic Bird Talons Necklace
Item #: DR-1250
Anyone who has ever caught a glimpse of a hawk, eagle, falcon, or other predatory bird knows the power of these magnificent creatures. The Gothic Bird Talons Necklace depicts the wicked talons of one such creature.
Price: $11.00
Gothic Black Rose Necklace
Item #: LB271
This delicate looking necklace features a large black rose with a matte finish. The rose has a matte finish, so it is not glossy or plastic looking. The necklace is a fine antique brass chain and compliments the rose very nicely.
Price: $12.00