Military Apparel, Army T-Shirts, and Camo Clothing
Medieval Collectibles provides excellent military and tactical clothing for men, women, and children, such as military grade boots and shoes, military hoodies and jackets, camouflage clothing, and much more. Many patriotic t-shirts display intricate graphics that honor the various branches of the armed forces. Our tactical and camo clothing works great for hunters and survivalists, including items like hats, vests, uniform pants, and shorts.
Military Knives, Tactical Knives, and Army Knives
When you are in the market for a tough blade, be sure to come to our military knives category at Medieval Collectibles. These tactical knives come in a range of modern and historical styles, including field knives, Bowie knives, trench knives, military bayonets, machetes, and more. Veterans, hunters, and outdoorsman are sure to find plenty of uses for these military utility knives.
Military Signs, Patriotic Signs, and Military Decals
The military signs and decals category at Medieval Collectibles includes excellent military wall signs and other artwork inspired by the various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. We also offer a number of military decals and vinyl stickers that feature similar imagery as our patriotic signs. This military art provides superb options for showing your support of our troops while decorating your home or vehicle.
Military Swords, Military Sabers, and Officer Swords
Military weapon enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the range of options that we offer at Medieval Collectibles in our Military swords department. Whether you are looking for a non-commissioned officer sword, Mameluke sword, cavalry saber, or any other design, you can find the blade you want here. Our military sabers and swords are modeled on historical swords from various countries and historical periods, ensuring that you have many to choose from!
Survival Accessories, Parachute Cord, Disaster Survival Kits, and Bug Out Bags
Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent range of emergency kit supplies, wilderness survival gear, and bug out bags to keep on hand in case of disaster. We offer survival accessories like paracord, first aid supplies, water canteens, emergency flashlights, compasses, hydration systems, re-charging solar panels, binoculars, night vision goggles, fire starters, and more that you can keep in your home or car.
Survival Clothing, Survival Apparel, and Emergency Clothing
At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent array of survival clothing that will help you be prepared for any kind of disaster. Our inventory includes a wide range of tactical apparel and camouflage print clothes, including pieces like balaclavas, field jackets, tactical belts, BDU pants, camo fatigues, low-profile caps, and more. Many items are made from durable, breathable fabrics with plenty of pockets for great functionality.
Tactical Accessories, MOLLE gear, and Military Accessories
Keep all of your tactical gear close at hand with our useful MOLLE pouches and other tactical accessories. We carry a wide variety of tactical pouches including magazine pouches, radio pouches, grenade pouches, roll up utility pouches, ammo pouches, waist pouches, belt pouches, and more. This category also carries combat goggles, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, drop leg platforms, MOLLE First Aid kits, and other safety gear.
Tactical Holsters, MOLLE Holsters, and Military Holsters
Now you can find the right kind of tactical holster to help you in the event of an emergency or disaster! Our hand pistol holsters include hip holsters, belly holsters, leg holsters, belt holsters, boot holsters, and shoulder holsters. Many of our concealed holsters and camouflage holsters can blend into your outfit or other tactical gear. Browse our military holsters to find the perfect one to help you survive any situation.