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"I had a question about one of my purchases that I received in a very timely manner, seriously much faster than I thought. When I called they asked me a couple questions and for an email. I talked to three different ladies and all three were amazing at their customer service. Their names were Sierra, Kayla, and Rachael. They answered my questions and took care of situation in a hurry, and they made it an actual enjoyable conversation at that. So I would like to say thanks for the sweet gear, low price, and insanely good customer service. This site rocks and I will make sure to get any further gear from here. "
- Timothy O
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Full Size Knight Statues

These medieval knights are full sized statues that are as tall as a human or bigger. Full sized medieval knights are perfect for the entrance to your home, hallway or office. They will not rust like your normal steel armour knights because this medieval knight is made of cast resin. The knight's armour is highly detailed showing flutes in the armour and intricate designs. The medieval knights are holding a weapon of choice in one hand in front of him, while standing on a rock ledge or wooden base.

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Medieval Armor With Sword And Shield Statue

Medieval Armor With Sword And Shield Statue

Few sights can truly compare to the glory and the grandeur of seeing a knight in a full suit of armor. It is not a common sight in today's age, although with this Medieval Armor with Sword and Shield Statue, you can make it a common sight in your day.
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