Medieval Arms And Armour Books
These books are educational and give insight into the world of Medieval Arms and Armour. They'll explain how weapons were crafted, definitions of armour parts, how armour evolved and overall history of the items. Our Medieval Arms and Armour books make great reading material for history enthusiasts and students studying the subject.
Medieval Castle Books
Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer an assortment of books and reading materials that are all about the various castles from across the world. Our medieval castle books are all about the castles that were built during medieval times; they are a deconstructive view of these grand fortresses, offering detailed explanations of these fortresses as they changed and evolved over time to suit the needs of their monarchs and residents. Each medieval castle book details where and why castles were built, providing a background on the general functions of the different types of castles that were built throughout the ages, as well as the defensive measures that were built into the different castles of the different ages.
Medieval DVDs
Medieval Collectibles has great informative and teaching DVDs and videos on popular topics like Knife Making, How to Sword Fight and sword making. Our medieval DVDs and videos are very informative in teaching a person hand to hand combat and sword fighting. These medieval sword DVDs and videos also make a great gifts for someone who wants to learn about medieval life and history.
Medieval History Books
Medieval Collectibles offers a wide variety of medieval history books, all of which feature detailed information about various topics. Many of these medieval history books give detailed accounts of various groups of warriors and knights that were prominent, militarily, during medieval times, including general groupings of warriors like English knights or Norman knights, as well as including such famous knightly orders as the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. These medieval history books make for great reading material for avid students of history, as well as for those who need a focused resource from which to learn about a particular group of medieval knights.
Sword Fighting and Combat Books
We have several books on several different styles of combat, you can find among our sword fighting and combat books a wide variety of manuals that describe a wide variety of combat techniques: from historic treatise on fencing to books about the knightly arts of combat and beyond, we offer books about several different forms of medieval armed combat. Each of these sword fighting and combat books are excellent resources to study in order to gain a deeper insight into the practice and use of medieval weapons and combat techniques and they are an excellent place to start your own education in the ways of medieval combat, although no amount of reading will replace the valuable lessons that are learned through physical exercise and practice.
Fantasy Novels
We don't just offer informative and historical books here at Medieval Collectibles. No, we offer entertaining works of fiction as well. Nothing is more entertaining than to sit down and curl up with one of the books from our fantasy novels section, each of which will draw you into a world unlike anything that you've ever seen before.
Medieval Journals, Dragon Journals, Fairy Journals and Notebooks
Do you ever just have the need to write, draw, sketch, or just create? Well, if you do then you'll need to head to the Journals and Notebooks section at Medieval Collectibles, so that you can find the medieval journal or notebook that suits your tastes. And even better, these notebooks are perfect for virtually anything you could use a good sheet of paper for!