Medieval Crossbows, Fantasy Crossbows, and Castle Crossbows by Medieval Collectibles Medieval Crossbows, Fantasy Crossbows, and Castle Crossbows by Medieval Collectibles

Medieval Crossbows

Medieval Collectibles has a large variety of Medieval Crossbows that look like they came straight from the castle's guard. All of our Medieval Crossbows are decorative, they are great conversation pieces and home decor. Our crossbows all have functioning parts and will shoot, however they are intended for decorative purposes only. We have several styles of crossbows such as Rams Head, Italian, Spanish and French.
Medieval Gun Crossbow
This unique medieval crossbow of long ago has been beautifully reproduced in Italy and is a fascinating decorative replica, with moving parts. The Medieval Gun Crossbow size and shape appear much like a gun.
Price: $42.00
Medieval Crossbow
These replica medieval crossbows are made in Italy and intended for decorative use only. However, these crossbows have functional moving parts and come complete with an arrow. This medieval crossbow measures 25.5 inches long.
Price: $86.00
Giant Castle Defense Crossbow
European Crossbows of the Middle Ages saved many a castle from siege. Crossbows were brought to England by the Normans in 1066 and soon became an important weapon in history. Get your crossbow now, in defense of your castle.
Price: $378.10
Tower Guards Crossbow
A most trusted line of defense for the medieval castle in warfare was the fearless guard, atop the tower with his trusty crossbow. This beautifully made replica is made in Italy and intended for decorative use only.
Price: $168.00
Large Rams Head Crossbow
The power and fortitude of the mighty ram, a beast of the wild that faces its opponent in a relentless stand of strength, is depicted on this unique crossbow. This beautiful crossbow, crafted in Italy, bears a hand carved rams head.
Price: $425.00
Mini Pistol LARP Crossbow
A ranged weapon this small ensures that you are never safe. This Mini Pistol LARP Crossbow is smaller and easier to conceal than a typical crossbow, which means you never know when a bolt might hurtle your way.
Price: $200.00
Hunter LARP Crossbow
Originally, the crossbow was designed as a point and shoot weapon. But as time went on, the design evolved, until it became something like this Hunter LARP Crossbow, which can be fired from both the hip and the shoulder.
Price: $248.00
Landsknecht LARP Crossbow
The Landsknecht made good use of several medieval weapons during their campaigns, and one of the most feared as the crossbow. The Landsknecht LARP Crossbow is named after them and modeled after their typical crossbow.
Price: $240.00
Orc LARP Crossbow
This crossbow diverges from typical medieval design and highlights features that appeal to a strong-armed orc. The Orc LARP Crossbow is simple in its look and its design, although it remains an effective weapon to use at range.
Price: $248.00
Small Pistol Grip Crossbow
Replicating a deadly and powerful medieval weapon in a smaller representation, the Small Pistol Grip Crossbow is a functionally firing crossbow with a beautifully curved stock and includes a metal tipped wooden bolt.
Price: $27.42
Curved Medieval Crossbow
Beautifully designed in the shape of a pistol grip crossbow, the Curved Medieval Crossbow is functional and perfect for those with an interest in medieval weaponry. This crossbow includes an authentic bolt to allow for immediate use.
Price: $58.00
Pirate Crossbow
For a nautical twist on a classic medieval bolt weapon look no further than this Pirate Crossbow. Made into the shape of a similar flintlock, it mimics the form of the pistols that pirates so often favored when looting and pillaging.
Price: $202.00
On Sale For: $181.80
Heavy 17th Century Crossbow
Fashioned in a 17th century design with an intricate and stylish rifle butt stock, the Heavy 17th Century Crossbow is an exquisite decoration which will emanate a rich historical attractiveness throughout any room it is displayed in.
Price: $121.92
Medium 17th Century Crossbow
Featuring a design that replicates 17th century weaponry with an intricately decorated rifle butt stock, the Medium 17th Century Crossbow is a fantastic home accent that will radiate your interest in European history.
Price: $67.78
Medium Castle Defense Crossbow
Displaying the beautiful styling of a 15th century crossbow, the Medium Castle Defense Crossbow is an exceptionally high quality replica. It is functional to fire and is an exquisite display piece to display your interest in history.
Price: $56.07
Small Castle Defense Crossbow
An extraordinary replication of a 15th century style crossbow, the Small Castle Defense Crossbow is crafted from high quality materials and functional to fire. It is perfect for exploring your interest in the medieval era.
Price: $50.79
Large Castle Defense Crossbow
Ornately crafted to emulate the design of an early 15th century crossbow, the Large Castle Defense Crossbow makes for a beautiful piece of home decor. It is also able to be fired, allowing you to tangibly relate to the medieval era.
Price: $105.78
Small Slingshot Style Crossbow
Replicating a hunting weapon used in Europe during the 16th century, the Small Slingshot Style Crossbow employs the crossbow design but fires stones instead of bolts. This model is exceptionally well made and crafted in Italy.
Price: $48.24
Medieval Siege Crossbow
Crafted to replicate the style of a 15th century European crossbow, the Medieval Siege Crossbow is a magnificent home accent to display your love of medieval history. It is made in Italy and its ornate design radiates beauty.
Price: $234.06
Medieval Slingshot
Crafted in the appearance of a medieval era weapon, the Medieval Slingshot is a superb decoration for your home to express a love of historical weaponry. Providing this look, the pouch is made of brown leather that matches the handle.
Price: $34.41
Large Rams Head Crossbow
A magnificent replica of a 15th century siege style crossbow, the Large Rams Head Crossbow is crafted in Italy from exceptionally high quality materials. It is a superb home accent with its vastly detailed and authentic design.
Price: $402.71
Miniature 17th Century Crossbow
Crafted in Italy from materials of superb quality, the Miniature 17th Century Crossbow is a magnificent scale model of a powerful weapon which was used in Europe. This crossbow features a beautifully intricate rifle style butt.
Price: $28.70
Large Slingshot Style Crossbow
Exquisitely fashioned to replicate a weapon used by 16th century nobleman, the Large Slingshot Style Crossbow is extraordinarily intricate in its design. Unlike most crossbows, this one is built to fire stones rather than bolts.
Price: $182.24
Large 15th Century Medieval Crossbow
Exemplifying the look of a medieval crossbow, the Large 15th Century Medieval Crossbow is a spectacular display piece for the home of all history buffs. It is elegantly designed and crafted from exceptionally high quality materials.
Price: $154.20
Miniature Castle Defense Crossbow
Displaying a design typical of the 15th century, the Miniature Castle Defense Crossbow is functional to fire and exquisitely crafted in Italy. The stock is detailed with floral patterns and crafted from hardwood in a straight design.
Price: $26.34
Large Tower Guards Crossbow
A spectacular replication of heavy weaponry from the early 15th century, the Large Tower Guards Crossbow is intricately detailed and functional to fire. Although it can be fired, it better serves as an eye-catching display piece.
Price: $154.20
Medium 17th Century Crossbow with Rifle Stock
Displaying elegant curves and ornate decorations on the stock, the Medium 17th Century Crossbow with Rifle Stock is a superb representation of European weaponry. The rifle stock is shaped as such to improve the comfort of this design.
Price: $91.99
Medium Rams Head Crossbow
Employing a crossbow style used in the 15th century, the Medium Rams Head Crossbow is replica of a siege crossbow. This beautiful weapon features exquisite detailing which ranges from the rams head on the stock to decorative engraving.
Price: $304.39
Medium Primitive Style Crossbow
Embrace the weaponry of the medieval era with the Medium Primitive Style Crossbow and its gorgeous design. It earned the title of primitive due to its simple trigger mechanism, which operates directly on the bowstring.
Price: $42.90
Wooden Crossbow
Crossbows are one of several weapons used in medieval warfare and hunting practices that are still in use today for both recreation and reenactment. The Wooden Crossbow features a straightforward design that reflects its ease of use.
Price: $267.00
Giant Tower Guards Crossbow
Experience a touch of medieval history with the Giant Tower Guards Crossbow. This magnificent weapon is functional to fire and is an extraordinary decoration, bringing a unique historical appeal to any room in which it is displayed.
Price: $285.04
Large Primitive Style Crossbow
Designed in medieval styling, the Large Primitive Style Crossbow features a long and comfortable stock. On the back of this stock is a simplified trigger mechanism, which operates directly on the bowstring without the use of a gear.
Price: $47.39
Medieval Crossbow with Reloading Gear
The crossbow is one of the iconic weapons from medieval times that is still used today. The Medieval Crossbow with Reloading Gear is a fully functional and authentic representation of a popular weapon from the medieval era.
Price: $494.00
Small Rams Head Crossbow
Fashioned in the design of a light siege crossbow used in 15th century Europe, the Small Rams Head Crossbow is intricately detailed to exude an air of nobility. It is Italian made and crafted from exceptionally high quality materials.
Price: $130.22
Medieval Crossbow with Tackle
Due to their ease of use over longbows, the crossbow became a popular tool for hunting and warfare in medieval times. The Medieval Crossbow with Tackle is a fully functional representation of this weapon in its historic form.
Price: $456.00
Crossbow Bolts
The mechanics of a crossbow are why it was a favored weapon among soldiers and hunters of the medieval era, but the bolt is what made it so deadly. Be sure you are always prepared to fire your weapon with these Crossbow Bolts.
Price: $16.00
Deluxe Stone Bow
Simple in its design, the stone bow is believed to have been invented at the end of the Middle Ages in the sixteenth century. You can own a stunning and functional weapon representative of the medieval era with the Deluxe Stone Bow.
Price: $315.00
Miniature Crossbow Stand
An exceptional means to prominently display your favorite miniature crossbow, the Miniature Crossbow Stand uses a flat shelf to support the stock, and a peg with a crossbar that feeds through the stirrup supports the tip.
Price: $20.82
Crossbow Belt Hanger
In between targets, you need a easy to reach place to keep your crossbow so your hands are free to get important tasks done. Keep your weapon safely at your side with the Crossbow Belt Hanger, a handy accessory for any crossbow archer.
Price: $23.00

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