Medieval War Hammers, Functional War Hammers, German War Hammers and English War Hammers by Medieval Collectibles Medieval War Hammers, Functional War Hammers, German War Hammers and English War Hammers by Medieval Collectibles
War Hammers

War Hammers were a development of the late thirteenth century created specifically to deal with heavy plate style armour. The heavy war hammer head could crush the strongest helmet or suit of plate armor with just a few blows and the back spike could rip through helm and plate like a modern can opener. In battle, the war hammer side was usually employed first to knock down and stun an enemy. Once he was on the ground, helpless, the war hammer was reversed and the back spike was used to punch a hole through the helmet and deliver the coup de grace. We carry German war hammers, English war hammers and foot soldiers war hammers that are full functional.
Historical Thor's Hammer
Thor was a powerful god, but a great deal of his prowess and might was derived from this legendary hammer, Mjolnir. This Historical Thor's Hammer recreates that legendary weapon in a style that corresponds with the Viking era.
Price: $150.00
Authentics War Hammer
This war hammer is the real thing, with an overall length is about 29 inches. The blackened iron hammer head and spike are hand wrought iron on a blackened and seared wood handle. This hammer is menacing to behold.
Price: $159.60
War Hammer
By the mid 1400s armor had developed to the point that it was almost impervious to a sword blow. That is when the knight or man-at-arms would reach for a good solid war hammer to defeat their well-armored foes.
Price: $125.00
German War Hammer
The proliferation of plate armor across Medieval Europe was shadowed by the development of crushing weapons like this war hammer. This impressive weapon is replicated from an example in the German National Museum in Nuremberg.
Price: $69.00
Foot Soldier's War Hammer
As armor got better, blades became less effective, although weapons like this Foot Soldier's War Hammer remained, being extremely effective against armored and unarmored foes, as the hammer delivered considerable impact either way.
Price: $72.00
Heavy War Hammer
Armor of all degrees would be sorely damaged with this hammer. The spike could crush through a helmet or damage a sword arm to great effect. Steel langets help to guard the shaft as well as secure the head to the hardwood shaft.
Price: $89.00
Hammer of Lucerne
If you thought that a war hammer was intimidating, then you have not seen anything like the Hammer of Lucerne. This weapon takes the functionality of a war hammer and enhances it into a truly impressive looking medieval weapon.
Price: $110.00
English War Hammer
With the increasing sturdiness of plate armor, the sword became less and less effective against a fully armored knight. Hammers, axes, and maces soon became the weapon of choice for hand-to-hand combat of the mounted knight.
Price: $90.00
17th Century War Hammer
As long as armor was in use, weapons were designed to overcome it, the war hammer being one of the most effective. This example certainly follows suit with its large head and long deadly curved back spike.
Price: $125.00
M48 Tactical Survival Hammer
The M48 Tactical Survival Hammer might seem like an eccentric choice, but that is only until you see how effective and versatile it is first-hand. This war hammer doubles as a survival tool and a handy walking staff.
Price: $154.00
Roman Pick Axe
Roman warriors did wield other weapons then the traditional gladius and pilum. One of their more situational weapons was this brutal looking Roman Pick Axe. Also known as a dolabra, this impressive piece is both a weapon and a tool.
Price: $108.00
European Bec de Courbin
During the Medieval Age, knights reigned supreme as some of the best warriors on the field. To counter these heavily armored warriors, polearms, like this European Bec de Corbin, were used to smash through armor.
Price: $187.00
Venetian War Hammer
When medieval knight meets Venetian War Hammer, the knight is sure to taste defeat. Based on historical designs, this hammer is similar in design to the Bec de Corbin, with a balanced design that utilizes hammer, spike, and spear.
Price: $135.00
14th Century Italian War Hammer
If a foe should approach you clad in full armor, you know what weapon to reach for. This 14th Century Italian War Hammer was made for armored opponents, possessing a hand-held size that packs a punch against any who stand in its path.
Price: $90.00
Tactical War Hammer
Blending breaching and defensive capabilities in a sleek design, the Tactical War Hammer is incredibly durable in its construction and features a menacing head with a broad hammer and a sharp piercing spike.
Price: $89.00
Studded War Hammer
Developed in response to the increasing popularity of thick plate armor, war hammers were designed to deal concussive blows to pierce through steel. The Studded War Hammer is a splendid representation of this classic medieval weapon.
Price: $75.00
M48 Apocalypse Survival Hammer
With the right weapon in hand, you do not need to flee the zombie hordes. You can face them head-on and come out alive to tell the tale. This M48 Apocalypse Survival Hammer is multi-purpose tool for taking on the end of the world.
Price: $154.00
Decorative War Hammer
Exemplifying the ingenuity of the late medieval era, the war hammer was created to combat the thicker and higher quality armor being worn. The Decorative War Hammer is a fine replica of this game changing and versatile tool of war.
Price: $107.05
Medieval War Hammer by Cold Steel
War hammers were created to marginalize the effectiveness of the steel plate armour worn by warriors in the medieval era. The Medieval War Hammer by Cold Steel is a well made and battle ready reproduction of this stunning weaponry.
Price: $80.00
Walker Whacker
Bust zombie skulls for hours with the Walker Whacker! The clever double headed design of this hammer, combined with your brute strength and combat skills, will become an unstoppable smasher of brains in the impending zombie apocalypse.
Price: $80.00
Bec de Corbin Pole Axe
Popular in medieval Europe, a bec de Corbin, or Crows Beak, was simply another name for a poleaxe. The Bec de Corbin Pole Axe is a shortened version that consists of a modified hammer head and spike mounted on a wooden pole.
Price: $149.00
14 Century Bec de Faucon
In medieval times, the polearm was a popular weapon used in combat, meant to crush an opponent with a few blows. The 14th Century Bec de Faucon is one of the most deadly of these weapons, its features meant to disarm an enemy quickly.
Price: $198.00
14th Century Italian Beast Hammer
The war hammer was a powerful and fearsome weapon in the Medieval era. The 14th Century Italian Beast Hammer intensifies that fear with a roaring beast sitting atop its pole that is prepared for the brutality of battle.
Price: $203.00
Ancient Thor Hammer
The simple design of the Ancient Thor Hammer evokes a time when giants walked the Earth. Our Mjolnir replica has a solid aluminum head with suede lacing. The dark-stained shaft has a suede-wrapped handle with steel rings.
Price: $125.00
16th Century German Dagger Hammer
Medieval history shows an array of deadly weapons being used in battle, but few are as interesting and eye catching as this one. The 16th Century German Dagger Hammer paints a deadly image, depicting a powerful fist clutching a spike.
Price: $180.00

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