Medieval Pipes and LOTR Pipes

These Medieval Pipes are handcrafted by artisans who pride themselves in the quality of each and every pipe they create. Our Medieval and Churchwarden style pipes are made from top quality woods such as briar, white ash, cherry, red oak and some feature exotic woods like Zebra and Ziricote. The stems of our medieval pipes are crafted from Red Oak wood. All of the stems are detachable which makes cleaning an easy task. Every medieval pipe is then buffed with only the finest Carnauba wax to draw out the natural beauty of the wood. Medieval pipes are made with an interesting aging effect which gives these pipes a unique weathered look! They do feature a stain to give the weathered look, however it is completely safe and non-toxic. Most of our designs of medieval pipes are inspired by the Lord of the Rings and are good for Lord of the Rings RPG and as props. Our long stem wooden pipes are fully functional, smokeable tobacco pipes.
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Gentleman's Pipes

If you find yourself looking for a fine pipe than you have come to the right place. Medieval Collectibles offers a selection of what we call gentlemans pipes, all of which are hand-crafted and finished in rich shades to offer you the pipe of your dreams. Our selection includes a variety of finishes and styles, ensuring that you can select the pipe that best suits your personal taste.

Medieval Pipes, Lord of the Rings Pipes, Churchwarden Pipes and Wooden Pipes
Lord of the Rings Pipes and Medieval Pipes

Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer to you a line of fully functional, smokeable tobacco pipes. All of our wooden pipes are hand crafted and made from top quality woods and feature detachable stems for easy cleaning. Our pipe designs are inspired from many Lord of the Rings pipes that were featured in the movies, Renaissance Churchwarden pipes and Old World long stem wooden pipes. Our pipes make great collectibles and gifts for those who enjoy smoking tobacco from wooden pipes and anyone who is a Lord of the Rings fan.

Medieval Pipe Stands, Wooden Pipe Stands, Pipe Sheaths and Tobacco Pouches
Medieval Pipe Accessories

You'll find all the accessories you need to go perfectly with your Medieval or Lord of the Rings tobacco pipe here. Medieval Collectibles carries tobacco pouches, wooden pipe stands and leather sheaths for your pipes. Our suede tobacco pouches are lined to keep your tobacco nice and fresh. Wooden pipe stands are for all of the long stem pipes we carry to display them nicely when you are not using them. The faux leather pipe sheaths keep your pipe protected from scratches and dry during travel. These sheaths are a must if you plan to take your pipe camping, hiking, fishing or on any long journeys.

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Medieval Pipe Sets

All of the Medieval Pipes found under this section are considered a set because they include a stand and possibly other accessories such as our suede tobacco pouch and pipe sheath. See each pipe for details on what is included in the set. These are hand crafted wooden tobacco pipes which are fully functional and smokeable. Crafted from top quality woods like briar, cherry, white ash and red oak. You'll find Lord of the Rings inspired designs and Renaissance Churchwarden styled pipes. Our pipes make great collectibles and gifts for those who enjoy smoking tobacco from wooden pipes and anyone who is a Lord of the Rings fan.