Star Wars

Star Wars is perhaps one of the most well-known franchises, especially among fans of science fiction. First released in 1977 with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the series began with a plot centered around a young man who would rise from humble beginnings to become one of the last chances a war-torn galaxy had at salvation. More than just a story about a single hero, though, Star Wars introduced audiences to a new universe that had audiences talking the moment they left theaters. It also gave us a stellar cast of icons that have remained as popular today as they were when they first hit the silver screen all those years ago. Faces like Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa all captured the hearts and minds of fans. From that single movie, a franchise was born that continue out into infinity, spawning sequels, prequels, and spin-off stories. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we celebrate Star Wars with a selection of items that try and stay true to the classics, while embracing some of the newer elements that are coming to the franchise. So if you love Star Wars, you should definitely take a moment to look through our selection of t-shirts, POP figures, and accessories - you'll find some costume bits, casual apparel, and collectibles that will help you get your fix for the action that happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
Star Wars Accessories, Galactic Empire Wallets, and Rebel Alliance Keychains
Star Wars Accessories

Medieval Collectibles has a wide assortment of Star Wars accessories to give as gifts or keep as a personal accent. Whether you identify with the Galactic Empire, Mandalorians, or the Rebel Alliance, we have wallets, bags, beach towels, and hats to add some Star Wars style to your daily life. With items from the classic trilogy as well as newer movies such as Rogue One, Medieval Collectibles can outfit you without having to go far, far away.

Star Wars Collectibles, Star Wars Decor, Star Wars Tin Totes, and Star Wars Clocks
Star Wars Collectibles and Decor

Decorate your home or office with attractive and functional Star Wars Collectibles and Home Decor from Medieval Collectibles. From colorful coasters and tin totes displaying beloved characters, to wall clocks and candy bowl holders, we can help you add just the right touch of Rebel or Imperial style to any room of your house. Carry your lunch in one of our retro inspired tin lunchboxes, displaying vibrant artwork from the films.

Star Wars Costumes, Stormtrooper Costumes, Rebel Alliance Costumes, and Galactic Empire Costumes
Star Wars Costumes

Celebrate Halloween or any day by dressing in one of our Star Wars costumes! Medieval Collectibles has everything you need to transform yourself or a child into a favorite character from the popular movie franchise. Dress as Captain Phasma or one of her First Order stormtroopers, or go classic with Han Solo or Leia Organa. With prop weapons, gloves, masks, and other accessories, you can be assured these ARE the costumes you are looking for.

Star Wars Drinkware, Star Wars Tableware, and Star Wars Coffee Mugs
Star Wars Drinkware and Tableware

Start your day with a drink from a vibrantly colored mug or glass featuring iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. Medieval Collectibles has a wide assortment of Star Wars drinkware and tableware to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Serve dinner on plates and bowls featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, and symbols of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. Carry a hot or cold drink in one of our Star Wars travel mugs or cups.

Star Wars Hoodies, Star Wars Sweatshirts, and Star Wars Fleece Jackets
Star Wars Hoodies and Sweatshirts

As an easy costume or iconic casual wear, the Star Wars hoodies and sweatshirts available at Medieval Collectibles identify you as a fan of the beloved franchise. Wear one of the zip front hoodies to emulate Darth Vader, Captain Phasma, or even R2D2. Or keep warm in one of our sweatshirts that displays a starfighter battle scene. Our hoodies and sweatshirts allow you to show your love for Star Wars throughout the chilly months of the year.

Star Wars Jewelry, Star Wars Necklaces, Star Wars Earrings, and Star Wars Lapel Pins
Star Wars Jewelry

Add a subtle ornament to your outfit with one of the Star Wars jewelry pieces available at Medieval Collectibles. Wear a Star Wars dog tag necklace displaying icons of your favorite character, or add a colorful character POP pin to your lapel or backpack. Declare your love for the Mandalorian bounty hunter when you wear Boba Fett earrings. Or submit to imperial rule and wear an ATAT Walker necklace.

Star Wars Other Apparel, Star Wars Robes, and Star Wars Jumpsuits
Star Wars Other Apparel

Relax after a long day of blasting womp rats and cleaning vaporators in any of the Star Wars loungewear or other apparel available at Medieval Collectibles. Meditate on the teachings of the Jedi Order in the Hooded Jedi Fleece Robe, embrace the power of the Dark Side in a Hooded Darth Vader Robe, or retain your independence and dress in the Boba Fett Casual Jumpsuit. Embrace your inner princess in one of our Leia robes, made from fleece or satin.

Star Wars POP Figures, Star Wars Bobbleheads, and Star Wars Statues
Star Wars POP Figures and Statues

Display your favorite characters from Star Wars films and television with the Star Wars POP figures and statues available at Medieval Collectibles. We have bobbleheads and wacky wobblers of your favorite characters from all of the live action films as well as the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels. Perfect for displaying on a desk or shelf, these figures are a hit with Star Wars collectors of all ages.

Star Wars T-Shirts, Darth Vader T-Shirts, Yoda T-Shirts, and Stormtrooper T-Shirts
Star Wars T-Shirts

Whether you are looking for a casual costume shirt, a way to showcase your favorite character, or love humorous apparel, Medieval Collectibles has a wide array of Star Wars t-shirts that are sure to fit the bill. Displaying characters, logos, and vehicles from the all of the space opera films, these t-shirts are supremely comfortable for daily wear. Declare for the Empire, First Order, Mandalorians, or the Alliance with any of our Star Wars t-shirts.