Gargoyle Ashtrays, Gothic Ashtrays and Medieval Ashtrays
Gargoyle ashtrays are a fantastic accessory to adorn any gothic table. These medieval gargoyle ashtrays are made of cold cast resin and have high quality detailing, making them real and life-like as possible. Medieval Collectibles carries many styles of gargoyle ashtrays that included fighting gargoyle ashtrays, gargoyle head ashtrays, gothic gargoyle ashtrays, and gargoyle guarding ashtrays. You can be sure that when you lay your cigarette down, it is safe in your gargoyle protected ashtray. With these traditional gargoyle designs these ashtrays will make everyone in your gothic or medieval home stand up!
Gargoyle Candleholders, Gargoyle Tea light Holders and Gargoyle Candlestick Holders
You will marvel at these gargoyle candle holders, with their powerful claws they will hold your tapered medieval candles in place. You can hang or place a pair of these gargoyle candle holders, flanking a doorway, fireplace or favorite tapestry. Medieval Collectibles has gargoyle tea light holders, gargoyle candleholders, and gargoyle candlestick holders. Your home will look like a gothic cathedral church with our gargoyle candleholders. Our gargoyle candle holders are cast in cold resin and hand painted finished detail.
Gargoyle Home Decor, Gothic Decor, Medieval Home Decor and Gargoyle Home Accessories
In this section you will find a large variety of gargoyle home accessories. Our gargoyle home decor includes gargoyle PC toppers, gargoyle pens, gargoyle mirrors, gargoyle thermometers and much more! All our gargoyle home decor products are great gift ideas for the Gothic gargoyle collector. All our gargoyle products are made of cold cast resin and have intricate detailing. So many gargoyle home decor accessories that you just have to take a look around!
Gargoyle Incense Burners, Gothic Incense Burners and Medieval Incense Burners
Medieval Collectibles has a stunning collection of gargoyle incense burners. Make a statement in your style of home decor with one of our fine gargoyle incense burners. These gargoyle incense burners are sculpted in cold cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand finished detail. You are guaranteed to not have the same living room as everyone else and have that special aroma. Our selection of gargoyle incense burners are ready to serve and protect your gothic home!
Gargoyle Jewelry Boxes, Gargoyle Trinket Boxes and Gothic Jewelry Boxes
Gargoyle are known to keep out intruders from breaking in and stealing ones valuables. Medieval Collectibles has gargoyle jewelry boxes that include gargoyle trinket boxes, gargoyle treasure boxes, medieval jewelry boxes and gothic jewelry boxes. Our gargoyle jewelry boxes are sculpted in high quality cold cast resin. We have gargoyle jewelry boxes made out of gargoyle skulls, coffins, gargoyle treasure boxes, chests and even pillars. Each gargoyle jewelry box is hand painted with attention to detail. Gargoyle jewelry boxes are great addition to a medieval or gothic bedroom to store anything that is valuable.
Gargoyle Sandtimers, Gargoyle Hour Glass, Gothic Sandtimers and Medieval Sandtimers
Gargoyle sandtimers are a great accent piece for your medieval home or office. These sandtimers have gargoyles supporting the sides of the sandtimer that elaborate designs covering the entire sandtimer. The gargoyle sandtimers are perfect for timing that checkers or chess match turn. Our Gargoyle sandtimers are made of cold cast resin and hand painted with incredible detail. The gargoyle sandtimer is the perfect gift for a family member or friends who loves gargoyles and gothic decor.
Gargoyle Statues, Gargoyle Figurines, Gargoyle Sculptures and Fantasy Gargoyle Statues
Medieval Collectibles carries a wide selection of gargoyle statues. Our gargoyle statues come in many positions, some that are attacking, poised, sitting or have a saying. These gargoyle statues are sculpted in cold cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand painted finished detail. Gargoyle statues make great additions to any gothic home, and do not forget their purpose is to ward off evil! Our mythical gargoyle statues make a fine addition to any gothic collection home or garden.