Decorative Breastplates
Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of historically accurate Medieval and Renaissance Steel Breastplates which include Roman Lorica Segmentas. These decorative breastplates are purely for decorative use only and not meant for re-enactments. Our Decorative Steel Breastplates would be a fine addition or center piece to any collection of medieval armour. These decorative breastplates are a great home decor item and would be an excellent conversation piece. Our decorative breastplates are made by the finest craftsmen in Spain.
Decorative Gauntlets
Medieval Collectibles has a large variety of decorative gauntlets. These Gauntlets are great to display on the wall, inside a frame, laid out on a table, paired with your favorite sword, or whatever your imagination lets you comes up with. Our decorative gauntlets are made by master craftsmen in Spain and can not be worn. These decorative steel gauntlets are historically accurate in design from the Medieval Era. Some of our decorative gauntlets are engraved and embossed while others are just plain steel.
Decorative Suits of Armour
Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of Decorative Suits of Armour. This decorative armour would be a fine addition to any collection to display at home or office. Our decorative suits of armour are made by the finest craftsman in Spain. Make your castle feel like home with some finest armour from around the world. This armour is decorative and is not meant to be worn is battle or re-enactments. Most of these suits of armour come with a medieval sword or weapon and are mounted on a hardwood base. Some of the decorative full suits of armour are engraved or embossed while others are just plain polished steel.