Home Accents, Home Decor and Medieval Decor by Medieval Collectibles Home Accents, Home Decor and Medieval Decor by Medieval Collectibles
Home Accents

Medieval Collectibles specializes in distinctive Medieval and Renaissance home decorations and decor. Our home accents are items that do not fit into any category but make great home and office decor items. We have lawn and garden accents, decorative bookends, door knockers, cross, jewelry boxes, plaques, statues, and Viking ships just to name a few of the items. Our Medieval home accents are perfect for themed rooms and make great conversation pieces. Show your true interest in Medieval, Celtic or Renaissance times by displaying an interesting piece of home decor from Medieval Collectibles.
Medieval Candle Holders, Candlestick Holders, Candle Stands and Candleholders
Medieval Collectibles carries a wide range of medieval candleholders. We have tea light candleholders, candlestick holders, medieval candle holders, gothic candleholders and pewter candle holders. All our medieval candleholders and gothic candle holders are made from top manufacturers from around the world. Our pewter candleholders are made by craftsmen in Sheffield, England. Whether you are decorating your home or office and looking for a gift to give someone, these medieval and gothic candleholders are the right choice. Medieval Collectibles brings you candlestick holders and tea light holders at the most affordable prices on the internet.
Trinket Boxes
At Medieval Collectibles, we have the solution to any and all of your small miscellaneous clutter problems! We offer a number of impressively styled and decorative Trinket Boxes, all of which are perfect for containing a varying amount of small clutter, ranging from coins to jewelry to itty-bitty trinkets!
Wall Decor, Wall Plaques, Mirrors and Military Signs
Do your walls look barren and empty? Are you just begging for some good decorations that you can hang up that feature not only tasteful detailing, but also great style? Well, stop begging and check out the Wall Decor section here at Medieval Collectibles, where you'll find an assortment of pieces ranging from military signs, medieval plaques, decorative mirrors, and more!
Wind Chimes
A day spent listening to the soothing, melodious sounds of any one of our numerous wind chimes would not be a wasted day; instead, it would be a wonderful use of time spent recharging ones batteries and unwinding from a long, arduous day spent in a world that moves at a break-neck pace. Each one of our wind chimes is an elegant, beautiful piece of decor that will serve equally well if hung indoors instead of the traditional outdoor location, where the wind chime will produce their eerily haunting yet beautiful melodies whenever the wind blows.
Medieval & Fantasy Clocks, Steampunk Clocks, Decorative Wall Clocks, and Baroque Clocks
Medieval Collectibles hosts a number of unique decorative clocks, ensuring we have a fantastic time piece to add to the decor of your home or office. We carry everything from Baroque clocks and mantel clock designs to steampunk desk clocks to art nouveau table clocks and more! Our assortment of wall clocks includes many different fantasy and gothic clock designs from artists like Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes, as well.
Celtic Home Decor and Celtic Gifts
If you're looking to spruce up your decorating scheme with a few new pieces, then perhaps you should check out the Celtic Home Decor & Gifts section at Medieval Collectibles. Not only will you find a number of attractive pieces, including Celtic crosses, statues, displays, and more, but each one is perfect for both fantasy and contemporary decor styles!
Gothic Home Decor and Gothic Gifts
Are you looking to include a little bit more of the dark forces in your life? Then there's no better way to do so then to visit us at Medieval Collectibles. We'll be happy to show you to our Gothic Home Decor and Gifts section, where you'll find all manner of gothic decor items and gothic gifts that are sure to infuse some dark style into your life and style.
Medieval Decor and Medieval Gifts
What's the best place to go when you're looking to decorate your surroundings with impressive and attractive medieval collectibles? Why, it's all in the name. At Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide assortment of different Medieval Home Decor and Gift items, ensuring that whether you're looking to complete your collection or decorate your space, we have just what you need.
Steampunk Home Decor and Steampunk Gifts
The Steampunk revolution is here, my friends. At Medieval Collectibles, we pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of the most cutting edge Steampunk tech available! This means that when you're looking to show off how Steampunk savvy you are, you can get your gear and your Steampunk decor here and be confident that you're displaying only the finest of Steampunk technology.

Customer Testimonial

"It has been my experience in recent years that the emphasis on customer service has been shelved as an old-fashioned, time-wasting inconvenience. Like the horse and buggy it seems to have fallen by the wayside - an out of favor and only dimly recollected concept gathering dust. Sadly this creates a disconnect between businesses and customers, neither doing anything about it because it has become, "just the way things are." Imagine my delight, then, when I placed an order on medievalcollectibles.com after Christmas for three T-shirts my son asked me to order for him, his brother, and his father to wear. The three of them are gamers and like Diablo III. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about that game. Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are more my speed. I did, however, order the three Diablo III shirts requested and waited for their arrival. I sent an inquiry to the service email at the site later to request a tracking number and ETA on the shipment, but didn't expect to receive a response anytime soon as many companies don't have a good handle on their incoming email. I was surprised to get a quick response from Megan. She was very accommodating, and when I decided to go ahead with the order for one of the shirts, but requested a refund for the other two, she let me know that the tracking information was forthcoming for the remaining order and that a refund notification would be emailed presently. In short order I received both emails with the information I needed. When I have a good customer service experience, I believe it's important to say so. I was so impressed that I have begun to spread the word about Medieval Collectibles. I have also told my "near and dear" to consult the website when they want to make birthday and Christmas lists for next year. Thanks again for making my shopping experience the best I've had in some time. "

- Trish S

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